• Of course gay people should be able to get married

    It's a human right. Why should gay people have that taken away from them just because of their sexuality? It makes no sense, and quite frankly, I'm shocked that this is still a debate. If your religion is against it, that's your opinion. Your religion/opinion shouldn't affect whether or not someone has the same rights as you, because guess what? They may have a different opinion to you, and a different religion/belief. Why should your opinion be enforced on someone else, and deprive them of their rights? Gay people are still people. If this same thing was about what colour someone was and whether or not they should be allowed to marry depending on the colour of their skin, it would cause outrage. The same thing should be with gay people's rights, because neither your skin colour or your sexuality are chosen and yet gay people are still being discriminated against by having their rights taken away, something that was fixed for people with darker skin far earlier.

  • Why not? They're people to

    No one should be discriminated against for something they can't control like heir sexual orientation. It's no one else's business who someone sleeps with and if they want to get married it's their choice. Marriage should be legal for gay couples. There is no reason why it shouldn't be. Everyone should have equal rights.

  • Gay marrage should be legal

    Why shouldn't gay marrage be legal? People should be free to do what they want, if they want to get married to the same sex, they should have the freedom to marry whoever they want. What about all the gay celebrities. Its so unrfair, I think it all comes down to religion, lots of religious people dislike the thought of gay people and gay marrage, why can't they accept that the world is changing boys are liking boys and girls are liking girls.
    I'm not gay, but I do belive gay people have rights

  • It is just wrong..

    If allowing them to live together is just not enough now we give them the right to marry...The facts are all on the table gay marriages are never stable further if they adopt kids the child might grow up to be a homosexual being exposed to it the day they brought him/her home..

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