• Yes, gay marriage should not be permitted.

    Yes, gay marriage should be outlawed. Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. As with many things in our world, the needs of men have finally brought about an acceptance to this longstanding biblical rule. Now, that gay marriage has been accepted one day it will surely be a normal part of everyday life.

  • Stop Abusing Our Children

    Gay Marriage contributes to the 'normalisation' of homosexuality. Considering that all our children will have or will contemplate same sex atractions at some stage, the normalisation of homosexuality will remove that little voice in our kids head that tells them it is wrong. We will see more gay and bisexual behaviour in our kids. We will see more disease spread. We will see more psychological problems. We will see more suicides. This will cost our economy billions more each year. This will ruin thousands/millions of childrens lives. This will ruin thousands of families.

    A vote for gay marriage is a vote for the SEXUAL ABUSE OF OUR CHILDREN.

    Please, stop this nonsense before it is too late. Do not normalise homosexuality.

  • Gay people are people too

    It's just right 20% of the world population is attracted to their gender. That' s something that people can no longer ignore. I believe in rights for everyone no matter their sexual orientation. I thought that people were against segregation but the fact that only 17 states in the US have legalized gay marriage is ridiculous!! It is unconstitutional. It is segregation. It is just plain wrong. If people are in love then they usually want to get married. You can't make people stop loving each other. It doesn't matter who you love or why or how just that you love each other. Straight love is gay love is lesbian love is bisexual love. Love is love is love.

  • No,gay marriage should not be outlawed.

    There is no good reason that gay marriage should be outlawed.There is little if any evidence that gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage and it might actually work to improve society in general because it would provide for more secure unions even though they are not considered marriages in the traditional sense.

  • No, gay marriage should not be outlawed.

    Although the Bible has established that marriage is between a man and a woman, the Bible does not define laws. Marriage is seen as a sacred spiritual union, but it is, at the core, simply a legal agreement between consenting adults. The Bible states that homosexuals are sinners, but, even if homosexuality is a sin, they would still be allowed to get married. After all, thieves and moral wrongdoers can still get married. America was built on the principle that "all men are created equal." Gays are human and should, at least legally, be treated equally.
    Additionally, no one should be antagonized or dehumanized for something that they cannot help, even if it's harmful (which isn't the case with homosexuality). Some may argue that it is harmful to society in that married gay couples cannot produce children. Actually, they can, thanks to artificial fertilization, surrogate mothers, and egg and sperm donations.
    In conclusion, basic human liberties cannot be taken away for a trait that can't be helped, and longstanding traditions and Bible stories do not determine laws.

  • No it should not, this is ridiculous.

    Okay, can we just put the religion aside for a second? I respect religion, I really do, but sometimes some religious people forget that not everyone has the same beliefs as they do. Marriage isn't defined as "the union between a man and a woman," not anymore. Yes, it used to be. It used to be because we used to live in a very heavily religiously dominated world where religion was everything. People love who they love and there is nothing you can do about that. You find even in countries where gay marriage is illegal, there are still gay people.

    This is just a stupid debate because the world is changing, it always has, and as the generations go by we lose our prejudice as we begin to accept people more and more and see things for as they truly are. This is for the better because you know I want my children to be able to love who they want to and not be threatened with prison or a fine for wanting to be with someone of the same sex.

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