Should gay marriage be mandatory in overpopulated countries?

Asked by: abelsmack
  • Yes, gay marriage should definitely be mandatory.

    I am not heterophobic, but I don't believe that these people should be allowed to marry. They over-breed, they're irresponsible, and you need to look no further than celebrities and the 50% divorce rate to know that these immoral people are ruining the sanctity of marriage. It's simply disgusting. Furthermore, I would also like to point out that most sex offenders are men that take advantage of under-aged women. It's a horrifying slippery slope, if we allow straight people to marry then we also permit them to sexually abuse their daughters. Think of the children!

    Kidding aside though, it is indeed quite clear that we have an overpopulation problem, but i don't see how making gay marriage would stop straight people from engaging in straight sex. I think that what we need is to take logical steps in this matter.

    1. Legalize gay marriage and promote homosexuality.

    That way we have less gay people being forced to breed when they probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for those pesky self-righteous 'religious' folk.

    2. Demand accountability on behalf of the LGBT community.

    Speaking as the gay guy here, I actually have a serious problem with gay people who get women pregnant so they can adopt a kid. If you aren't attracted to a gender that cannot breed, then don't breed. You are in a place where you can help a poor unfortunate child that actually needs you instead of contributing furthermore to our massive population. To be honest, I get quite angry over this short-sighted behavior.

    3. Stop people who are against gay marriage from breeding.

    If you're going to restrict other people from a civil right that basically harms absolutely no one, then perhaps you don't deserve to have kids.

    4. Sexual education.

    5. Stop politicians who waste our time with this petty BS from breeding.

    And there we go, population problems are moderate without having to kill anything. :)

  • Stop overpopulation now!!!!!!!!

    Religion is the seed to homophobia! People are too afraid of change! LGBT will have a POSITIVE effect in society! LOOK AT THE POPULATION!!!!!! 7 BILLION AND GROWING!!!!!!! In all honesty if we were ALL straight, we would have been HETEROsapians, not HOMOsapians!!!!!!! I guess gays are more human than you think!!!

  • Yes. Think how fabulous India would be.

    There are several benefits: 1) IMMEDIATE reduction in the birth rate 2) There would be an overnight orphan shortage due to all the adoptions 3) Bigots would abandon like crazy 4) Tourism would increase from weddings and honeymoons 5) The lack of natural disasters would end the whole God's fury theory 6) Being a parent would be a task so you wouldn't have the most neglectful members of society outbreeding the rest of us 7) Gays would relocate which would raise the per capita income because man-man relationships earn more than the other pairings 8) Night life would become more hip and trendy 9) Any religion that disapproves of gays would be banned 10) The first country to do so could rename itself Common Wealth of the Bahomos or French Gayana (Same flag but more colors)

    Those just some ideas of the top. What do YOU think.

  • Yes, it should

    Not only gay marriage, but gay sex as well! And not only in overpopulated countries, but in the entire world! That way all of humanity will die out! Except for me, because I'm actually an immortal entity from the 6th dimension. (Dimension of crappy grammer and spelling) Y'all need to die.

  • Gay people are better than straight people

    More gay people=better society. It will also enable us to spread the ever growing ideology of gay communism. I am heterosexual, however I do concede that gay people are objectively superior to straight people. Read the bread book people, read the bread book.
    I need seven more words to submit

  • Gay Is Ok!!!

    Yes most definitely!!! Making gay marriage normal, legal and a societally acceptable can and will decrease overpopulations worldwide. The current norm is that one should or even in some countries must get married and have children. There are millions of men and women that would have otherwise not gotten married and not had children. Children are a blessing but then those children will grow up to be fertile adults who because they too were pressured by society will also grow up to get married and have whatever number of offspring. Just from one human being can come hundreds maybe even thousands of people in just a few generations. Imagine if every heterosexual is getting married and fully able to reproduce, well then we are going to eat ourselves out of house and home. ACCEPT GAY MARRIAGE!!!

  • Gay relationships should be mandatory.

