• What's wrong with homosexuals being on public television?

    I mean it's not like they are all a bad influence. I don't really care if it's unethical for some religions. People should see homosexuals on television. The people who think that gays shouldn't be allowed on tv, ask yourself. Do you like boys or girls? Either one, were you able to control if you like either one? Were you just born that way? Imagine the criticism homosexuals get because of something they're born with. What if it were you? How would you handle it?

  • They can be wherever ...

    But to be displayed as showing off their lifestyle in particular, that should be restricted to certain channels and programming. They should not be featured as homosexual on say cartoon network, nickelodeon, etc. They should only have their lifestyle detailed in programming targeted at that audience as proactively placing gay situations in programming is offensive to many. It takes away from the scope of that program in the way reality shows stripped MTV of its music background.

  • Homosexuality isn't natural.

    Homosexuality isn't natural. It's a perversion of nature. Young children who see it could be influenced by it and turn out unnatural and have a horrible life, all of which could be avoided if the current generation wasn't so politically correct and wanted to make perversion and evil twisting of natural human sexuality seem normal.

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