• Love is love

    People do not like the idea of breaking traditions. I, in my small opinion am a small bit disgusted by gayness BUT it is none of my business, nor my place, to say one can't love another. People use their religion as an excuse to bash on gay marriage but isn't our country FREEDOM OF RELIGION? You can not stop something from happening because of a certain religion if your country is supposed to have freedom of religion. If you believe gay marriage is wrong then don't be gay, it doesn't mean you have to put your nosy little self into other people affairs. Gay marriage should be legal and it's appalling that it isn't already.

  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Every Where

    How can this country claim that it is the land of the free when all of it's citizens are not free? Who are we to tell people what sex of people they are so supposed to like and who to marry? We are all not free until everyone has the same rights.

  • Legalize Gay Marriage

    I believe gay marriage should be legalized in Hawaii. I believe it is important to extend equal rights to every facet of society, including people who identify as homosexual. If two people are together and they want to marry, then by all means they should be allowed to do so.

  • Hawaii Needs Gay Marriage

    Like other states, Hawaii needs to legalize gay marriage. All states should allow gay marriage, and the 21st century needs to be the time where this becomes a reality. Gay people should be able to marry whoever they want, no matter that person's gender. Marriage equality is necessary in today's world.

  • Yes it should.

    Gay marriage should be legal in Hawaii. Not only should it be legal in Hawaii, it should be legal in every state. Gay marriage does not pose a threat to current marriage or what ever other random crap people are saying. Gay people have the same rights as everyone else.

  • Gay marriage should be legal in Hawaii.

    Gay marriage should be legal in Hawaii as it should be everywhere. Gays should be entitled to the same civil rights as everyone else and they should not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. The time to take a stand for civil rights in the 21st century has come.

  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legal.

    I believe that same-sex marriage should be legal everywhere in the world. Gay marriage has never threatened the sanctity of marriage. Traditional marriage was already threatened by premature decisions made and people not taking what marriage is seriously any longer. Gay marriage is not harmful to anyone and it does not impede any legislature or conventional practices for anyone.

  • Gays are humans!!

    Gays are humans too!! Just because they are gay lesbian or bi doesn't mean they dont have rights to be happy! Gay people make up 3.5% of our population FYI(: God created us all equal and who cares? As long as they don't do anything to harm anyone in any way, who really cares?? Who are they really harming?? #hope!

  • "Gay" Marriage Is Anything But Gay.

    The most annoying thing I find about the supporters of homosexuality is how they said that your sexual identity is either "gay" (or lesbian if you are a female) or "straight" and everyone basically swallowed their type of language. I disagreed. Our sexual identity is our gender and no matter how much people say that your "sexual orientation" is "normal, healthy, and should be expressed genitally whenever possible", you should still act according to your gender as well as practice chastity. Just because your "sexual orientation" urges you to be attracted to people of the same gender, does NOT mean you should follow it. That's like a murder saying he had an "emotional orientation" that urges him to attack anyone according to his whims, (i.E. Whenever he is angry, because that is how he manages it.) Or a rapist insisting that the woman was practically asking for it because his "mental orientation" urges him to have sex whenever a woman is close by. I know that these examples are pretty extreme, but that is how I think the supporters of "gay" marriage are basically saying: that you should have no self-control whenever you want to have sex with someone. For crying out loud, a study in San Francisco showed that 43% of male homosexuals had more than 500 partners and only three percent had less than ten. Another study showed that "lesbians" are less promiscuous than their male counterpart, but are still more promiscuous than "heterosexual" women. 42% of "lesbians" had more than ten partners and hefty percentage were strangers. Personally, I believe that marriage is an "exclusive, unconditional, permanent, and open to life." union between an unrelated man and an unrelated women. Sex is more than just a toy: it is a bonding experience between two spouses and an activity that a couple commit that brings forth new life to symbolize their commitment to each other. Not only are homosexuals are more likely to fail to stay faithful to their partner, but because of their sexual activity that deals out death instead of life. "Gay" marriage can't possibly be legal anywhere if such is the natural consequence of their unnatural activity. *Notice: I know some of you might argue that we shouldn't "discriminate" simply because "gay" couples can't produce life. What about the infertile? Doesn't their marriage doesn't count because they can't produce life? I will answer that too. Infertility in "gay" couples is the norm, not the exception. For the infertile couples, however, their special condition *is* the exception. Just because their are exceptions does NOT mean that the ruling isn't valid. If you have more questions, I follow the Catholic Church, so look up Her teachings if you can. She might have the answers for you. Also, I oppose "gay" marriage for logical reasons as well as religious reason. And I believe that homosexuality is an intrinsically disorder, meaning that of itself, it is a disorder, but it doesn't mean that the PERSON is disordered.* Christi resurrexit!

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