• Why shouldn't it be legal?

    I don't get what the big deal is. If 2 adults want to get married, let them... A marriage is a partnership, it's not about sin or what isn't sin. I honestly don't get why it's not legal, the arguments against gay are usually so silly... Like they're demonically insane for having a type of sexual attraction - lol

  • Separation of Church and State

    All of the arguments against gay marriage are purely theological. While it may be true that our nation was founded with many Christian principles, it is also true that our Founding Fathers tried to establish a separation between the Church and the State with things like the Establishment Clause in the Constitution. I consider myself a Christian, but as a Christian, rather than focus on a few obscure passages set randomly in the Bible, I choose to focus on the tolerant teachings of Jesus. Intolerance is a very dangerous thing; it creates holocausts. I think America is far too advanced to be kept in these primitive trappings of fundamentalism and intolerance, and it looks like most of the people who voted on this agree.

  • Nothing but Benefits

    Many arguments have risen against the establishment of same-sex marriage, and a tantamount number of arguments have been debunked and likewise ridiculed. The establishment of same-sex marriage does nothing to jeopardize the institution, especially considering that divorce rates fell in the state of Massachusetts after the legalization of same-sex marriage. To oppose same-sex marriage is to oppose the inevitable passage of equal rights.

  • It should be legal everywhere

    It should be legal everywhere. Nobody should have any say in who you marry and where, that is just ridiculous.Times are changing and the ''law'' should keep up. It's idiotic to just know that there is a law keeping people from marrying where they want. I believe it should be legal not just in Illinois but in every state.

  • Not the dark ages

    I think that it should be legalized gay people are just that PEOPLE and to those who say that it's against gods will well let me tell you guys something it is also against gods will to hate it's said 'love thy neighbour as i love thy self' not 'hate thy neighbour cause i think his (she's) SOMETHING else,

  • No rules Yeah !

    Then i can marry another even though i,m all ready married because it would be between two adults a separate marriage or a man and 2 women or 3 men or my twin first cousins they,re hot! (i,m from the south ) lol ok maybe not first cousins or adult pets on either side its personal opinion that one group is trying to force the other to except personally i don,t except it a normal but normal or not its a reality you can,t make a sin not a sin so a marriage in a church is a sin the government is another story if 2 3 or 10 want to enter into a legal contract the government should have to acknowledge it

  • Yes it should...

    Why? Because there is no logical reason against it in the first place. Gay couples should have the same right to receive the same benefits through marriage as heterosexual couples. Anything otherwise would be consider discrimination.

    Religious people DO NOT own marriage. Marriage is a LEGAL contract between two people. It has nothing to do with religion. If marriage was a religious institution, than non-religious people wouldn't be able to marry either, not just homosexuals.

  • It should be in every state

    Gay marriage should be allowed everywhere. Marriage today is more of getting government benefits but can also be religious. Denying people these benefits because of who they love is crazy. If you love them and want to spend your life with them then thats fine. Why should others tell you who you can and cant love?

  • It Should Be in Every State!

    I think it is a violation of constitutional rights to not allow gays to be wed. This country was not founded on the words of the bible, and these poeple who think it is appropriate to throw their religion into politics where it does NOT belong, is unacceptable. Many years ago, marriage between a black and white was illegal and considered wrong, and here we are today. Years from now we will look back and think of how stupid all these anti-gay marriage people are, just like we do with our past.

  • Yes, no legal basis for why not

    There is no legal reason why it should not and as Illinois is a blue state I believe it can set a better example for other states by approving SSM, it is a fundamental civil right and cannot be withheld for bias or bigotry or religious beliefs. I believe the supreme court will rule in favor of SSM soon as well.

  • No, Illinois should not legalize gay marriage.

    Marriage is a tradition that was created through religion. Religions do not allow for marriage between two people of the same sex. Therefore, "marriage" should remain between a man and a woman. If same sex partners want to create a union that allows for health benefits and other similarities, then it should have a different name, and should not occur in a church.

  • No way Jose

    Marriage is a concept instituted by religion to affirm legal relationships. The reason religion needs to affirm marriages in a legal matter would be to avoid adultery. Furthermore a relationship could only be considered marriage if the parties could have kids. Even if a man and woman got together that couldn't have kids (the man was castrated) it would be an invalid marriage. Just thought I'd post this idea, tell me what you think

  • Our campaign for equality is stupid

    Our society is renouncing traditional and cultural practices simply because they can. They fail to see that true equality cannot be achieved leaving the world a better place than before. I don't see how using gay as a derogatory term is bad. What about stupid, a derogatory term for the mentally challenged, or retard, a derogatory term for the hardworking people. In a few decades from now there will be people pressing for these changes, to try to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed.

    If equality was really a goal, then what about the people living in poverty, making pennies a day. We try to make this world equal in every sense possible that doesn't affect us. Why not just give all our money to the government and have them equally distribute it, so that nobody has more than anyone else around us. Our goal in making a Utopia, where everyone is accepted and everyone is equal will most certainly fail, simply because humans were destined to be the dumbest creature to inhabit this world.

  • This is my opionon

    Actually i disagree with you , why does it matter if two of the same kind get married? I mean it's what they want to do not what you want them to do! That shows you judge any and everybody and that is not a good look for you sir

  • Marriage is based in religion

    Marriage is based in religion. Yes we do have separation of church and state but in that case marriage should have 0 impact on anything in government. A same sex marriage destroys the religious part of marriage. No religion allows for it some are more extreme in that feeling. I accept gays but same sex marriage well using the word marriage will never be right.

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bigdave says2013-11-08T03:10:31.167
It should be up to the citizens of Illinois, but they must consider that there is a federal statute prohibiting it (DOMA)