• Shouldn't be banned

    Children don't particularly want to go to school, how ever they should feel welcomed no matter what. Children can't feel comfortable or welcomed if they can't express them selves, and some times they can not even feel safe in schools. So my final answer is they should stay and not be banned

  • Yes, but so should religious organizations.

    Yes, gay organizations should be allowed in school, because students should be allowed to form whatever clubs they want, as long as they do not hurt others. Gay organizations would give students who are gay the opportunity to connect with other students. It would probably have a profoundly positive effect on these children's education experience.

  • Children Need Help

    Of course! Homosexuality is not something dirty. Realizing you're attracted to the same gender while in school can be rough, especially in the south. Not everyone is accepting, and boys are really harsh when it comes to other boys liking so called "girly" things (if that particular gay boy is feminine). Gay organizations can put children at ease, and let them talk with people who are like them when it comes to romance.

  • Being gay is insanity

    Gay people should be put into special classrooms. Humans are supposed to not be homosexual and there are lots of evidence behind that. If you start a gay organization, then you will be turning lots of other kids guy because the will be exposed to gay ideas

    this is just to fill in my missing words disregard this

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