Should gay marriages be legalized in Kazakhstan?

Asked by: SabinaNugmanova
  • Peeps Have a Right to Love

    People have zero right to inhibit the love between two consenting adults. Marriage is not a religious institution, and religion does not have a monopoly on marriage. How do you think atheists get married? Marriage is also not about procreation. How do you think sterile and elderly couples get married?

    Even if you believe homosexuality is a sin (I don't), that doesn't give you a right to enforce that belief on others. You can't tell someone, "you can't marry because it's against my religion." That would be like me saying, "You can't drive a car because it's against my religion." Doesn't make much sense, does it?

  • Gays deserve to be allowed to be married

    Gays must have the same rights as usual couple. What does gay couple mean? It is two people who love each other and want to be a family. So why can we decide what must they do. Nowadays people want an equality , but by banning gay marriages they make big injustice.

  • Love is love

    You should be able to love whoever you wish. You should be able to express this love. Just because you are gay does not mean you should be any less privileged than the straight. Marriage is a way of legally binding two people, who love each other very much, for the rest of their lives. Why should someone not be able to love someone?

  • Legalize it everywhere!

    Gay marriages should be legalized in Kazakhstan as well as in other countries, including major European and North American powers, so as to help assist in the process of normalizing homosexuality and cutting down on hate crimes and violence in territories where homophobia still runs rampant. Gay marriage should, ideally, be accepted worldwide.

  • Yes it should be legal everywhere

    Gay marriage should be legal everywhere including Kazakhstan. Gay marriage is a different lifestyle but it is not hurting anyone and simply a different way to live. There is no reason to prevent people from getting married. There are parts of the world it will never be legal in but this is not right.

  • That'd be an uphill battle

    Of all the rights fights around today, a gay marriage legalization fight in Kazakhstan would probably be one of the hardest and least likely to really be successful. Gay marriage is the kind of thing that should be taken for granted (especially considering its so politically wasting) but its far from that point.

  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Everywhere

    Although Kazakhstan has other issues facing the country now, gay marriage should be legal universally. Homosexuals have just as much right to marry as heterosexuals. In today's contemporary society, equal rights should have no exceptions as they did 150 years ago. Everyone deserves to find happiness, no matter what country they live in.

  • Gay Marriage Should be Legalized in Kazakhstan

    Yes, gay marriage should be legalized in Kazakhstan as it should be legalized everywhere. Homosexuals experience the same sorts of love and commitment as do heterosexuals. As such, they should not be treated any differently and should be awarded the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals. Thus, gay marriage should be legalized in Kazakhstan.

  • Church and State are two different entities

    People deserve the right to marry whoever they want. Religion should force people to abide by it's rule and laws and certainly shouldn't dictate what the government decides. People think religious persecution only works one way, when it really works both ways. If anyone thinks that two people should be separated because of words written down thousands of years ago then they are crazy.

  • Marriage never was a secular thing.

    For starters, marriage ceremonies were always held in churches. Christianity has alway been against sin which includes homosexualism. Therefore, it goes against the very definition of marriage. You can go get all the evidence you want to back up gay marriage, but you will never find a law or definition that hasn't been deviated from the original. This includes the current definition of marriage according to the secular world.

    It doesn't matter there are "Christians/Jews" who back up gay marriage either, because these "Christians/Jews" aren't even Christians and Jews in the first place. If they were they wouldn't be advocating sin.

    Furthermore, it seems to me the LGBT and human rights activist have no boundaries. They say they believe in equality for ALL human beings, but does equality ever end? No. Not until humans are able to do whatever they want. This ranges all the way from gay rights to zoophilia. They are even attempting to make pedophilia seem ok in California as we speak. So here is my question...

    Isn't it quite possible for gay marriage to be a stepping stone to complete anarchy?

    Notice the word "possible" and the phrase "A stepping stone."

  • Marriage has found its origins from religion.

    Being married is a religious idea, and homosexuality isn't supported in religious texts. If you want to be gay, so be it for that's your own business, but marriage is retained for the religious and shouldn't be corrupted by anti-religious ordeals. Leviticus 18:22 - Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

  • Morally vs. Logically..

    Morally gay marriage shouldn't be allowed any here God didn't create marriage to be hared between a man and a man vice versa and again man kind has taken what God created and turned it into something that morally is very wrong. Logically the government of any country shouldn't be worrying about if people wanna marry someone else or not plenty of country's are in debt and the government should be worrying about stuff like that and get out of peoples personal bubble.

  • But everywhere else; Kazakhstan is a special case

    Gay marriage should be legal in the rest of the world but I just don't think Kazakh homosexuality is natural. Where are the gay Kazakh animals if it is natural? Other countries have gay animals. I have yet to see that in Kazakhstan. I think it is God's will that it is OK to be gay unless you live in Kazakhstan.

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