• Yes - -

    1. If two people of the same sex are getting married, it's not affecting you, therefore it's none of your business -_-
    2. It's not actually against nature. It has been proven that homosexual animals exist, and being gay is n o t a f r i c k i n c h o i c e
    3. Marriage is not all about procreation. If you say it is, you are basically saying that infertile people and people who don't want children can't marry -_-

  • Yes. They should be respected.

    What is wrong with being gay? You may not agree with it at the end of the day but we are all people, we are all equal. Last time I checked this country is a country of freedom and equality. They are not so different from us. You think they wanted to be gay? Why would they want to be hated by the world? To be treated unfairly? I consider these rights to be human rights. Gays are the same level as straight people.
    It should have always been this way.

  • Yes, it should.

    I fail to see any reason as to why it is that gay marriage should not be given the same level of respect that marriage between a man and a woman is. It is about the bond between two people, not a matter of what gender both parties are in it.

  • Gay marriage should be respected.

    Yes, of course gay marriages should be accepted and respected. The United States is a country of freedom, equality, and opportunities. Repressing another group of people because their sexual identities are opposite to the norm goes against all the beliefs that this country was founded for. We should allow them the same rights as every other person, as it is both morally and constitutionally correct.

  • We're still people at the end of the day.

    You may not agree with gay marriage but at the end of the day we are all still people and they should be respected with the same rights that everyone else has. What they do is their business and their love deserves to be validated and treated with the same rights that everyone else does.

  • Yes it Should.

    There is no real reason to show disdain for all gay marriage. Marriage as an institution has some valid criticisms, but not because it may be homosexual. Most criticisms are done by straight people who can't personally identify with gay relationships. This is an appeal to ignorance. "I can't identify with gay relationships; therefore they are wrong."

  • It is clearly against Nature

    Biologically animals are required to mate and make new offspring. Homosexuality does not allow so and should there for be banned and to me is seen as completely unnatural and fake and against human moral standards. They are sub human cause they do not want us humans to grow. They want us to get extinct. Gays are harmful to our society. We must not allow them to ruin us.

  • Marriage is a heterosexual institution that has always been respected by society as the formal recognition of the union of a man and a woman.

    If the gays want recognition of their relationships they can devise their own “wedding” ceremonies and “marriage” certificates that will be respected within the gay community, but governments cannot force citizens to recognise gay marriages, even if the state does.

    That said, I am a very open-minded person and I have often invited lesbians and bi-sexual women to my house for parties and, in the future, I might even consider inviting a gay man and his special friend to one of my larger social gatherings, but nobody can force me to address the invitation to “Mr and Mr Bieber” or introduce them to the other guests as “Justin and his husband Cristiano”.

  • Its terrible alright

    Common sense alone will tell you that gay marriage is not right. Everyone with good sense knows this for a fact. If Homosexuals dont respect their own bodies, why should their take on marriage be taken seriously? It is a wicked thing to make a mockery of what God created to be a sacred union and so only a Man/Woman marriage is acceptable.

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