Should gay marriage be legalized in America?

Asked by: rhealeei
  • Love is Love

    There is no logical reason it shouldn't be legalized. All these religious morons want to force what they believe on everyone else and use the Bible to dictate legislation and override the United States Constitution. Sorry but that is not how America works. We all have Freedom of Religion and Church and State must remain separate.

  • I believe all countries should have Gay Marriage

    In the end, it all comes down to organized religion. This isn't intended to offend anyone but it is my opinion. I have no problem with people having personal faiths and opinions, but when people organize into huge groups with the goals of controlling the people of a country based on their personal beliefs, that is where the democratic governments fail to give equal rights to the minorities. For example, look at Georgia. The country has got laws in place to protect LGBT citizens but they are unable to prvide protection for them because the orthodox Church believes that it has the right to decide what gay people can do publicly. So they organize thousands of bullies to attack the very few brave gay people on the streets marching for their rights. It makes me SICK. The country is 91% against homosexuality, so gay marriage if put to a vote will never be passed. This is probably the same in America to a lesser degree, which is why I think that it should never be up to the people, but that human rights groups should be able to set up a list of laws for all countries across earth, that should be put in place and be unchangeable, and these laws should be forced upon the middle east even if it comes to WW3.

  • Freedom of Religion

    The number one concern of most of the people I have ever come into contact with is the fact that it says that man lying with another man rather than a woman is an abomination against god in the Bible.

    I would like to say right now that my religion is Christianity and I am a lesbian, it is indeed possible to love God and the same gender.

    The Bible is thousands of years old and has been edited and rewritten so many times that everyone who is a follower of Christ should have the capacity to question its validity. You eat shell fish even though it says not to in The Bible, why do you condone that and not homosexuality? Why is it that Jesus preached so much about love when we don't even have the capability to accept one another for who they are? Why keep people from the same rights that you have as a married straight couple when they have a better relationship than most? Why do you care what they do if it does not dictate anything in your life?

  • Love should be love

    There is nothing wrong with loving another person. Man or woman. I think it should be legalized to be in love with the one you really love. It doesn't matter if your gay or not. If you love someone, there is no reason you shouldn't be allowed to marry that person.

  • Flip the script.

    A lot of heterosexuals tell me, "That's disgusting that two dudes would get married!" But what if the shoe was on the other foot? Could they see themselves marrying another man? What if the law prohibited a man marrying a woman? Of course that would be terrible! Why? Because the right to marry should not be limited by a government in any way--it's a purely personal choice who you marry. Get the government out of it!

  • Love is love

    In my perspective, anyone should be able to date and be with whom ever they like too, society is getting worse and worse threw out the years because people worry about things that don't concern them or benefit them in any type of way. SO WHAT if two men or two woman want to be together, how is that effecting you? & at the end of the day the body of humans is only the temple, after we die our spirit lives on, the body and gender wont matter at the end.

  • Absolutely yes, no question.

    Not letting queer (as a general term) people marry will not, in any way, stop them from being together, living each other, and in any other way existing. Marriage should be a right for everyone, and to whoever they want to marry.
    And to anyone 'quoting' the bible, you are (generally) being very narrow. The bible also says that anyone who has premarital sex should be stoned to death, and you don't try to enforce that one!

  • They're not so different

    I think that homosexual people are born the way they are; they do not choose that they want to be homosexual. Why should we prohibit the love and joining of two people that love each other? I really think that the world needs to stop treating homosexual people so differently from heterosexuals.

  • Equal civil rights to all.

    There is absolutely no reason to prevent homosexual members of our society from having equal rights to heterosexual members. The same poor arguments that are used against homosexual marriage today were used against interracial marriage in the Sixties- and we see what side of history those prejudiced folks ended up on.

  • Put yourself in their shoes

    What is everyone's problem? It is extremely easy to just sit there and say "NO THEY SHOULDNT it's not okay! If it was, guys could get pregnant" or "It is against the Bible! And it would be horrible and we would eventually be extinct!". PUT yourself in their shoes. It is not their fault that they are that way and there is nothing you or them can do about it. Do you want them to not love anyone? Or to not be happy with anyone just because of the way they are or because of the way you feel? They don't choose to be gay/lesbian so just put yourself in their shoes for a second. If you keep saying "it is against the Bible", THERE are many things in the bible that are changed right now, and people only use this excuse when it benefits them. It also says in the Bible that if a woman is not a virgin by the time of marriage, they should be stoned to death. Also, it says that divorce is against the Bible, but it happens every single day. STOP using the bible when it benefits you, and then just ignore it when it comes to every other single problem. It is not okay. Do you not like gay marriage? Then don't have one. But you don't have to keep other people from being happy because "You don't like it" or you don't "feel good about it". Stop complaining and just let everyone be happy.

