Should Gay High School Principals (Wilson High DC) keep their sexuality out of school and the class room?

Asked by: Jikpamu
  • Yes, it should be kept out because..

    The sexual preferences of anyone on the planet does not need to be shared. It has no relevance to school or the education system and in now which way has a positive or negative impact on anything.
    The day when homosexuals will feel excepted in our society, is the day where they don't need to come out because nobody cares.

  • From CNN.Com: "I am a proud gay man that just happens to be the principal of Wilson High School," he said to thunderous applause.

    According to CNN.Com a LGBT Gay Pride Parade was organized at Wilson High School in DC. The Principal also at the same time came out as gay. Do you think as principal he organized the gay pride parade? Do you still think homosexuality is not being promoted to impressionable young minds?

    Should everyone keep it in their pants especially at school where they are entrusted with parents' children?

    Do you want our American Flag to become a United States of LGBT? I like the present colors much better.

  • Keep Your Proud sin to yourself

    They tell you not to chuck religion down your throat, but having a pride day at that school thats very similar. Even thought that DC area is very liberal, not everybody might have the same views as the principle of other kids. They most likely be called names like Homophobic just by having freedom of speech.
    Also those liberals are offend and against Confederate History Month (witch is celebrated in most Southern States) in our schools. They (Government) tells the public schools that they can't celebrate there own history but can sin... That sickens. Me

  • All forms of sexuality should not be promoted by the state.

    In a neutral educational environment the sexuality of the people in power is not, or at least should not be promoted in a class room. No matter what it is, polygamy, pedophilia, lesbian, bisexual, gay or straight monogamy, it has no place having one view being promoted over the others to the young of today. If you want to open dialogues in a school, fine but much like a separation of church and state, the state needs to stay away from promoting any one position while allowing for all.

  • We don't care!

    It's highly unprofessional to bring sexuality into the workplace. If he wears a wedding ring, and someone asks about it, then it's fine to say you're homosexual. The person who asked about your wedding ring wanted to know details of your personal life and that is what they got. You don't need to go prancing around throwing glitter everywhere and reminding everybody that you're gay. Honestly, none of us care. I hold this standard to straight people as well. No one wants to hear you running around saying how proud and straight you are, just like nobody wants to hear how gay you are.

  • Their sexuality has no place in that environment!

    I don't care if they are homosexual or heterosexual. It is a school & a work-place. The sexual orientation of Principals shouldn't surface. It's not appropriate. Teachers & Principals are employed for academic purposes -- NOT life-sharing. They have textbooks & assigned curriculum. That should be the focus. As for a Gay Pride day ... Are we going to have a National Prayer Day? A Heterosexual Pride Day? An Abstinence Day? It's not appropriate. If students want to get involved in Gay Pride events, most communities have them. The opportunity is out there. But it should be done outside of school.

  • Sexuality has no place in a school or workplace.

    I am a homosexual, but I know you hardly payed attention to that part, because you don’t care. A principal tells me they’re gay or straight, good for them, but it isn’t really important at the moment. Education should be the focus in school, not someone’s sexuality. We should try to keep sexuality OUTSIDE of school.

  • Keep your bed habits out of my math class!

    It doesn't matter whether you are homosexual, heterosexual, or pan sexual, the topic has nothing to do in a school and workplace environment. If you are a principle or teacher or manger etc, and have a ring on your finger, then it is perfectly fine to say that you are married to a person of the same gender, as long as you aren't pronouncing it to the world. And as for the gay pride day. Wouldn't it be fair to also have a hetero pride day or would that be seen as intolerance toward homosexuals? Look, if the student really wanted to have a gay old time (pardon the pun) then they could just go to one of the many gay pride parades that go on in DC. The point is that a gay pride day or having an outwardly gay principle takes away from the much more important matter of education.

  • Only if straight people aren't allowed to wear wedding rings

    Or talk about their significant others.

    Or endorse their lifestyles.

    Or speak to people about marriage in general.

    Conservatives always equate homosexuality with gay sex. Homosexuality is about attraction.

    Heterosexuality also defines attraction.

    You can be a homosexual and be celibate. You can be heterosexual and be celibate.

    Anyone who says gay people should keep their sexuality to themselves is endorsing a separate but equal form of bigotry.

  • No. Just, no.

    Why shouldn't a principal come out as gay? Should gay or lesbian students hide their sexuality as something to be ashamed of? Should a principal really be setting out that principle, that one should hide who they are, just because some other people find it uncomfortable? Jikpamu, you can't seem to grasp the fact that the kids are more mature than most of their parents are towards being accepting of the fact that they have a principal who their proud of and who happens to be gay. As for promoting homosexuality, I don't even know what that means. Saying there's nothing wrong with being gay? Guess what, there isn't, anymore than there's anything wrong with having eyes that are green.
    Chrono, it's not about promoting ones preferred form out of the Khama sutra, it's about promoting equality, it's about saying, guess what, I'm a school principal, and I also happen to be gay, and there's nothing wrong with who I am.
    Bettabreeder, it's not our fault you lost the war, get over it. We also can't be blamed for the fact that even god hates the Bible Belt either, it's just the way things go.

  • How is this any different from heterosexuals mentioning their spouses?

    OK, so it's true you don't hear someone specifically saying "I am a proud straight man." But that's because straight people aren't discriminated against so it's not an issue. Not only are gay and bi people discriminated against but kids who say they are or are perceived to be get bullied all the time. But if the principal's gay then you don't want to bully the gay kids because you'll get sent to the principal's office and he'll throw the book at you.

  • No, it's discriminatory.

    As others have said, heterosexuals would have to be censored in the same way. Targeting one group is discriminatory, which I consider to be unethical. I believe in the equal treatment and respect of all people. Homosexuals should be free to mention their sexuality, and even to have their partner down to the office for a quick visit, or whatever. Equality should be the standard.

  • There is nothing wrong with it...

    If they ban it in schools, what do you think the kids are going to be like when they get out into the big wide world? THEY'RE GOING TO GET A SHOCK. Because being gay is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed by! And by keeping sexuality out of the classroom it just shields the kids.

    Gay high school principals don't have to completely flaunt their sexuality, but they shouldn't have to hide it...

  • Only if heterosexuality is as well.

    To only have homosexuals keep their sexuality out of the classroom is discrimination. Either both homosexuals and heterosexuals keep their sexuality out of the classroom (no wedding rings, pictures of significant others, etc.) or they can both have it in the classroom. Equal rights for both, get rid of the discrimination.

  • Depends what you mean

    I don't think that the Prinicpal should hide his sexual orientation from the teachers and students, however, I don't think that a big deal should be made of it and it shouldn't distract students or teachers from curriculum. Teachers already are not supposed to get into that much detail about their personal lives and a homosexual Principal should be no exception

  • Only if heterosexuality is also banned in same way

    If heterosexuals are allowed to do anything in this manner, then why can't homosexuals do anything of this kind? That is setting a ridiculous double standard. I am heterosexual and could never imagine being homosexual, but I still don't believe we should banish them from any mention of their sexuality.

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