Should Gay people have rights matching Heterosexuall Couples? Is Homosexuality Morally, Logically And Biologically Wrong? What Is your opinion?

Asked by: MoralsANDLogic
Should Gay people have rights matching Heterosexuall Couples? Is Homosexuality Morally, Logically And Biologically Wrong? What Is your opinion?
  • Homosexuality Is Not Beneficial

    Homosexuality is wrong because it brings pitfalls without any benefits - just like all of the behaviors which have similar causes.

    Homosexuality is caused by a biological situation plus a psychological trigger. If either is absent, someone doesn't become a homosexual.

    Behaviors with similar causes include several types of addictive behavior (alcohol, narcotics, opiates, etc. and even gambling or sex) and sociopathic behavior (no empathy for others, harming animals or humans, and up to and including becoming a serial killer).

  • Homosexuality Is Wrong.

    Hello, I am MoralsAndLogic. And I have a very interesting answer for My Question, I know many of you argue that Religion States Homosexuality Is wrong and whoever commits acts such as those will burn in the fires of hell. I myself believe that this is true, but setting this aside I have MANY reasons of why it is wrong. First it is morally wrong, it has no reason to be defended a man and a man that is disgusting, all common sense goes against it, what love? , they cannot procreate, if Humanity would all be Gay there would be no Humanity!. It is logically wrong , you CANNOT be born that way, that is a lie. Like all living things Humans were born to reproduce , homosexuality is a thing that spread by Humans and Therefore not by hormones of any type. Explain all these centuries of heterosexuality? Are there any popular movies that involve gays? Some do, but only around 10%. Why?
    It is Biologically Wrong, a man and a man is unnatural and that is undenyable, they cannot make a family on their own. They either need a woman or an egg. WHY?
    No matter how they want to hide it no matter how natural they make you believe it is. The Scientific Truth IS , it is NOT. Whether they want to tell or not, if that gay couple want "children" they need a woman's egg , a man and a Woman's egg WHY. Hint Heterosexuality. No matter. Lesbians can be mothers. NO . Not without a man, "Oh but we dont need one, Sperm bank!" They Would Say( Woman and a Man's Sperm.Why?!. No matter how you put it you need a man and a woman to procreate. AND HOMOSEXUALS OUT THERE, SAY OTHERWISE AND I WILL REMIND YOU THAT IF IT WAS NOT FOR AN EGG AND A SPERM YOU WOULD NOT BE ARGUEING WITH US TODAY!! Thank You Please leave a comment I always listen. Adam And Eve, Amen.

  • Homosexuality has no beneficial outcomes.

    When a man and a woman come together with pure intentions, their love creates life,a child, and it contributes to the passing on of genes beneficial to the human race. When a homosexual couple comes together the only thing that happens is sperm cells die or just provocative groping. Why? Because it is a relationship based on lust. God doesn't need to tell is that homosexuality is wrong, If we are as advanced in logical reasoning as we think we are then we should be able to Infer that homosexuality is impractical, and shouldn't be promoted. Should we persecute them? Absolutely not! Nothing good ever good comes from persecution, be hospitable and show compassion.

  • Homosexuality is an abomination

    Homosexuality is an abomination unto God. He has stated this many times throughout the Bible. He loves His creation, Human Beings, but not sin. Homosexuality is sin. But there is nothing that Jesus cannot help you to overcome. All you need to do is ask. He can free you. Jono

  • Being Gay is Wrong

    I have no hate for gay people or lesbian people. After all we are all human beings. I believe that gay people have had an error in there lives. Yes it is true that you do need a man and a woman to have a child. But we are more than animals. Our purpose in life isn't just to reproduce. However, along with being biologically wrong it is also morally wrong. I don't want to offend any gay people. It's not my job to make anyone feel bad. However I feel like, if I can make a change into even just one person's life than that's enough for me. Wether you believe in God or not you have to admit that there must be a reason that there are women and men. After all that's the reason your alive. I believe that being gay is wrong not only to yourself but to others as well. So if you are gay and reading this, tell your partner about it. I'm sure they'll understand. In the end everything is your decision. I'm just here to influence your thoughts.

