Should gay marriage be legalized across the world?

Asked by: RedLine
  • Let Gays Be Happy.

    Gay Marriage debates have been going on for years but both sides both have good points. I believe that gay marriage should be allowed and I fully support it. Gay marriage will NOT affect you unless you are gay. Gay Marriage will not ruin anyone else’s marriages. Everyone is entitled to have the same rights. I don’t see why it’s a problem to just let two people be happy together, whether they are off the same sex or not. How does it even affect you? If two people get married whether they are gay or not it will not affect you, unless you chose to make it affect you. Let people be happy.

  • HECK YEA!!!! It should be allowed

    Studies show that sexual orientation is determined by a gene called Xq28. We can't be hating on people for something they can't help. And besides, if this is the country where everyone is supposed to have equal rights, then why are we restricting gays from having rights? The Founding Fathers intended to create a country based on social equality. If that is true, then gay marriage should be allowed.

  • Yes, it's their choice.

    Since when did anyone have a say in someone else's happiness? If you love someone, you should have every right to marry them. Gay couples are in no way affecting those who oppose it. Most arguments against it are simply based on religious doctrine, however not everyone is religious and believe that. How can you say that a couple of the opposite sex has a right to be married, but a couple of the same sex does not when they love each other equally. It makes no sense. This country is based on "freedom." So you should have the freedom to marry whoever you love, whether that be someone of the same sex or opposite sex.

  • Absolutely. Because there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be.

    I know that the legal definition of "marriage" is the binding of two people who can reproduce, and the reason why same-sex marriage is a civil case, as of now. Yet the only /legal/ argument is due to the fact that a two men or two women cannot reproduce. What of a man and/or woman who is infertile? Can they not marry as well, just because their genetics are screwed up and won't allow them to reproduce properly?
    And then comes forth the religious and personal issues. Nowhere in the Constitution or any legal document does it say that you can meddle your religion and/or personal views in with politics. They're completely different topics, yet our Congress goes about it anyway. All men are created equal. Our founding fathers said so themselves. It's time for us to give our brother and sisters the equality that they so well deserve and for us to get our shallow minds out of the dirt.

  • I believe it should.

    Just because two people of the same sex get married doesn't mean they're evil; it just means they love each other. Should a man and a woman not be allowed to marry? If we don't allow same sex marriage, who knows, a homosexual person could make marriage between a man and a woman illegal. And why shouldn't they? There is no reason to not have homosexual marriage across the world. Two people get married because they love one another. By banning homosexual marriage, we are stopping two people who love each other from being able to show their love. Since when did any human in any status or job or mind have the right to stop two people showing they love one another?

  • Why do people care so much? Gay marriage won't affect anyone.

    People who love each other should be able to publicly celebrate their commitments and same-sex couples should receive the same amount of the benefits that others do. There is no such thing as a "traditional marriage". Marriage is a universal term that has been defined differently and changed over time in every culture. Same-sex marriage has been practiced since ancient times and of course not much was known about homosexuality back then, as we do now. The idea that it would encourages kids and others to be gay is not based on any evidence. Sexual Orientation is not some kind of decision you make. Why would someone choose to be discriminated for the rest of their lives? Another belief on how children being raised by same-sex couples would create a harmful environment for them is yet another argument commonly used, but based on no evidence at all. I would think being raised by same-sex parents is better than having no home or family at all. Basically, the only arguments against same-sex marriage are based on religious doctrine and common misconceptions.

  • yes it should

    How can anyone be so ignorant as to tell someone who they can or can't fall in love with? Let people be themselves and stop using your damn religion as a reason to hate someone. Hating someone for being different doesn't sound exactly like what Jesus would do. The fact that anyone thinks it would evolve into bestiality disgusts me, and the government needs to stay out of people's personal habits (unless those habits harm others) and let people decide for themselves what is best for them. If you want your guns then you can keep em but don't tell me that two people can't fall in love just because of your stupid book of fairytales. I'm shocked that this doesn't have more support than it already does.

  • What is the point of hitting a yes or a no.

    In my opinion gay marriages are no different from all the other kind of marriages. So from where does the point of legalizing arises from. We choose whom we want to live with and whom not. The concept itself of legalizing a gay marriage is spreading a disbelief which says such things should not be permitted. So why even we talk about other freedoms that we enjoy. Next day you will say , lets legalize how many times you can go to the loo in a day , would we start a debate on it ?? Therefore it is entirely Useless to even think abt debating an issue which includes personal choice.

  • Civil Rights Issue!