  • NO, NO, and NOOOOO!!!!!

    It should be banned!!!!! If our country believes anything in the words "In God we trust" Then we should also believe in what God's word says!!!! And it clearly, undoubtedly says "Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men, nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Corinthians 6:9)

  • Well, I don't approve.

    If gay marriages were supposed to be legal, then both guys could get pregnant and girls would have genitals. Just saying. Don't care if you get offended. You asked my opinion. The Bible, whether you believe or not, says that to lie with a man as you would with a woman is an abomination, and vice versa!

  • No it shouldn't, it's disgusting, un-ethical, and harmful to already low birthrates.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman, so gay marriage isn't even marriage. On top of that when gay marriage is legal the amount of gays increases as more people on the edge take the leap. Gays don't have children so this damages the already low birthrates, the only reason the (white) american population increases is due to immigrants from other white countries. Gay marriage is just all around a bad idea.

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CyberTechie says2013-09-27T03:25:47.780
First in foremost, I don't claim a religion. I only believe in God and what he says. Nothing more and nothing less. I suggest you do the same. And it's not rocket science, to know right from wrong in this case. For centuries people have been manipulated to offend God with defiant acts and rebellion. Don't be a victim. People that go as far as homosexuality, have been manipulated by evil influence to a point of serious mental and spiritual sickness. My sympathy goes out to you and the rest of the people bound by it! And I say it again, "You will NOT go to heaven"!
briantheliberal says2013-09-27T03:32:46.613
You don't claim religion but you believe in God? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? I don't need you to suggest a thing for me. I don't believe in your god and it's because of people like you why I do not. And even if I did, you're a hypocrite and blindly self-righteous so I doubt you would be going to heaven either.
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T03:40:32.363
If you follow a religion, your lost. Jesus condemned all religions. You can blame people like me all you want, but you're not going to give an account to me when you die. However, you WILL give an account to the one real God who created all things, including you. And he clearly stated in his word, homosexuals will NOT enter the Kingdom of God. When you die, you will face him and have to give an account for your acts to him alone. Good Luck.....
briantheliberal says2013-09-27T03:43:06.710
FOR THE LAST TIME, I DO NOT FOLLOW A RELIGION. By claiming to believe in Jesus, you do follow a religion, it's called Christianity. I don't care about your god so quit harassing me troll. I don't need a hypocrite telling me how to live my life.
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T03:49:17.310
The enemy of your soul would love to get government support in winning you and as many others to his side of the spiritual warfare!!!! Just remember, his side is filled with eternal fire tormenting him and those that follow, for eternity. I don't think that's really a good influence for the kids man.....
briantheliberal says2013-09-27T03:52:10.953
I hope you know how delusional you sound, seriously. I always thought religious people were insane but you... You confirmed that for me. And what does kids have to do with anything? I am a kid. My brothers accept me just fine and my life is none of your business. Go be a judgemental, hypocrite somewhere else...
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T03:52:27.990
Harassing???? Stop posting retarded questions!!!! Then a real man wouldn't have to answer you!!!!
briantheliberal says2013-09-27T03:54:30.417
You're not a real man, you're a coward picking on me for no reason. All I said was that your religion does not dictate legislation and you start attacking me, tell me I am going to burn like a crazy person. You're weird.
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T03:59:29.670
Final word, "Your choice to disbelieve will never change these facts." Seek rehabilitation.
briantheliberal says2013-09-27T04:02:36.687
And your choice to be delusional will never change facts. Belief is not fact so learn the difference.
briantheliberal says2013-09-27T04:03:19.150
Please seek mental help I beg of you.
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T05:35:44.387
@everyone excluding briantheliberal, where are the real men and women at??????
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T05:35:58.220
At everyone excluding briantheliberal, where are the real men and women at??????