Should gay incestuous marriage be legal under the "love is love" policy, considering they cannot have offspring?

Asked by: Taylur
  • Is love about children?

    There are many heterosexual couples that are unable to have children, and I don't think it would be fair to say that their 'love', isn't in fact love.

    Marriage is a declaration of a couple's love towards each other, however the concept is a religious tradition, and most if not all religions fundamentally outlaw same-sex relations.
    Marriage isn't directly about the production of offspring in the modern day, it's more about declaring their love.
    I suppose it depends how technical you want to be with the religious side of it, and how 'modern' you are. An Interesting question.

  • Universality of consensual relationships

    As every sort of stable, Consensual affective relationship is indeed a factor of developement in society, No particular case must be excluded, As every affective union is capable of social, Economic and cultural improvement. That principle (which is the catalyst of the whole LGBTIQ+ movenment) has no logical nor ethical reasons to be restricted or limited to exclude some particular case for social misunderstandings (the same ones which before criminalized the goals of the LGBTIQ+ movenment in first place).

  • Love is love

    All couples should be aloud to regardless of gender age or genetic relation as long as any peoples are in a consensual loving relationship they should be aloud to get married. However there should be a child protection clause saying hetro incest couples need to adopt, Use donated, Sperm, Eggs or a surrogate.

  • Of course Yes, They should be legal.

    Marriage it's about choice. Marriage it's about trust and love. If some human being didn't find partner out of his family it doesn't mean that is something wrong with this person. It absolutely could be that something wrong with society where this person live in a moment. Kids? I think it's more than enough human beings on the earth. It's time to make some big changes in a question of sexuality and this is definitely one of the main question. So, Yes!

  • Equality for all adult incestuous couples

    I believe all incestuous couples should be allowed to marry not just gay couples. Just because a gay incestuous couple can't have children doesn't mean a heterosexual incestuous couple will. This is discrimination. So if i was in a relationship with my sister then we should have the right to marry.

  • And so should straight incestuous marriage

    If you ban straight incest marriage based on the possibility of genetic defects then to be consent you need to ban two people who share the same genetic disease from getting married, because they have a higher (100% if it's based on recessive genes, 75% if the condition is based on dominant genes and both parents have heterozygous dominant genes) chance of their child getting the disease, whereas the risk from incest is considerably smaller.

    Personally I do find the idea of incest gross, but that doesn't give me the right to discriminate against people in those relationships.

  • Love is love

    Love is love is love is love is love is love is love. How can someone deny love? This is also a contract between two consenting adults. Why does government regulate this and discriminate against two people that love each other. Love is love is love is love is love.

  • Gay incestuous marriage must be legal between consenting adults

    Marriage is about love and love only. Love is not gender specific. Historically it is wrongly reinforced in human minds that marriage is a relationship between just opposite sexes and only for procreation. Marriage is not only for procreation but also for recreation as sex has a strong element of enjoyment. So it is totally discriminating to make the love illegal between two consenting adults gay or opposite sex who are related to each other. If they can enjoy chess playing with each other, enjoy having playing sports together, enjoy having food together why cannot they enjoy sex together as long it is protected and no offspring is involved.

  • It is only fair

    Unless you are prefect, what gives you the right to tell another person how to live their life. When the politicians (usually republicans) argue that it is against their beliefs, and want to make laws demanding that you live your life according to their beliefs, how is that freedom of religion

  • I say that gay marriage should be legal.

    The reason for this, is that if you are gay and happy with another person, you should try to do anything in your power to stay happy. People who aren't gay should just be in love with their opposite sex. But if you like the same sex as you are and the one you like likes you back, then good for you.

  • No no no

    Could people stop asking repetitive, erroneous questions like this on the opinion polls? Sheesh. People need to get a life and worry about more than just social issues. It is really irritating and facetious as people purposely continue to bring up the same issues time and time again without ever ceasing. Give people a break.

  • It's not right

    It doesn't make sense. Just because we support gay marriage doesn't mean that something like incestuous marriage should be considered. There's a limit and marriage between siblings is beyond that limit. What difference does it make whether they're not going to have children or not. Gay marriage is absolutely fine and I support it but incestuous marriage is ridiculous.

  • We want marriage equality not inequality.

    If gay sisters or gay brothers are able to get married, then we as a group would need to allow the same for straight incestuous couples. We are looking to be equal and not be given special privileges over other couples. I think we should just be okay with marriage equality.

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