• Its against God's will

    I love gays and have gay family. At the same time, I am roman catholic. The word of god, documented in the bible, forbids gay marriage. Gay marriage is a sacrament - literally a sacred right of passage that catholics go through. It just so happens, that catholicism is very popular in the US. Just because something is very popular, does not mean anyone can come in and wreck it. Thats what gay marriage does - it literally is attacking the integrity of a religion, its followers, and the bible. I am all for equal rights, equal economic conditions for gay couples (including taxes etc) but it is ridiculous for a gay couple to actually want to achieve the sacrament of marriage in a religion that will never truly recognize or condone them. It not about gay hating, holding them back, or anything like that. It is about not destroying a sacred instituion just because "you dont believe in it". I dont believe in multiple wives, but I do not have a disdain for mormonism or want to get their rules changed - if that works for them, so be it. Gays should not want to be married in the catholic church, and they should not be.

  • No they should not

    Gay marriage should not be illegal. I believe every individual should have the freedom of marrying anyone they feel like even if they are of the same gender because taking away this right is not very different from not allowing marriages between two different castes. Gay marriages should not be banned just because it is different and some people find it disgusting

  • The Only Arguments to Illegalise Gay Marriage Are Religiously Based

    And as the US are founded of the freedom of religion, and that means that one person does never have to live by the beliefs of another, these arguments become invalid.
    Also, one marriage does not jeopardise the legitimacy of another - being angry at somebody for being gay and married even though you believe that is wrong is like being angry at somebody for eating a doughnut when you are on a diet (not my own reference, but still valid). It simply makes no sense whatsoever. The intolerance in the US (and in other countries) has to stop.

  • It is ridiculous that this is still in question

    Same sex couples should not be punished because of your ignorance. If it bothers you enough than two men or two women love each other and want to seal their love with a legal document then don't go to their weeding.

    Why should they need a legal document if it really is love, I respond, why should you need a legal document with your significant other if its true love? By choose to adopt a child they are giving a safe open environment to the changing world and unless you are willing to do that as well don't you dare try and say they shouldn't be allowed to adopt. To the argument, "God is against Homosexuality". If your God is there and against homosexuality then 1) let them face their consequences after death, it was their life. 2) Who would want to worship a god that puts homosexuals on the earth to punish them for what they really could not help after death? The smartest thing to fear the unknown because to fear the unknown is to allow for the opportunity of growth within the human race. When you reach something that makes you, as a human, scared is because of 1)fear of the unknown 2) irrational fear. Get past the fear of homosexuality as a concept, you reach one of two roads, acceptance or irrational fear. Humanity is an incredibly thing, we want to wash out what we see as detrimental to ourselves and it's absolutely necessity for us to evolve, once we realize that homosexuality is not detrimental to the human genes being passed on at this time in society we reach an irrational state of fear when we still see it as damaging. Homosexuality can not hurt you. What can hurt is the fear that your parents passed on to you, that you will/are passing onto your own children. Sooner or later everyone will realize that love is not something to be afraid of, it is something to embrace, weather it is a love for your husband, wife, mother, father, God, friends, love is love and just because you love someone who has the same gametes as you, you aren’t any less of a person then you would be if you loved someone with the opposite set of gametes than you.

    Embrace your own sexuality, do not hide behind the curtains of ignorance or the pressure of society, you might just be amazed how freeing it is to stop playing pretend. Love is magic and love is pain and you have to peak out behind the strangling fear of judgment. Yes, you have more obstacles to face than a heterosexual person has to face because you are in the minority. Holding in secret that you haven’t even come to terms with yet seems impossible to reach a state of acceptance but I there are steps you must undergo before acceptance. You must accept who you are to yourself because YOU ARE NOT ANY LESS OF A PERSON.

  • Quite the opposite

    The Supreme Court already declared it unconstitutional to criminalize private intimate acts among adults regardless of sexual orientation. If we allow same-sex couples to be physically intimate with one another, we should allow them to wed. The reasons people have for why same-sex marriage should be banned have no merit.

  • Seriously, it should not be illegal. EVER.

    My stance, from a religious viewpoint: if homosexuality truly is a sin, let them face up to their "crimes" when they die and go up there, or well, wherever you go after death - if you go anywhere. There's not enough proof in the world to prove the existence nor the non-existence of God and various religious beliefs, and even if there was, I'd still support separation of religion and state. LGBT people are people, and I'm honestly very sad that equal rights is still a problem today.

  • Of course not.

    There will be the people who say that homosexuals have no reason to get married, but shouldn't they at least have the option? Can we really say homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals when they don't even have the same rights? There are enough barriers standing in the way of love already, we don't need the government to be another one.

  • I have already detailed my arguments.

    Look here to find my reasons as to why it should not be illegal in the United States or elsewhere: In that debate I explain the many reasons that I think same sex marriage should be legal. Varrak and I had this debate and it is currently in the voting period. I don't want to be rude but would like people to vote on this issue there as well.

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