  • Biologically, many of the things humans do are "wrong"

    Natural selection was meant to take its toll on humans long ago. However, because of our ability to manifest our survival via material objects, we have defied nature's course and have established our own means of living. With that, there are no logical grounds to deem homosexuality as more or less biologically correct than anything else humans do. Having children is not the point of marriage, but even if it were, means of birthing children through surrogates, artificial insemination, and other means, are readily available. If all else fails, there is adoption.

  • I think this is a trick question.

    If you say yes to this then you say to people having rights as gays and that it is wrong. If you say no then you are saying they should not have rights but it is okay. Past that, I do not believe that gays should be allowed to marry. If anything for their own good. I believe that there is nothing wrong with being gay. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with it. The sin is where you act upon it. Being gay and acting on homosexuality is two very different things. I have no belief that people who are gay but do not act on it will be sent spiraling to hell. Having bad thoughts or ideas is not a sin. That is life. It's the actions that decide where we go. Honestly, I don't know what I would say to God if I told him that I had acted on my urges simply because I did not believe him or I did not care despite the constant access to religion. That is one thing that at the judgement day I will be happy to say that I did not say that doing wrong should be right. As for the love is love argument, let me say something there. To be gay first you make a choice. Will I allow myself to like men? If you say yes, you allow yourself to be open to the idea of love with other men. The brain is a powerful thing and if a thought is strong enough then it can be manifested in yourself. YOU decide who you love. If you choose to love a gay partner, then you have full knowledge of what you are doing and how you got there. That is entirely YOUR fault. Then the it is not anyone's business argument. As a matter of fact it is and greatly so. Lets look at this closely. There is gay marriage legalized. More gays are around. My children will be influenced by these gays. Suddenly, this affects my life greatly. I will not tell my children that thinking gay thoughts is wrong, but acting on it is and having them watch that more and more is not a good influence. This is the same as why we do not put porn ads on billboards. Kids do not need or should be exposed to this. It is not right. I hope I have not offended anyone in expressing my opinion as that was not my intent. To conclude, have a good one!

  • Homosexuality is biologically wrong.

    I'm going to post in no as this is a trick question.

    Yes, they should have their rights. It is logically and morally right. Gay men and women can fall in love. They can live long and happy lives with each other. I have seen it, and I have experienced it. There is no reason why two people of the same sex should not be able to get married where ever they want to.

    There is, however, a sad side to this. Being gay is biologically wrong.

    I know that being gay is natural. We are born that way. There is nothing wrong with it. But bullying the gay community, not accepting them, and yes, even trying to harm them, is logically natural. That is a sad thing, but nature tells those who do it, to do it.

    Let me explain. We are all animals, and we all follow, mostly, our baser instincts. The prime purous of any animal is to survive and to allow our genes to carry on. The gay community poses a threat to the continuation of our species.

    Now we know that is logically not true, but our instincts do not know that. Gay men cannot have natural children, so they must be, according to our instincts, a threat to our species.

    This is a sad but true thought. Society is slowly changing for the better. Eventually the gay community will be all around accepted as we should be. Hopefully we can over come those unfavorable baser instincts some day.

  • Homosexuality means planned reproduction not no reproduction

    Let's consider the human animal as it is. Humans have the natural ability to think and plan ahead, to think "I want to have an hier but that will only happen if sperm meets egg. So I want a male lover I'll have a male lover and then have sex with a woman just for the sake of a baby."

    Back in Ancient Greece that was actually common practice and a popular slogan was "Women for Business (business of making hiers). Boys for Pleasure."

    If everyone was gay (not that that would ever happen) reproduction would continue but there wouldn't be any unplanned pregnancies.

    Saying everyone being gay would mean no more babies or that it's unnatural because gay can't reproduce is to ignore the special characteristics of the human species and pretend as though we were dumb animals incapable of any sort of planning or foreseeing of the future.