    The only way to get rid of homophobia is to force all people, including heterosexuals, into gay relationships, if only temporarily. Students are forced to study English, math and a variety of other subjects; likewise, it should be mandatory that everyone have the educational experience of at least one long-term, gay relationship, if only to gain a appreciation for homosexuality and to come to understand that fulfilling, loving, pleasurable relationships are possible between members of the same sex.

  • Gov't out of bedrooms!

    Governing bodies should not impose upon people's right to marry. Humans need to be free to marry humans. In an overpopulated country, this makes good sense. Same sex parents who can freely adopt and provide loving homes for children should have the freedom to do so. Keep the government out of bedrooms and in offices where they belong.

  • Don't mandate anything

    I personally am a hetero-sexual man who believes that homosexuality does not make any sense. From an evolutionary standpoint, an organism wants to spread its genetic information but homosexuality prevents that. Also, I don't care what people do in the bedroom so long as you keep it in the bedroom. Homosexuality debate aside, a government has no right to say anything about a person's personal life. Government also should only exist to protect the liberties and freedoms of its citizens. This includes the right to be attracted and/or procreate with whomever you want.

  • Helk to the no!!

    There are girls and boys on this earth for a certain reason. The reason is so we can reproduce our earth. It is really weird and unneceessary for the same sex to kiss and do other stuff with each other. It is just so disgusting that the same gender likes each other. STOP GAY MARRIAGE!!!!

  • What ?! No.

    This is just ridiculous. I am for gay marriage being 100% legal and equal to hetero marriage, but this is just ridiculous. If you wish to decrease population, you must practice birth control by giving a large amount of the male population vasectomies. (cheaper, safer, faster recovery then female vasectomies) Or you could possibly do what China did by fining people who have more then one child (twins or triplets count as 1). Then, make adoption easier for anyone who wants a second child.

  • No way people

    Why is their girls and boys on this earth. Its for a specific reason so that we can reproduce our population. If there were all gays and lesbians then the world would end. Its weird to kiss or do other stuff together because you are the same sex. Don't be gay

  • Same-sex marriage doesn't exist.

    Members of the same sex cannot get married.
    It doesn't matter whether same-sex marriages are considered legal or not, nor does it matter whether people approve of it or want it, or not.
    Since Queers can't have children, homosexuality has to be considered Individualistic, & Racial, Suicide.
    Why do you think Queers are called Queers ?

  • Do I need to say why?

    You know, there's this concept called 'freedom'. If you're curious how to pronounce it, I believe it has an emphasis on the o, so it's like saying 'free-dome'. It's an idea where you don't force people to do things they don't want to do. It's absolutely dumb. I'm disgraced I'm a human now.

  • No freaking way.

    I agree totally with this marriage thing, but people should definitely not be forced to do so. People who are in love with someone from the other gender and are forced to marry someone from their same gender will be total inequality, and is totally not fair. They will live a horrible life! It is of human nature to reproduce, and if the reason behind this forcing is the country being overpopulated, then people will leave not because it's over populated, but because they want freedom in life.

  • No, definitely do not need to.

    Take your eyes off China and take a peek at Japan. They have such a small population of children and they are falling in to a weird stage of not making love. There are so much more older folks than kids, that is a huge problem do you not think so?

    Anyways, requiring gay marriage in to a overpopulated country is a silly question. Apply that situation to a smaller scale.
    Example, there are so much people in your house, what if you turned gay. So did your siblings, canceling out any reproduction of life, so your blood line gets cut off unless you donate your sperm/egg to a facility for another to carry on your blood line. How ever, your name will be forever forgotten. What fun is that?

    I say let those over populated countries make all the love they want, freedom is the best sex in the world anyways.

  • Is this a joke?

    I completely support gay marriage. But making it mandatory for an entire country is beyond ridiculous. Besides destroying culture, reducing the next generation, forcing people against their will to be in a relationship they did not consent to, and upsetting religious leaders everywhere I can't think of any negative things to say about this.

    Posted by: Gomo
  • No - -

    I'm not homophobic; I fully support gay marriage, but I think people should marry by C H O I C E. Forcing someone to marry against their will is wrong - - - - - - -- - - - -------- -- - -- -- -- - -- --- - --

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