Should gay people have the rights that straight people have?

Asked by: constant
  • Of course it should be

    Someones sexual orientation should not make them and does not make them less of a human being. If they are from the United States then they deserve the same rights as any other human being living there. If someone disagrees with gay marriage or just gay individual rights for whatever reason, they should keep it to themselves because it doesn't really affect them unless they chose to let it.

  • Obviously this should be accepted in places like america.

    In places like america the constitution specifically states that all people have the right to life, liberty and to the pursuit of happiness. The overall nation is very acceptable of who they let in but they tolerate it and they are trying to get rid of it yet again just like they tried with the African American rights and women's rights. This should be enough for people to just accept it but they won't.

  • Yeah they should

    Yes I think that we should have give gay people freedom and Rights of course rights because they are humans too ok and they should have to give gays and of course all gay people freedom and equal rights too ok ok so yeah we should to give equal freedom and equal rights to all gays and all gay people

  • Gay-mers rise up

    Seriously, Gay people are no different from straight people. In the end, We are all human and have the same DNA. I understand why some people don't like this, But human rights are for all humanity, No matter what gender you are. Period.

    It's fine to kiss your homies goodnight ;)

  • Human rights should be universal for people who are not causing harm

    They bleed the same blood as straight people. They also do their behaviors behind closed doors and with consenting adults so really there is no reason to not give them equal rights. There is also a separation of church and state so you cannot discriminate against them for any religious reasons

  • They already do

    Name a right that straight people have that gay people don't? Even gay marriage is now legal throughout the west, is it not?

    You can't force churches to act against their beliefs, but if you are going against the beliefs of that church, that you aren't really adhering to what you need to to be part of that church. But that is a church sticking to its dogma, not a violation of a person's rights.

  • I hate gay people

    Gay people deserve no rights ok gay people should be slaves in my opinion ok and no I think that we should to give way more rights and of course more freedom to straight people more often rather than gay people okay it would benefit it ok ok ok bye bye

  • Gay people suck

    Gay people are the worst man ok and no I think that we should have to give more rights to only straight people only ok and no I think that they should to give No rights to gay people ok only straight people should have more rights ok ok and

  • No they shouldn’t

    No I think that we should have to give more rights and of course more freedom to straight people only ok and no I think that they should have to give more rights more freedom to straight people ok ok ok so yeah we should have to allow kids to date

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