• It should be legal everywhere

    There are no arguments against gay marriage that aren't founded in bigotry. Period, the end. There's no way to justify it as being anything but. We are in 2014, being a homosexual shouldn't still be something that demonizes you anywhere in the world, much less a developed area like the UK.

  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Everywhere

    You can't help who you fall in love with. Homosexuals should have just as many rights as heterosexuals, especially in today's contemporary society where we have the free exchange of ideas, tolerance and understanding. This isn't the Dark Ages where we give in to religious fear. Homosexuals are just as human as everyone else. It's time to stop treating gays like second-class citizens and give everyone equal rights no matter what.

  • Gay marriage should be legal.

    Gay marriage should be legal across the globe. There is no reason that gay marriage should be illegal in any place that pretends to have any aura of civility to it. The idea that people are still fighting for basic human rights in 2014 is absolutely disgusting to me and people like me.

  • Gay Marriage in UK

    Without a doubt, gay marriage should be legalized in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. There's no reason that gays should be forced out of the picture when it comes to marriage. They're like everyone else and should be allowed to marry whomever they would like to today.

  • Equal Rights Are Important

    I believe gay marriage should be legal in the United Kingdom. I believe it is wrong to deny one person rights, that other people are denies. I believe basing marriage on the idea that it is one woman and one man, is very unfair to the parts of the population that identify as homosexual.

  • Of course it should be.

    "for I believe that such undermines the status of regular married couples."

    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, married August 20th to October 31, a total of 72 days.
    Jason Alexander and Britney Spears, married January 2004, annulled 55 hours later.
    Kid Rock and Pam Anderson, married July of 2006, divorced after 4 months.
    Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine, married 1964, divorced after a month.
    As well, the definition of consummate is as follows: "To complete (the union of a marriage) by the first marital sexual intercourse." There's nothing that says homosexuals can't do as such.
    So please, tell me again how gay people are "undermining the status of regular married couples."

  • I just don't agree with gay marriage

    No I don't agree with gay marriage. I don't agree with it becuase in the bible god said basically you can have lust for your brother but you will not lay with him. Saying you won't have sex with him. I think that homosexual is wrong. But I have met some homesexuals and the people I have met have been in the most part depressed. But I am sure that most are probably not depressed. This is just my opinion. I hate the sin but love the people. I hope we all end up in heaven together hetrosexual and homosexuals. Everyone so we can be happy with god forever.

  • Union but not marriage

    Civil unions are acceptable to me, but not marriage, for I believe that such undermines the status of regular married couples. In any case, there can never be a TRUE marriage between same sex couples as the act cannot be consummated, and consummation is actually an integral part t of the wedding ritual.

    If the requirement for consummation is set aside for any, then it must be set aside for all, and annulment permitted whether consummation has taken place or not.

    Where then would be the stability and security of marriage?

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