Should gay marriage be legalized in the United States?

  • Should and will

    It's inevitable that this is going to be legal everywhere in the country, even the backwards areas that are against it. The legal rights of marriage make it an undeniable fact that denying any group the right to it is telling them that they are inferior, that will not stand in a country that claims to embrace equality.

  • Yes. i believe gay marriage should be legalized in the United States.

    Yes. I believe gay marriage should be legalized in the United States, because that would be the fair thing to do. We live in America which claims to be "The Land Of The Free" if we hold this to be true. Then we should allow people to marry whomever they so desire, with no regard to their sexual orientation.

  • Seperation of church and state

    Gay marriage should be legalized in the United States. Just because you don't agree with it, doesn't make it illegal. The fact we deny someone the right of marriage because of their sexual orientation is discrimination and goes again our constitution. A book written a thousand years ago is not what our laws should be based off of.

  • It Should Be Legalized

    I believe people need to stop enforcing the rules of their life on others. People who identify as homosexuals are just as human as everyone else, and they deserve the same rights everyone else has. I believe the United States should legalize gay marriage and set a precedent for the world that inequality isn't right.

  • Yes it should.

    Gay marriage should be legalized in the United States of America. There is no reason that gay marriage should not be legalized. It would not affect anyone in a negative way and it would give gay people the rights that they deserve. People who are against this are as bad as racists.

  • It is a civil right

    Gay straight black or white its true marriage is a civil right. We don't choose our orientation so why should that decide if we can get married. Also it is pandering to not only a religion but one section of a religion. Remember freedom of and from religion. #Equality #LGBT

  • According To The Constitution

    It is said that everybody shall have equal rights. There is no such valid reason that gay marriage shouldn't be accepted. 'It's disgusting' is not a valid reason. 'The bible said that man and a woman shall walk out of their own houses and wed' is not a valid reason since there is no living proof/evidence that the bible or God is real. It doesn't matter if the bible seems to be evidence since it could have been written for political purposes and those came to be laws. There needs to be solid proof that God is real but there is no solid proof. 'Ewww' is not a valid reason. According to my opinion, I think gay marriage should be accepted since everybody should be able to marry the person that they love as long as its love on both sides. If you are against gay marriage and you are straight and you have married someone already, then give me 3 valid reasons in an persuasive/expository essay that can provide proof and convince me to change my opinion. I won't be influenced though, because I'm independent. If you are against gay marriage because you are straight and you think it's right to only love your opposite sex and still marry, think again, because if they don't have freedom to marry freely, then you shouldn't have those rights to marry either. Man and man, woman and woman, congratulations for your love for one another. If you want to be public so that your mayor may accept the gay marriage approval law, then, go for it! To the people against gay marriage: I don't care if you think it's distasteful, disgusting, annoying, taboo, etc. Then you shouldn't even say a word. Just accept this for what it is and please don't post any rude comments that may offend others.

  • No, it should not

    No, gay marriage should not be legalized. I know this isn't a popular opinion. I don't hate gays and don't have anything against them. But I do believe that this lifestyle is dangerous, first of all for the people who chose it. There shouldn't be such a thing as gay marriage.

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