• It's none of your business!

    If you feel that gay marriage is 'unnatural' or against your religious beliefs, then don't marry someone of your own gender! But do not think that you are entitled to force your values on the rest of the country. Even if 95% of Americans felt that homosexuality was wrong, it still wouldn't be an excuse to bar same-sex couples from marriage. Gay marriage is a victimless crime and those who want to impose their morality on others need to lose some of their holier-than-thou entitlement.

  • It is a human issue not a religious one.....

    I am an American citizen born and raised here, I have worked and paid taxes for 25 years. I find it absolutely horrendous that I have less rights in my own country than someone from another country here working on a visa. I don't believe that religion has a dog in this race, separation of religion and state. I want the same rights as every other American or give me all my tax money back.... Lol This should also be a federal law enforced nation wide not a state by state law... I live in Tennessee where Government is actually trying to make laws against us such as business has the right to not serve us now and kick us out of their establishment rediculous...... FEDERAL LAW>>> is what is needed!!!

  • Yes it should.

    Gay marriage should be legal nationwide, there is no reason not to go ahead and legalize it for all states. It the constitution it clearly states that everyone has a right to happiness and marriage, but the second we do not like how people use their rights we try and take it away? That is not right, and should not be allowed.

  • Yes it should

    In my opinion it should be because most of the reason that people say it should not is because of their religions but then you are mixing state and church which our government was design on and relly who cares if two people love each other then they should be married

  • Simply define love

    An intense feeling of deep affection.

    If two people mutually agree upon being together, supporting each other, and loving each other it is their choice and not anyone else or the government's job to divide and butcher the definition of love and what they feel.

    Everyone, however, is entitled to an opinion, but opinions should be kept for what they are and not turn into actions that segregate and divide people.

    It's no one's place to decide who can get married but the two people that chose to do so.

    If you don't like it, fine, but keep it to yourself.

  • Yes yes yes

    I am not homosexual but I believe that as a straight person, I don't think I have a right to say that gay marriage should be illegal when straight marriage is perfectly legal. It is their choice and there are already some states that have made gay marriage legal, so if the homosexual couples want to get married bad enough they are just going to go to those legal states anyways.

  • Equal Rights for All

    Everyone deserves to be happy. Gays have just as much right to marry in the United States as heterosexuals. Gays are not second-class citizens and deserve every right as heterosexuals. On a fiscal level, gays pay for marriage licenses and divorce lawyers just as much as anyone else. Governments can make more money by issuing more marriage licenses for gay weddings.

  • Who are you to decide?

    Homosexuality, racism, anti-women's rights. All of these things are discriminating. "All men are created equal." Does American not represent freedom and equality? Discriminations against ANYONE is wrong. Why would homosexuality be ILLEGAL? It proposes a negative connotation against our government. It's completely hypocritical and wrong. People need to open their eyes and remember the Sojourner Truth, Fredrick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and now all the men and women fighting for the right to be married to their choice of person.

  • It's just love!

    If two people love each other, what is it your business to tell them they can't get married? It doesn't have any effect on you whether gay people can marry. Very likely if you think they shouldn't marry (and there are many examples of this) you are also gay but can't cope with it 🙄🙄

  • Gay marriage has been legal in Canada for over 10 years...We're ok.

    Our society has not crumbled...Straight people are still together...The sky has not fallen...Churches are still standing. In the end my American friends, it's all about fear. Me getting married to my same sex partner will not affect you one bit. Ignore the Christian right...Churches here are not forced to perform same sex weddings and said little since the law was passed in Canada a decade ago.

  • No, Marriage is not a "right".

    Please just watch this video. Gay Marriage supporters don't stand a chance. Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=rTQeodDbQN4

    Basically people have been led to believe that straight marriage is discriminatory. Actually homosexuals can marry. They can marry a women if they want.

    Next, people assume that marriage was designed for the two persons being married. It was designed for the children, so there was a legally binding contract to make sure they were cared for.

    Finally (and this is mentioned in the video), gay marriage supporters have to hide behind power to get their way. Public opinion polls show approx 60% in favour of gay marriage. Really? Nobody asked me. These polls are false, and here is the reason: If there is so much support from the public on this matter, why do gay marriage activists never push for a public vote to settle the deal? The answer: they would lose, plain and simple.

    Anyway, there's my 50 words, watch the video I posted, it explains it much better than I can here

  • No with a caveat

    Marriage no, Civil Union (or Gayrriage) yes.

    1) Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman.

    2) There are fundamental biological differences between a heterosexual and homosexual relationship. For example, only a heterosexual relationship can produce children without any outside help.

    However, those facts should not prevent committed gay couples from entering into a Government recognized legal union that provides all the rights enjoyed by a traditional marriage.

  • It is unnatural.

    People will argue that it is not our place to decide. That is a faulty argument because it is up to us to decide what is and isn't legal in our country. I would not have some one thrown in jail for being homosexual, but I would not make it legal for same sex couples to wed. Fact is homosexuality is a choice just as are other misguided sexual preferences. You wouldn't argue for pedophilia or bestiality to be legalized. No, there are no credible studies that say anyone is just born that way.

  • Religion aside (because I will not impose my religious beliefs on another)

    Laws regarding marriage should be left up to the discretion of the states. It is not mentioned in the Constitution at all and any such social issues should continue to be kept out of the Constitution. Recall one such social issue being the Prohibition Amendment (18th Amendment) which ultimately failed.

    Posted by: pay
  • Marriage is a traditional concept, and should be treated as such

    Marriage is by definition between a man and a woman. That is tradition. And the tradition should be respected. This does not at all mean that gays cannot be together. But I, as a gay man myself, would not want to be called a "married couple." I think that gays should make their own term. Civil union sounds ugly, but I believe if we made our own word, this whole issue would become obsolete.

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