  • Contradicting question, I think?

    Should homosexuals have rights matching heterosexual couples? Yes. But then, you go and ask, "Is homosexuality morally, logically, and biologically wrong? No. Ask one question at a time and use some proper spelling and grammar, please. Anyways, no, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. We all deserve the same rights and equal protection.

  • Homosexuality, not a bad thing at all!!

    Frankly speaking, who cares? I mean, I am a religious, straight person who has a lot of faith in god, but I still support gay rights. All those people saying that it is wrong to be gay and that they will burn in hell and yada yada yada... Well guess what, as long as a person has a good soul it doesn't matter if they are gay or straight, they will be given happiness. Being gay is wrong? Well I beg to differ, I personally think that being a bully is wrong and being bullied is wrong.

    if somebody loves people of the same gender, than that person being in a relationship with a person of the opposite gender is just going to make both of them unhappy. And its just logical for them to be with the person they love, for the basic reason to be happy.
    I agree that gay sex is not going to produce any offspring, but than again do ALL straight couples reproduce? There are tons of Heterosexual people who don't WANT to have a child, by choice. Doesn't that make gay people better? Considering they WANT a child and are ready to adopt a child a heterosexual couple abandoned? And also some straight people cant reproduce due to infertility problems, what about them? They are straight yet they cant reproduce does that make them biologically wrong too? Its completely fine for a child to be raised by gay parents as long as the child is loved and taken care of, a task some straight people find hard to do.

  • It is nobody's business

    I don't think that we should interfere in anybody's life and tell them who they can and can not be with. If someone is gay then they are gay. There is nothing wrong with loving someone the same gender as you. It is just the way they are born and nobody has the right to tell them they can't be themselves.

  • Gay is OKAY!

    Okay, going through your questions.

    Morally :
    Love is love. If two people love each other, and they don't affect you, who are you to judge? It's not like it matters to you if your next door neighbor has children if they are straight, so why would you care if gay people could have kids or not? It's not like the whole entire WORLD will become gay. It's wrong to judge, and there is nothing to judge. If you think it's disgusting, yay for you. I think people who eat beef jerky are disgusting. I'm not taking beef jerky away from the world though, am I? I think that people who put guns before kids will burn in hell. I'm not exactly condemning their right to marry, am I?
    Logically :
    Logically, G-d is a moot answer, as it's not universal. Logically, love is no different between two men, two women, and one of each. Logically, infertile couples marry, so marriage is not about having babies. Logically, gay couples can be parents; surrogate, sperm bank, adoption, etc.. Logically, what the heck is the problem with it?
    Biologically :
    I will not attempt to argue that gay sex is going to create a baby, but honestly, is that what sex is about? I have a feeling that most people have had sex for a reason a bit different than making a teacup human.
    I will also not attempt to argue that people are born gay. I honestly don't believe they are. I believe people are born mostly blank slates, with very little but things like our intelligence, looks, health, etc., actually set in stone. Of course we are are predispositioned to some things, like bravery, or excessive happiness, but I do not believe gay people are born that way. I believe they can't control it or change it, but I believe that environmental conditions, hormone issues, or other things like that have made them gay. And so damn what. Environmental conditions have made me Liberal.

    Bottom line, this argument is just dumb.

  • Human rights should not be discriminated against.

    I can't beleive we are arguing over this. We are arguing that humans should have rights! What ever happend to having human rights and a right to being alive! Let alone loving someone!

    Today in the 21st century we beleive that it is better for two men to hold guns at eachother then for them to hold hands. What has our society come to?

    To illustrate this my religion teacher taught me years ago a lesson on this very topic. He asked the whole class to raise their hand if being homosexual is a bad thing. As natural most f the boys put up their hands and said disturbing and unnessary things about being homosexual and about homosexuality being shamed at in the bible. He then replied with " yes it is in the bible bit also the bible does shame females as the less important gender" he then continued with " in history we don't beleive these things anymore our society has changed so we should too."

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I think this was a poorly worded proposition. It had two separate questions.