• Make it legal

    Gay marriage should be legal in every state I am a 47 year old male that has been gay sense I was 15 I have never been with a woman it should be legal for gays to get married if two guys want to get married they should be able to with out being judged lets all stand together and make the U.S. legal for gays

  • Why is it suck a bad thing

    I honestly don't get it? LGBT people aren't any different from "normal" people. Just because they are attracted to different genders than you does that mean that you should exile them. Why wouldn't they get the same rights as others they are HUMAN BEINGS. Honestly this issue bugs me because I just don't get why everyone hates them, they haven't done anything to you. Also i do not think that it's their fault did they really chose to be gay? I am pretty sure that if they could change they would so they wouldn't get so much grief from everyone else...

  • "No" is not an option

    The fact that anyone disagrees with this stuns me. Anyone who says no should be ashamed of their opinion. This is today and we shouldn't have to refer to the rules of the past. People do not have the right to judge or criticize others because of who they love.

  • I think that it’s about time that gay marriage is finally made legal in every single state in America.

    I think that it’s about time that
    gay marriage is finally made legal in every single state in America. It’s about time. We had the women’s voting movement and the
    civil rights movement. I think it’s
    about time that we have the gay marriage rights movement. This is extremely past due.

  • Gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

    Instead of calling it "gay marriage", a better name for it might be "equal marriage" because that's what we're talking about here. The equal right of people of any sexual orientation to have their love and commitment recognized. There is no reason every state in the Union shouldn't recognize equal marriage as the law. If you don't like gay marriage, then don't marry someone the same gender as you. It's that simple.

  • Gay marriage should be legal in every state.

    Gay marriage should be legal in every state. It is unfair that only certain states are allowing this. They deserve to be married just like anyone else does. Sex should not matter in the eyes of the law but we have been shown that it does. I think this issue will continue to get pushed until we finally allow it to happen.

  • Marriage is marriage to me.

    Gay marriage is a subject that will probably be debated until the day the world ends, whether or not it becomes legal nation wide. Personally, I feel gay marriage should be legal in every state for the simple reason that it's still a marriage, and people are still going to be in the presence of true love.

  • No evidence to support the notion that homosexuality is wrong.

    There is absolutely no reason or evidence to support the notion that homosexuality is wrong. It should be completely sanctioned and allowed. The only reason we still have a ban on gay marriage is the religious lobby that uses fear and tradition to keep their cushy positions and that fat pay check.

  • Yes It Should

    Gay marriage should be legal in every state. People should have the right to get married to who they want to and where they want to. I do not see why states are against it these days. It is more money for your state. Nobody should have the right to say who can or cannot get married.

  • Yes, gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

    Same sex couples deserve the same rights as other couples. It is a violation of the right to a private life and the right to family to prevent couples from being married. If the United States truly wants to progress and provide equal rights to all people, than same sex marriage must be legalized.

  • No, gay marriage should not be legal in every state.

    I believe that gay marriage should not be legal in every state. Gay marriage should not be legal in any state in my opinion. It's fine if gay people want to be involved in a relationship, but not marriage. Marriage should be between a woman and a man. That's how it's been in our society for a long time, and that's how it should remain.

  • Nope, sorry guys.

    Marriage has been historically, and remains, a social institution about a commitment between man and women, and, in the 21st century, it does not do this with the intent to be discriminatory. Whether we like it or not, or whether Congress decides to change this, it is a fact that marriage has always been between a man and women.

    It's not the role of Congress, or anyone, to change what an ancient social institution means. Should the social institution evolve to suit new times and attitudes? No. If you don’t like it, create a new social institution. New Zeland did – it's called civil unions. Ultimately, people are trying to change something that they have no right to change.

    Some good points have been brought up by the opposition. Tcauley for example, stating that two consenting adults is enough for marriage. However the actual definition of marriage is "the union between a women and a man". Close, but no cigar.

    Another poster however, has not put much thought into his input, stating that "It is a violation of right to a private life and the right to family to prevent [gay] couples from being married".

    Not really. I don't see how a two lives can be made significantly more 'private' through marriage. I would have thought it the other way around actually. And the right to 'family'? Gay people can adopt, depending on what state you are in, and if adoption is the crutch of the matter then maybe changing the current adoption laws should be the goal of this anonymous poster and people alike.

    There should be nothing wrong with the current arrangements – civil unions should be recognized as equal, but separate from, the institution of marriage. I understand that in America these Unions are less common, yet they exist in some states, so perhaps, like the adoption laws I mentioned earlier, these ought to be sought.

    I'm afraid many people these days are not fully aware of what the term gay marriage actually implies. Stretching out the definition of marriage, distorting it to make gay couples (lets face it) feel included, does not do justice for equality; it makes a mockery of it.

    This debate has very little to do with equality however; allowing homosexuals the right to marry will not right some great injustice. Homosexual relationships are recognized by law: "civil unions", as I mentioned earlier.

    There is a notion that marriage is a universal right; it is not. If marriage was meant to be free for all, why can't a brother and sister be together? A human and a horse? Watering down the definition of marriage simply so one "party" can be married to another "party" is a no-brainer.

    Another thing I would like to point out here is that I have made little or no reference to any religious ideals, it has simply been logic and sense, so I'm afraid that the anti-religious stance of gay marriage advocates counts for not much.

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