• Gay is ok.

    Your religion can't dictate someone else's life. Let them be. If you don't like it than at least tolerate it and don't be rude and say offensive things and if you cant do that than GTH. Gay people are BORN THAT WAY. They're not harming anyone. They're living their life the way they were made to and you know what that's ok.

  • Same-sex couples are not getting the rights they deserve.

    There are over 1,200 federal/legal rights given to married couples. This includes:
    - The right to visit their significant other in the hospital
    - The right to file unrightful death (murder claims) if their partner has died
    - The right to take a family leave from work if their partner or child is sick
    - The right to claim ownership of their partners land if he or she dies without writing it in their will
    - The right to access shared retirement/healthcare plans
    And many, many more.

    If a couple happens to be a same-sex couple and their state denies them the right to marry, they then do not have these rights. People are saying here that they are given the same rights. You can not tell me that this is correct and that this is fair.

    People that are gay, lesbian, bi, or any other sexual orientation other than straight (including me) have to face so many hardships in their lives starting at a young age when they are in school. This can lead to self-hatred and suicide. They are constantly harassed by the hate expressed over the media and in a social setting by people who make it their life goal to deny them the right to be happy.

  • Yes Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

    I believe it should be okay and legal for gay couples to marry within the United States. In being legally married these individuals can also experience the higher taxes that there heterosexual counterparts have been fighting all along. I believe marriage is a personal decision between two people, the government really shouldn't try to control who the two people are. As long as we don't have people attempting to marry non-humans, we should be fine.

  • It's a free country isn't it?

    I'm not saying support gay marriage with your whole being but why say no? It isn't affecting you in any way. I think of it like this. It's like me going to Subway and ordering a sandwich but I notice the person in front of me orders a different one when it has nothing to do with me and doesn't affect me or my life whatsoever. It sounds dumb, right? I think it does. So, why take away the right for someone else to marry whomever they want? The bible may say it's a sin but people take it way too far because it's just like any other sin, and politicians aren't supposed to mix their religion with government business.
    Everyone deserves love, if you have a wife/husband or a boyfriend/girlfriend then you know how it feels to love someone you want to marry or already have married. So, how would you feel if someone took that privilege away from you?
    Also, I honestly don't think being homosexual is a choice. Who in their right mind would choose to be part of something that is so discriminated against? Why inflict that much hate toward yourself? I don't mind if anyone disagrees with me because there will be people that do. But again, why take away something that could mean the world to someone you don't even know?

  • It's not really marriage

    Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. So if gay people want to get married it does not really count. Besides there are no extra benefits to being legally married. If they live together as a couple they have the same rights as a married couple anyway.

  • It's not natural.

    Many people say that gayness is in your genes. But it simply is not. There is NO gene like that. Gay or lesbian couples can't produce children. Why would it be natural then? Besides, man and woman were made for each other. Why do people want to legalize something like that, that's not natural?

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