• Its the 21st century

    Come on... Is this really a question that needs to be asked? Im quite sure no one will say yes to this (except me out of contempt). I dont think it will be anytime soon that the tides of society will shift back, so society will be accepting them for a while.

  • Homosexuality is a crime against God and the people who love God.

    It violates the laws of nature.
    It is an evolutionarily unstable strategy.
    It's a life style choice that defies the norm.
    Men are men and women are women. That is a fact.
    I'm not interested in how anyone feels. They need to keep their feelings to themselves.
    End of conversation.

  • I don't support gays but I don't hate them either.

    As a Christian, I believe that nobody should be judged or hated upon. It's not in me to hate someone who is gay just because they're gay. It's not because I'm a liberal... It's because I'm doing what the bible says to do. Do I agree with their decision to be gay, or support them because of their beliefs? No. I don't agree with their views, but I'm called to love everybody and lead them to Christ no matter who they are, what they're like, or how they act. So no I don't believe they should be "shunned" from society.

  • Wtf is wrong with you people

    The fact that someone put up this question for debate is already straight up bigotry. Human rights have nothing to do with your 'personal opinion' and you have no business trying to 'debate' this bullsh*t. This is the 21st century and we don't ostracize people because of who they're attracted to.

  • Gay Pride should be abolished.

    They should not be shunned but homosexuality should not be seen as mainstream and should not be normalised (it should not be acknowledged in schools). Gay people should be allowed to live in peace and to flourish professionally however it shouldn't be noted that they are gay, For instance at an award ceremony. I'm not saying that they should hide their being gay but that it should not be highlighted.

    I feel that gay people should be part of their community, There shouldn't be any such thing as LGBTQ+ community.

    They should live amongst everyone else without people having to know that they are gay because they're wearing special badge or other symbol.

    Gay Pride should be abolished.

    Homosexual couples should be allowed to marry in civil ceremonies but not church ceremonies as this is an abomination according to Christianity.

    Homosexual couples (nor couples where one or the other is supposedly 'trans') should not be candidates for adoption or surrogacy as this would either normalise the couple combinations to a child or leave a child feeling that they are living in an abnomal situation.


    - Gay individuals, Like everyone else, Are mostly pretty normal
    - Buggery is dangerous and therefore should not be normalised (straight or gay)
    - Gay Pride has exposed society to harmful elements of sexuality in a way that's had a negative impact
    - All of society could benefit from calming down a bit with thrusting sexuality down everyone's throats, It's harming our children, Especially the gay stuff


  • It has been proven!

    It has been scientifically proven that you are born gay, so why should you be criticized and mocked because of your sexuality? It is basically the same as racism and sexism (Which are no longer except-able). And if you are a religious person I can just say God made people how they are so, if you mock and criticize gays, you are going against God....

  • No one deserves to be shunned for what they like.

    No one should be shunned for liking something, let alone for being gay, its sickening to think that anyone would say another person should be shunned. Of course this is mainly just opinion based, there is still no reason for it. Gays should be accepted into out society, if you don;t think so you are mean D:

  • No, its their opinion

    Just because they like the same sex does not mean that we should shun them. They have the right to like whoever they want to. We have the right of free speech and I think that gay marriage is just like free speech. Because they are voicing their own opinion.

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