Should gay marriage be legal in the United States?

  • Why does it have to be called marriage?

    Marriage is for man and woman so call it something else because it lacks the main characteristics which would make it so.. Why impose on religious principles if it’s not or has nothing to do with it. Love is love yes so create another definition for partnership and invoke new traditions instead of changing or trying to rewrite another’s.

  • Love is Love

    First off, the argument about god is not valid as you need to respect that some people don't believe in god, or they don't believe in your god. And that's okay! Plus, it's the Bi-ble not the straight-bull. And the pope has even said that gay marriage is okay. Love is love people. Second off, the whole "constitution" argument is completely ridiculous! Our founding fathers said all people are created equal, including queers. So while you're yelling how queers are corrupting our society, maybe you should take a look at yourself, denying two people love (in a relationship that doesn't even involve you" Thank you

  • Look, love is love

    I'm sorry if you think that gay marriage is a "sin" but saying it's against the bible is also saying that you can't wear interwoven fabric and that kids can get married at puberty. Also, you have to realize not everyone is Christian, so the whole bible argument doesn't work. How about instead of caring about a relationship that doesn't even involve you, maybe care about stuff like pollution and gun violence! Closing note: It's the Bi-ble not the straight-ble

  • Love is Love and Love will always win.

    Why can't people just let other's love each other. It's wrong to think that just because people are in the LGBTQ commuinty it means that they are any less human. I hear that they made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve but you know what they didn't have a choice. Lets the LGBTQ commuinty do their thing. If all you can do is hate then go hate on something else and leave people alone. LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN!

  • Rights to Happiness

    The United States of America is a nation of ultimate freedoms, or at least it was. At the very least, two people in love have a right to a little happiness despite the hopeless situation we find ourselves in. As a atheist I believe that anyone should do what makes them happy, within the limits of morals we as a western nation established. That being said, I admire the christian people who understand this, but it is rather sad when other Christians try and force their beliefs on people. That makes them no better than the radical Muslims.

  • @Brandonx23

    Please know before I go on that though I am an atheist I believe in everyone's freedom to beliefs in the U.S. and in no means do I mean any offense to your beliefs in my arguing of your comment. You're right in saying that our country was founded on christian principles (Christianity was of course the dominant religion even in the 18th century) with (most but not all) of our founding fathers being Christians. However, I think you misconstrue the idea of christian principles with the bible. Principles like don't kill or steal, live an honest living, treat others the way you wish to be treated, live responsibly, etc. Note though how all these principles have in common - they're all principles based around the idea of people living as free of lives as possible SO LONG AS what they do does not negatively effect the lives of someone else. Please explain to me how a gay couple living down the street from you would negatively effect your life? Also remember that our founding fathers came to the new world to ESCAPE religious persecution (i.e. their lives being controlled by other's beliefs). I'd also like to remind you of a few things like the fact that the Bible preaches the ideas of not judging others for no sin is more evil than another and also reminds you that all will be judged by the creator when they die as such it is not your position to do so. You make the statement about "One nation under god" and in fact don't forget about the fact that the back of our bills read "in god we trust". However did you know that both that line in our pledge and that quote on our currency weren't added until post world war two to our currency and pledge as America was now in the middle of Americana Patriotism against the "reds". At this same time is when government funded schooling boomed which required the pledge each day - thus the line is rarely realized to not be part of the original pledge by most people who don't go back to research it because they've never known otherwise. In fact please remember that our founding fathers established the separation of church and state to prevent these kinds of misconceptions. So in fact - we're hypocrites for changing the pledge to include "one nation under god" we would be hypocrites to - in fact - not take it out. I'm not trying to assault your beliefs - to do so would make me a hypocrite based on my own arguments. Our nation was founded to be a peaceful state that respected everyone's views and lifestyles so long as they did not negatively hurt our lives. If you can prove to me how a gay couple living on the same street as you would hurt you please let me know. Until then, I hope I've at least revealed a few things to you and if you still disagree with me than I at least thank you for reading all that I've written.

  • Definitely

    Straight people should not have a monopoly on happiness. If two people want to spend the rest of tehir lives together in union, then why should anyone want to stop them? the majority of naysayers are highly religious, and bring their theology to the debate table. As we live in a country where we have seperation of church and state, religious argument should have no place at the table, and so the legal joining of two sane people shoudl be legal.

  • Equal Rights for All

    Americans need to remember 200 years' worth of lessons. African Americans didn't get full rights until the 1960s--a full 100 years after the abolition of slavery! Women weren't given the right to vote until 100 years ago! Gays have equal rights under the law, just as much as anyone else. A constitutional amendment should be passed that forces states to recognize gay marriage. Until then, it's up to individual states to decide the issue because of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  • The Constitution is Not the Bible

    We are a country that was formed by a group of people escaping religious persecution and we wanted separation of church and state. What the bible says about gays and marriage is not disputable, however the bible is not the Constitution. We have separation of church and state and should respect it. I am Christian, but I know the demographics of the nation is changing. I think all Christians should consider how they would feel if some other religion became the majority, and Christians were denied their rights. It is the bible that says the last will be first and the first will be last.

  • No

    The Bible should be allowed to argue against gay marriage because this country's base of everything is on the foundation of religious principles. These principles have become corrupt overtime but the slogan still stands, "One nation under God" and therefore should be upholding traditional laws which were against same sex marriage. Those who keep saying religion can't be used are ignorant and can't win or defeat religion or God which is why they do not want us to use it for our argument. If we allow gay or same sex marriage, then we are hypocrites and therefore should keep same sex marriage illegal or change the slogan, but the slogan will never be changed so your all out of luck!

  • Abomination to God

    Marriage is between a man and a woman - bottom line! I don't judge anyone for any reason, as I am not The Lord. I treat everyone kindly. However, I completely believe LGBT to be AGAINST God. Changing your "sex" is very rude against God, it's stating He made a mistake. God NEVER makes mistakes! I will pray that God grants forgiveness to all LGBT people. May God bless you all!

  • America states "In God We Trust"

    If you trust in God, you trust his judgment. His judgment states that the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. You cant pick and choose which morals to follow, sin is sin. I love everyone... Hate is not in the equation here. To force anyone such as pastors and Christ followers that have the authority to marry people, to marry gays is against their beliefs and as a free country we have rights to religion. I'm just voicing my opinion and calling it as I see it and as I've learned it, I will not pass judgment on anyone.. In the end, God will pass judgment. I pray that everyone is forgiven, including myself for my imperfections. God bless America

  • How far does happiness extend? What do you WANT!

    Is rape ok? NO! Is drugs ok? No! Is bestiality ok? No! Is porn ok? No! Is stripping or any other twisted sense of happiness ok? NO!! There is only so far morals and law can twist before it is corrupt. I see homosexuality as a "gateway", so when it is completely ok, something worse will come along. At least keep your messed up life to yourself! All I am asking.

  • Race has nothing to do with it

    Please dont compare gay marriage to african americans getting freed.....NOT everyone agreed about freeing them, but we had a whole war about it! Do we need to have a war about letting gay marriage be legal?I support homosexuals, bisexuals etc.....But they need to relize that the lifestyle they choose is not going to be fair because it wasnt the goverments fault that chose a diffucult lifestyle.....Life is unfair and the goverment can cheat you out of things but atleast tried to make it fair for letting people coming out in military....You know what that caused??? A lot of distrust and arguments!

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