    Court cases have shown over and over again that marriage is an undeniable right of human beings. The Constitution does not state, "Marriage is only okay if you're straight." Another important thing to realize: it is well known that separation of state and religion is something that is vital in American law. Those who oppose gay marriage are more often than not complaining that it goes against traditional, RELIGION-BASED values. You can't just get rid of separation of church and state in the issues of marriage; here, too, you can't enforce any laws because of certain religious beliefs. Also, to the nay-sayers, it doesn't affect you! It would actually boost the economy to have same-sex marriage legalized.

  • Clearly it should.

    Studies have shown that children growing up in households with gay parents doesn't affect the child's sexual orientation nor does it correlate with instability. Frankly, if you're going to use the bible as an excuse to now allow gay marriage, stop eating pork and shellfish, and throw your polyester away. Additionally people said the same about divorce but whos protesting against divorce now?
    If homosexuality is 'unnatural' we should reject it? That's like saying we should reject artificial food colouring because it's 'unnatural' besides its pretty definite that it is natural as homosexuality is prevalent in MANY other animal species, including monkies from which we are evolved.
    If you're worried about having to explain to your kids why two men/women are getting married, get over it, why should gay couples need to pay for your inability to wrap your head around the concept that love is the same, no matter what your genitale are and which ones you like.

  • Gays should be getting therapy, not Marriage.

    Most of the most populated countries in the world will never go gay, e.g., China, India, Russia, Spain, Middle East, Mexico. Some of these countries may tolerate gays, but don't be blatant about it; in other words, stay in the closet. All the countries with the majority being Catholics, will never tolerate it out in the open, and gay marriage will never be approve.

    The number of HIV cases is up 36% among men having sex with men in Mumbai, India, which is just more proof that homosexual sex is sick and not normal. As long as this sick lifestyle continues, gays don't stand a chance at Worldwide Marriage.

  • No, no, no!

    Gay marriage is outlawed in the Bible. Gay marriage is a sin and should not be done. Gays that are married shouldn't adopt children because it shows a bad example and makes unstable homes. Gay marriage has caused a dispute all over the world and should be settled in an orderly way instead of gays making roadblocks.

    Submitted by: Jane and Hatcher

  • No gay marriages, for many gay marriage is wrong.

    For many, gay marriages are wrong. Two of the same gender living together, kissing and doing that kind of stuff do not affect me that much, but gay marriages is kind a wrong.
    Think about it. Gay marriages may encourage others to become gay. Gay parents maybe encourage their child to become gay. If that happens, more and more will become gay.
    Granting a marriage license to homosexuals because they engage in sex is as illogical as granting a medical license to a barber because he wears a white coat or a law license to a salesman because he carries a briefcase. Real doctors, lawyers and the public would suffer as a result of licensing the unqualified and granting them rights, benefits and responsibilities as if they were qualified.

  • Perception no Rights

    No, as their is both no legal way to form a vote of the people. It is both unnatural and without purpose, it is not about love, but trying to enforce ones choices upon others who find their behaviors both detestable, and an abomination. Quirdo relationships, are the most promiscuous in the world. Sodomy is both socially and medically damaging to the bowel and disease transmission is higher. Emotion, should not triumph over rational and science. Marriage is not a right and is about procreation, etc. If they want to get married stop trying to make the club accept you, rather than making the simple choice to choose someone of the opposite gender. If anything, the most 'progressive' place in the world, California even voted against gay marriage in a constitutional amendment.

  • Absolutely definitely not

    Homosexuality is a perverted choice for sexual relations.

    A man's body by nature is designed for a woman, a woman's body is designed for a man.

    God made it so, hence in the bible the two becoming one flesh. Something homosexuals cannot possibly achieve. Marriage is for a man and a woman to be joined together. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  • Marriage is ONE man and ONE woman.

    Homosexual marriage should not be legalized anywhere. It is a farce and makes a mockery of the institution. Marriage is the coming together of a husband and a wife. Not two husbands or two wives. In my opinion, it's enough that gay sex was decriminalized. Same sex marriage is beyond the point of being greedy.

  • Religion says it's wrong, immoral to be gay.

    Because the count of the matter involves my life, my religion, my future family and my current family, I do not like seeing gay people make out. It is disturbing, I do not hate the gay person. I hate the lifestyle of that person. Hate the sin, love the sinner

  • Legalizing Gay Marriage Across the World will Lead to a War with Antarctica.

    Let's think about this for a moment: Penguins are species that commit to their relationships strongly and are entirely heterosexual. Instituting this in Antarctica will cause the penguin natives to wage war against America.

    Penguins have been stocking up on nuclear arms and now possess more destructive potential than North Korea (which actually isn't saying that much). If Antarctica so much as launches one missile our way, we're done.

    Therefore, to prevent war with Antarctica, we should not legalize gay marriage across the world.

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MassiveDump says2013-04-15T12:39:56.953
I can't believe you guys are going to allow us to fracture Antarctica's institution.