Should gay marriage be legalized all around the world?

  • Stupid question - of course!

    Every consenting relationship between two individuals with capacity should have the same legal rights. Some people find same sex repulsive? Not every man and woman couple are exactly aesthetically or intellectually pleasing. Refusing same sex marriage allows ignorant, easily mind washed ppl to continue to learn inequality and breads hate and all too often physical harm to human beings just living their lives showing love,kindness and commitment to others

  • Of course it should!

    What a person does in their own personal life is that persons business and no one else's as long as all parties involved are consenting. Why should someone else live by your standards instead of their own? If someone came up to me and told me that I couldn't be married to my wife because it made them uncomfortable or didn't align with their religious beliefs, I'd tell them just where to shove their beliefs and discomfort. I'll choose what I do with my life and so should gay people.

    Also, just because something has been done traditionally does not make it right or better, as history and human progress has already proven. We grow through change and there are plenty of traditions that are designed only to hurt or segregate others. For instance, just because some people might have been o.K. That slavery went on for so long, doesn't mean that it "served society well."

    In addition, just because there are other issues facing the world does not make persecution of a group of individuals somehow unimportant or inconsequential. Some may feel that it doesn't matter at all, but that's only because it doesn't affect them personally. On the other hand, if those same people were on the other side, they would probably find it to be pretty friggin' important.

  • Yes, It should be legalized.

    How are you going to tell someone who they can and can't love? How would you feel if someone had told you that you couldn't marry your lover? I bet it wouldn't feel so good. Don't bring religion into it. Because if you're going to do that, don't just go by ONE thing in the Bible. Don't say "It's a sin." THAT'S NOT THE ONLY SIN. UGH. It irks me when people say that because they focus on that ONE scripture, which you would probably take out of context like EVERYONE DOES. You know another sin? Having sex before marriage, so if you're single & NOT a virgin, you're just as "sinful" as someone who wants to marry the same sex. Also, something that was taken out of context and has changed with time, is mixing fabrics. READ THIS: http://www.11points.Com/Books/11_Things_The_Bible_Bans,_But_You_Do_Anyway
    No one sin is "more sinful" than the other. We may all sin in different ways, but they're all equal and we are ALL sinners. It's not a choice. You can't help the way you feel and the people you love. But seriously, that link tells you things that are prohibited in the Bible, but YOU still do it. Don't judge the people around you.

  • Really Stupid Question..

    No, marriage has always been about the family and the perverted fetishes and proclivities of a a tiny portion of society don't merit we abandon an institution that has served society well for 2,000 years. There are more important issues around the world involving conflicts, economics, state oppression, and a whole host of issues. Only in the insulated ivory towers of the West are such musings a concern.

  • I don't think it should be legalized

    If we think about nature, I believe that people have feeling but it's also based on the environment around us. Due to we accept their one by one then it comes up to lots. And if we look back in the past, we don't really see what it's called LGBT. What I means here is gay people can love each other but should not be legalized because once you love each other, you've lied to your country which you can naturally not produce human resource for your nation. That's y we need man and women. Last but not least, you all already have rights that you can need and be provided as a citizen naturally and legally, just not be legalized in marriage.

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