• Enough of the straw man definition defense

    If you oppose gay marriage, you are directly telling homosexuals you think they are lesser people. Saying "well the bible doesn't condone it" isn't good enough and it's a pretty frightening display of arrogance to think the bible should rule over all. It's well within the rights of any church against it to not perform a gay marriage within their walls. Saying that it should be banned outside them, however, is homophobic, oppressive and nauseating.


    Gay marriage should be legalized because love is blind. You do not choose who you love. It's no different than interracial marriage. Imagine if you couldn't marry someone who truly love and desire. It's not fair at all. Homosexuals do not harm to our society. They actually do more good than harm. Adoption rates would increase and so would teen suicide.

  • Gay marriage SHOULD be allowed.

    Love is love. If homosexuals want to get married it should be allowed. We all have our own rights; we should be able to do what makes us happy, not what makes other people happy. I am a lesbian and a lot of people talk trash because LGBT's are "different." Everyone is Human! It should be allowed.

  • Enough is enough!

    Marriage isn't between a man and women but between love and love! Seriously what is so wrong about gays? They are just people like us! I wish they got much more respect than this, they deserve better! Also we have an equal protection clause which states that the states must apply the law equally and cannot discriminate against people or groups of people arbitrarily

  • Just Let It Happen.

    I'm sixteen years old and I believe gay marriage should be allowed. It's pathetic how our nation overcame segregation of race, yet segregate those who prefer the same sex. I have a brother who is gay and I think he deserves the world, especially from what he has gone through from those a**holes who oppose it. My mother is a catholic and so is my father, they were verbally abusive towards my brother and would constantly force the bible on him. I was eight years old when I seen him, at the age of 15, try to commit suicide and I would always see these cuts on his wrists. He would cry so much because he hated the fact his own mother and father wouldn't see him as their son, just a "sin" in their eyes. Just because someone likes the same sex, doesn't mean they're a sin. In my eyes, they are humans and should not be discriminated by their preferences. I NEVER want to see or hear about someone committing suicide or harming themselves only because they can't get accepted into society or even their family because they're gay. They are humans just like us, we all bleed the same and everything. And for those who say "it's against God" or whatever, doesn't the bible say that divorce is a sin, where do you see females getting stoned to death for getting a divorce today in society. I believe in God, but half of the morals in the bible aren't even followed through from even the catholics who say being gay is a sin. God loves and accepts ALL his children, he sees the good in everyone: gay, straight, black, white, hispanic, or whatever they are. Honestly, I can't wait for the day to see gay marriage be passed and accepted in every state, even the world, so then I can see my brother and his boyfriend can finally get married.

    Posted by: Ayla
  • It should be allowed

    OK so I'm christian and I still support it! Even though they wouldn't be able to reproduce that doesn't matter! LOVE IS LOVE! Sure it's a sin, but if God didn't ever forgive you if you were gay, then why would he have made people gay! I strongly believe it should be allowed.

  • I don't care what your religion says

    I have a list that I use to help me decide whether or not I support a certain right or privilege. I call it the "Will my' list, and here it is:

    Will my lawn still get mowed?
    Will my bills still get paid?
    Will my house still stand?
    Will my truck still run?
    Will my fridge still keep my food cold?
    Will my washer and dryer still work?
    Will my job still generate income?

    I could go on forever, but you get the point. And if you don't, the point is that nothing in my life changes, and nothing in your lives will change if you don't count the part where two people whom have absolutely nothing to do with your personal life getting married makes you mad. Really, who gives a damn?

  • Go Illinois Go!

    "All men are created equal." Well, apparently not, but that doesn't mean we should still treat them equally. To treat somebody unequally is a human rights violation. Let me lay the groundwork:

    Separation of Church and state - For all you people arguing with the bible at your side, know that as a historic document it is out of date by about 200 years and that many people aren't Christian.

    Human Rights - People should be allowed to do what they want. This is a free country, people are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, yet marrying somebody you love isn't always an option.

    Marriage - The definition of marriage is not the institution in which people have children.

    You - You believe in marrying somebody opposite gender, another person believes the same gender. Why should we put the limitations on them when there are none on ourselves.

    I could go on but...It's really late and I'm tired and I would rather troll around in the commentss

  • Separate religion and state!

    There is a reason we have religious freedom in America and that is to give EVERYBODY equal rights! We should be past judging people by now, because it is so immature and ridiculous! Even if you're against it I could respect that but the fact that you are affecting these citizens lives because it doesn't agree with YOUR opinion. From the religious standpoint gay marriage shouldn't be a problem anyways because Jesus supposedly came and forgave all your sins! If you want to say gay marriage is wrong on biblical standards you're wrong because the only place gay marriage is said as wrong in the bible is in the mosaic laws. Also in these laws there is: you can't plant two different seeds in the same garden, can't cut your hair, touch dead pig skin... etc. This is all in Leviticus if you don't believe me. Let people live how they want to live and they won't change how you want to live.

