Should gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth have special privileges regarding locker rooms and bathrooms at school?

  • Equality for All

    Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth should have privileges in locker rooms and schools. Their rights must be protected and they should not be allowed these privileges due to hatred, homophobia, and other means of discrimination. It is important to treat people fairly and equally. The gay and lesbian community is no exception.

  • It makes others uncomfortable.

    Yes, gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth should have special privileges regarding locker rooms at school, because that makes the rest of us uncomfortable. I do not want to shower with someone that I know is sexual attracted to me. If they get a special room for showering, I will not have to be uncomfortable.

  • Rights for lgbtq

    I am openly gay and i have struggled being a boy and changing with other boys i feel very uncomfortable. This leads to not going to gym class. I need other changing rooms and im sure others do too. I know alot of people who have left school because of this.

  • Get over it

    Just because some people are going to be idiots does not mean that the ones with an ounce of respect for the bodies of others should lose their privilege of choice. There are going to be weirdos and likely incidents of rape, but it is a matter of choice. But on the contrary, a trans person using the locker room of their original gender should not be invalidating; they are taking the safer choice. Furthermore, gay people are not all perverts and they should get some choice based on their own personal comfort. I especially like the concept of gender-neutral bathrooms with well-protected stalls; though this would be expensive, it would solve many problems regarding sexual attraction. More important, even, is the fact that this is referring to schools and youth; in elementary schools, this should hardly be a question.

  • That creeps me out

    If I'm gonna take a shower at school, I don't want any "guys" looking at me being attracted and whatnot. If they had their special rules everyone would be more comfortable, and that includes everyone. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

  • Yes for morals and safety's sake.

    Isn't the reason we seperate genders in the first place for morals and safety? Because men like women and women like men? Is it gender based in the first glance but isn't it more preference based in reality? So girls won't be spied on by perverted male? What's the big difference when it comes to this between lesbians and men? I would definitely not feel comfortable if I knew the person next to me was lesbian. She could only be there to tey to see me.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I have to agree that transgender people do exist and they may have a difficult time picking which bathroom is appropriate in any given situation. Unfortunately that is part of who they are and how they fit in with society. I do not however see any reason for gay, lesbian, or bisexual people to use different bathrooms when they don't even question their gender. You don't go to the bathroom based on what gender you sleep with, you decide based on the gender you are. Being gay/lesbian/bisexual does not mean someone should question their true gender.

  • Nobody should care

    I am a youth bisexual person and i think this is all so dumb just because gay marriage and gay laws or what ever have been created you have have to make a different reason to complaining about our community it's 2016 get over your self and grow up people are different we all the same rights.

  • No, they are normal humans like everyone else.

    No, they shouldn't have special previleges when it comes to the locker room because they're normal people like everyone else. Unfortunately, that would place a crazy burden on businesses, schools, etc. that would have to now add these new restrooms and the like. It's not fair and it doesn't help anyone. It would probably further discrimination against those people.

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