• Really, who cares?

    What's all this nonsense even about? It doesn't hurt anyone except insecure conservarives who think there's some kind of 'sanctity', whatever that means, around marriage. My advice to them: get over yourselves!

    I saw a couple people saying gay couples can't procreate so it's wrong or something.. Good! We don't need any more humans!

    We especially dont need any more judgemental, archaic humans like you. It's a shame you people can have offspring to push your fundamentalist views upon.

  • Definitely it should

    Yes because marriage is about LOVE and NOT GENDER.
    You love a person, not a gender.
    Everyone should be free and not afraid to walk the street with the person they love, especially in the "big" and empowered countries. It's so sad that homosexual people hear the same things that people were telling many years ago.

  • I believe It is a human right to love who you want to love.

    I think you should be aloud to marry who you would like to, It just seams like something a lot of people could agree on because a man marrying a woman is no difference than a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman. We are all the same we look different but in the inside we are all humans.

  • Yes but it won't happen

    Yes gay marriage should be allowed everywhere. People are human and deserve to have the same rights as other people no matter their sexual orientation. In reality though this is never going to happen. There are many places in the world where gay marriage simply will never be accepted now or in the future.

  • Promotes Tolerance, Understanding

    Gay marriage should be legal worldwide because everyone has the right to be happy. Globalized gay marriage promotes tolerance and understanding across religious differences. Giving even more segments of the population the right to marry makes economic sense as well--an increase in marriage licenses gets more revenue to government agencies and the wedding/honeymoon industry makes more money as well, which means more income tax and sales tax revenue.

  • Gay marriage should be legal globally.

    Gay marriage should be legal globally. I think it is wrong that only a few states are starting to legalize this and others are refusing to. The issue is not just going to go away and I feel that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

  • I say yes 100%

    I think gay marriage should be legal globally. If one group of people (heterosexuals) can marry, than EVERYONE should be able to marry. Wanting a ban on gay marriage is most certainly outdated thinking. Remember when interracial marriage was an issue? I believe gay marriage will end up like interracial marriage and end up being legal.

  • Yes, I mean, Why not?

    Why would you take the right of a man to love another man, or a woman to love another woman? How is this bad? I believe it was all because of religion. We can chose whoever we marry, and we can choose the type of life that we want, period.

  • It needs to be a right!

    Gay marriage NEEDS TO BE LEGAL! Everyone should be aloud to marry who they please some stuck up, rich republican snobs should have NO RIGHT to tell them other wise it should be a right! It needs to be a right! If we can't even marry the person we love than we don't have freedom, we don't have the freedom of gay marriage, and I thought this was the country of freedom! We need to stand up and tell those homophobic FREAKS! That we can marry who we want and NO ONE will tell us other wise

  • We have the right to choose what we like.

    I believe so, for we all have the freedom to choose what we do and if we so much choose to be man to man or women to women what does that hurt? I mean I'm not Gay but unless your trying to get the D from me I don't care.

  • Gay marriage should not Be Legal Because It is Wrong PLEASE READ AND NOTE MY WORDS:

    Homosexuality Is Wrong.I have a very interesting answer for That Question, I know many of you argue that Religion States Homosexuality Is wrong and whoever commits acts such as those will burn in the fires of hell. I myself believe that this is true, but setting this aside I have MANY reasons of why it is wrong. First it is morally wrong, it has no reason to be defended a man and a man that is disgusting, all common sense goes against it, what love? , they cannot procreate, if Humanity would all be Gay there would be no Humanity!. It is logically wrong , you CANNOT be born that way, that is a lie. Like all living things Humans were born to reproduce , homosexuality is a thing that spread by Humans and Therefore not by hormones of any type. Explain all these centuries of heterosexuality? Are there any popular movies that involve gays? Some do, but only around 10%. Why?
    It is Biologically Wrong, a man and a man is unnatural and that is undenyable, they cannot make a family on their own. They either need a woman or an egg. WHY?
    No matter how they want to hide it no matter how natural they make you believe it is. The Scientific Truth IS , it is NOT. Whether they want to tell or not, if that gay couple want "children" they need a woman's egg , a man and a Woman's egg WHY. Hint Heterosexuality. No matter. Lesbians can be mothers. NO . Not without a man, "Oh but we dont need one, Sperm bank!" They Would Say( Woman and a Man's Sperm.Why?!. No matter how you put it you need a man and a woman to procreate. AND HOMOSEXUALS OUT THERE, SAY OTHERWISE AND I WILL REMIND YOU THAT IF IT WAS NOT FOR AN EGG AND A SPERM YOU WOULD NOT BE ARGUEING WITH US TODAY!!. Adam And Eve, Amen.

  • Some Governments Don't Dictate Marriage

    I believe what we view as marriage in the United States is wholly different from what other countries do, to some degree. I think if two people want to be together and they want to marry, then they should be allowed to. I really don't feel like it is a governments place to either support that or hinder it.

  • No it should not.

    I think gay marriage should be legal in the US because they are denying people they natural born rights that are outlined in the constitution and that is supposed to be followwed by law. However other areas of the world have different ways of doing things so I could not say on that matter.

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