  • The United States is a liberal democracy.

    Gay marriage should not be a morality or ethics question, rather, it is a question of political and legal matters. By only allowing heterosexual marriages the legal and economic benefits, we are creating a class system which excludes homosexuals. To The Bible- we once signed a constitution that said that no person would be given or denied rights based on religious affiliation, and what you are saying to these homosexuals is that because they don't fit your religion, they shouldn't be given the same rights and privileges as you are. Please rethink judging someone based off of a religion.

  • You people are idiots.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. First of all, America was founded, because of religious persecution in England right? Then, we come to America, and figure out that we just wanted to be Christian, and we went through many things in America that was wrong Salem Witch Trials, slavery, segregation. This is just another fatal error. Hypothetical: If everyone is to become gay then how in the blue hell will we create new life, humans were not meant to be gay. If we were don't you think men and men could have children or women and women? No, they can't so there is no way gay should be right. Also, what if you're trying to bring YOUR child up on traditional view, and the subliminal messages, like the gay Kindle Fire commercial, and then your son or daughter says to themselves "Why are those two men married?" What do you say to that child? Just because you do not support gay marriage does not mean you are homophobic it means, that you rather live traditionally not unconditionally.

  • Gay marriage is unfair to society

    Gay marriage in unnatural we see that our bodies were made for a man and women to be together as well as being unnatural if they were to have children by adoption, surrogacy etc. Being gay would be unfair to the child as they would either be deprived of the love of a mother or a father. I don't believe that they will go to "hell" for being gay! However I think that it confuses society as it is not the natural thing to do. I am absolutely not religious but I still think that it is morally and physically wrong and should not be classified as "marriage" because marriage is supposed to be the holy union and by allowing homosexuals to marry we are undermining the union called marriage.

  • Gay Marriage shouldn't be aloud.

    Marriage is between a man and a women and the good old story was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I am strongly opposed to gay marriage! The good book says that a man should not do to another man what a man does with a women. So therefore gay marriage is an atrocity.

  • No. Only traditional marriage should be allowed.

    Marriage should stay between a man and a woman. The facts is, people are not born homosexual; the fraternal twin study proved that. Twins are natural occurring clones, with the same genetics. So if one twin would be gay, wouldn't the other one also be? It is not - in a study of homosexual twins, only 17% were both homosexual. If there was this so called "gay gene" every set of twins would be homosexual.

  • I strongly disagree

    If gay marriage is allowed, the world will be so much more complicated. We must respect and accept people's different sex appeal but legalizing gay marriage means encouraging it.Children and adults will get confused between friendship and love.Gay marriage in another way is also unnatural, when it comes to produce kids. There will also be adoption problems and more. In conclusion, it's not something that should be encouraged by law

  • Gay marriage should not be allowed.

    Traditional marriage is between a man and woman. If gay marriage was called something else, I would be cool with it. So if gay marriage was no longer gay marriage and had a different name I would think it should be allowed. The minute a name is thought up for gay marriage I am all for it.

  • No same sex marriage.

    I do not have a supporting argument I just don't think it should be allowed. Anything you say will not change my opinion, I'm not religious and I do not have anything against them. I just don't think they should marry. I guess it's just the way I was brought up.

  • try growing up with a gay parent

    Not against being gay but I am a child that has had to grow up with a gay parent, and I would not recommend it. I feel that it has affected me and my education and behavior,I feel I would have concentrated on all of this a lot more if I didn't have to work out in my head if this was normal and will I like men am I going to be gay. Allowing this is just taken us to another level, just ask yourself does it look normal or nice seeing 2 men or women kissing in a public place and do you want young children seeing this. I would just like to say to all those people voting for it, how many of you no what it is like to grow up with a gay parent and do you think you would feel the same if you had, and what right do you or they to have a vote on this, instead of asking people that don't know how this would affect them, you need to do a poll with those that have been affected bye growing up like this. Rant over take all.

  • If gay marriage can be allowed

    Why cant I get married to my pet horse? Dog? Cat? Who are YOU to say this is wrong? Is that not discrimination by you not letting me marry my pet? You say gays should be allowed marriage and equal rights in marriage... Well if I am to marry my horse should my horse get equal rights? If you disagree you are discriminating.

  • No, gay marriage should not be allowed.

    Homosexual relationships should not be formally endorsed as marriage by the government. First, to do so would be to fundamentally alter the institution that is the centuries-old pillar of society. Such changes cause unforseen consequences. Second, a homosexual relationship is in complete opposition to the historical, biblical definition of marriage. The government should hardly force this view on those who do not accept it; it is not its role to interfere with such relationships or with any individual's private lifestyle. But recognizing it as marriage is to offer an endorsement which is inappropriate.

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