• Homophobia is just squeamishness and fear of the "other". Don't believe the lies homophobes tell to justify their narrow views.

    People tell lies about homosexuals because they want to have a justification for their disgust. That, Or they are overcompensating to push down their own sexual deviances. Just because a large amount of people say that god said something, Doesn't mean god exists, Let alone said what they thought he said.

  • Of course they should

    Animals above a certain level of awareness possess certain hormones (and pheromones) that impact their behaviour, Bodily development, Orientation, And to some extent, Even the behaviour of others around them.

    Natural selection made sure that when a creature is a highly social one (like humans), The societies with a healthy mix of hormones in a small portion of the population, Has a much greater chance of survival than those without one.

    We've all evolved to have some feminine character and masculine character, To make us who we are. Occasionally there is a mix-up (which is very very important to have, Unlike what the negative connotations suggest) and this leads to the appearance of the queer group of humans.

    They keep the stability of the society, And it has been scientifically proven multiple times how very important they are as human beings. The only reason people still think of them as "different" is because:
    1. They've been led to believe so (which includes even subtle hinting by the elder generation and religious teachings and whatnot)
    2. They've never encountered nor heard of the non-binary (which is mostly the case)

    Once people are educated on this matter, Scientifically, Only then can they understand why gay people are actually necessary and integral to society.

    Furthermore, Other animals too have many many gay members in their periphery that contribute to better relations, And hence an increased survival rate to the species as a whole.

  • Yes they should exist obviously

    Heres the thing, Your sexual organs don't discriminate and when a man touches you are penis it can still be stimulated. That is why gay people can and should exist. If they couldn't exist, Then we wouldn't be able to feel stimulation from the same sex but wooops guess we can. Also the gay brain structure is the same as the opposite sex. Case closed wholesome 100

  • Harms No One

    How does homosexuality harm anyone? It doesn't. What two consenting adults do in the bedroom is none of your business.

    The AIDS argument doesn't work because HIV can also spread through heterosexual sex or even just sharing needles.

    The pedophilia argument doesn't work because pedophilia is not a sexual orientation and children cannot give consent to sexual acts the way adults in a same-sex relationship can.

    The reproductive argument doesn't work for several reasons. The world already has billions of people (and may be approaching carrying capacity), And even if population was a concern, The majority of people are straight, So reproduction would not be a problem, Nor would it be a moral imperative. The point of a romantic relationship is love, Not reproduction.

    The traditional family argument doesn't work because it is perfectly plausible for children raised in same-sex households to turn out fine and even if children do benefit from role models of the same sex, Those need not be their parents (other family members or teachers, Etc. )

    The Biblical argument doesn't work because the Bible is not a moral instruction manual. It instructs beating your slaves as long as you don't kill them in Exodus 21 and condemns mundane things like eating shellfish and getting tattoos.

  • They already do

    Ummm. . . . Gay people already do exist, So your question is a bit of a non starter. Should they continue to exist? Yes of course, Why not? A persons sexual orientation is just one facet of that person, Be they homosexual or not. Just as you have the right to exist in the world you were born into in, Gay people have that same right also

  • Just as much as anyone else.

    What is the logic behind them not existing? Should straight people exist? . Yes, Just as much as everyone else should. Sexuality can not and does not determine your or anyone else worthiness as a good person. I think everyone on the negative side should really grow up or do some research on the topic. I am open to any of your opinions so please reply to this if you can give me a good reason why I'm wrong.

  • They must exist

    I gay so if other gay people didnt exist then I couldnt bang anybody. Not cool. You don't take away another mans ability to bang thats some next level cock block. I would take you to court. Also gay people are hot and I wan t sex them in my bed

  • All these arguments are downers.

    1. You don't have to bang only gay people if you gay (ik it's crude)
    2. The person saying they're Mormon isn't actually Mormon. They've never edited the Book of Mormon AND that's the reason why they use the King James version of the bible that sounds like Shakespeare
    3. Gay people don't normally have long lasting relationships so one night stands do encourage Aids.
    4. People who will burn in Hell will deserve it, Not because necessarily being gay

  • No they should'nt

    Homosexuality is bad, They should all burn in hell. Ud vy vyy yg yvb by bby yg ygy ygyg g ub b bb bu ygt gygu u g yg gyv g vgh vv gvg vg g v yu v y v u b bb by by yb by vygv g

  • They’re are scary to look at

    I was raized a mormon and it says in the bible they constantly edit (last edit in 2002 despite them saying it is multiple thousand years old) that man shall not lay with man. Even tho i have gay feelings i have to repress them because i hate myself.

  • NO no way

    As a faggot it is clear onto why us homosexuals shouldn't exist. It is cringe, It spreads AIDS, Homosexuality is a plague among society. It's also clearly a choice, So you can easily make them not exist by forcing them out of an environment that encourages homosexual behavior. 2 words

  • Yes gay people should exist.

    Gay weiners have the same right to exist as the rest of us learn some danmed respe4ct and common sence myguy before u end up shanked on twiitger for beingt a lemon square. G fg g dfg f ghd g df gdf g dg df gf dftg er er h

  • Gay ≠ homosexual

    Gay used to mean happy, And it still should. The misappropriation of the word gay by the homosexual community to describe themselves should not have happened as it is inaccurate. Not all homosexual people are gay, I've met a few that were nasty, Unpleasant and generally unhappy people. The antithesis of gay in my opinion. This misappropriation has lead to the situation we are in where I, As a heterosexual man, Am virtually censored from accurately and honestly expressing myself to say that I'm gay, Without unfair assumptions being made that I am homosexual. And don't get me started on rainbows - just because I like rainbows and the visible spectrum of EMR, Doesn't mean I'm sexually attracted to other men.

  • Boys are too sexy

    If we acknowledge gay people existing while men are looking as hot as they do now, All men would turn gay, And we would die out as a civilization. Also, The women would get super jealous and resort to actually getting money since all of them are gold diggers and whores.

  • Oh hell naw

    Gay people go against the will of god and that is for people yo have free will so long as they don't do things they are not suppose to do and things they don't supposed aren't to do includes being gay therefore gay people are not allowed to exist it's wrong and so you are

  • They made the LGBTQ+ community

    They are responsible for the heinous, Hypocritical, And despicable LGBT community who is trying to disband religion and force themselves on others. They have a "moral compass" and are obsessed with making everyone like them, Which is ironic because they are always crying about how everything needs "diversity" all the time.

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