Should gay stuff (rights and relationship status) be made public?

Asked by: Cowboy0108
  • Yes yes yes

    You are born gay, it is not a choice. Just be yourself, and if you are gay you are still human, nothing wrong with it at all, we should all be treated the same. BABY YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY. Don't hide who you are. You rock this world !

  • Why The Hell Not?

    If homosexuals cannot have the same rights as heterosexuals, and homosexuals should not be able to say if they're single/married or not; then that is infringing on their rights and saying they are less of people than heterosexuals. People are born gay. If you think otherwise, try and trick yourself into turning gay. No matter how hard you try, you never will.

  • It is infringement on rights.

    Homosexuals should be allowed to live their lives the way they want to live it. We Heterosexuals are never questioned, and yet there are people out there who question everything involving homosexuals. A homosexual couple is just as much of a couple as a heterosexual couple and the rights involving gay marriage should not even be brought up. As human beings both homosexuals and heterosexuals deserve the same HUMAN RIGHTS, and saying otherwise is denying that homosexuals are human at all, and that is not how our society should view those they consider "different".

  • I consider yes the neutral stance.

    Why should we present arguments for this? Say, if you wanted to make a law enforcing freedom of speech in a land that didn't already have it, should you have to present arguments for why left-handed people should have that right too? Should you have to present arguments for why blue-eyed people should have that right too? Shouldn't it be obvious?

  • Of course yes.

    Of course "gay stuff" should be made public. "Straight stuff" is isn't it, and nobody seems to have a problem with it? We are people too, and have rights. We have the same thought process as anyone else on the planet. The only difference is the people we love. Honestly people who like the same sex will get rights eventually, African Americans got theirs, and women did as well. So why not save yourselves the trouble of another movement and give us rights already!

  • The LGBT community deserves the same respect and equality

    People who are part of the LGBT should be able to have "gay stuff public" due to heterosexuals being able to have this right. If straight people are not able to have their "stuff" made public then homosexuals should not be able to either. It is as simple as that, equality. If one group has something the other group deserves it, and vice versa

  • Obviously it should

    The only reason why anyone could be against 'gay stuff' is because of the bible. And government is not run by the church. That's one of the reasons why we have separation of church and state, to stop religion getting in the way of people's rights. And that means all people

  • It shouldn't be considered abnormal

    Gay people are just as boring and normal as every body else. It shouldn't be some disturbing or unusual thing to see- it should be normal and acceptable. If a straight couple can get married and walk down the street being openly in love, then a gay couple should be able to do the same.

  • They should not

    1. Disney movies(paranorman comes to mind) try and make gay rights the norm and promotes and condones it
    2. Advertisement of this information confuses children
    3. Gayness should not be condoned because it is a choice and people are not born gay. Being gay is not some sort of disability. Think about it anyway, God does not condone gay actions so why would he make someone be born gay. Why would anyone choose to make their child a serial killer. Furthermore, on a non-religious argument, why have gay people suddenly become popular. There were very few if any gays in the 19th century, when being gay got you written out of the family; however, when being gay became acceptable, people suddenly became gay.

    Gay people are hurting society and making their relationships and disputing their rights public is not right.

  • Only if it is public information that is legal to publish or broadcast on TV or radio, otherwise NO.

    I am amazed at how many people at this site don’t read the questions or don’t understand them.

    This question is relatively simple, “Should gay stuff (rights and relationship status) be made public?”

    This question was not about whether being gay is OK, or about gay rights or about gays and God or the Bible.

    I read this question to mean something like this: If I am gay, should that fact be published in a news media, e.g., newspapers, or broadcast on TV.

    I am not sure what is meant by “rights” being made public. Unless, that means the laws that are enacted, which of course are made public as required by law. The government can’t pass laws and not tell the public about the laws, which is usually done in newspapers and the TV. If a law is not made public, you can’t be convicted of it in the USA; however, ignorance of the law “Ignorantia juris non excusat” is not a legal defense in most cases, but there are exceptions to the rule.

    None of the “Yes” posts actually address the question about the fact that you are gay being made public. And, only 1 of the five “No Responses” actually address the public information question, and that was posted by SVS, “Privacy of information act comes to mind.”

    Certain events are a matter of public record and are often published in newspapers, e.g., criminal convictions, marriages, deaths. So, if gay marriage is allowed in your state, and you are gay and get married, it is legal to post that information in the paper or broadcast it on the news because it is a matter of public record.

    Now, would it be legal to publish a list of people claiming they are gay and harmful to society? Unless, it was deemed to be a “Hate Crime,” it would not be a criminal offense; but, it might be civil wrong or tort whereby the offended party might be able to file a civil suit for money damages due to defamation of character, assuming they could prove money losses.

    Contrary to popular opinion, you rights to privacy and privacy of information are not totally protected by the US Constitution, e.g., being searched at airport, legal phone wiretaps by law enforcement, employers may monitor and even record their employees’ phone conversations with few restrictions.

  • It's very wrong

    It is not natural for men to marry men and women to marry women. It should not be legal and should be frowned upon by everyone. It will confuse adopted children should they have the unfortunate luck of falling into the hands of two fathers or two mothers. Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  • Does it involve you?

    As citizens of the United States, gay people have the same rights as straight people. Therefore, they are guaranteed the same basic civil liberties, and these liberties are not up for decision by others.

    If the United States were to have a vote on another group's basic right, for example: "Straight people should not be allowed to get married", there would be public outrage, because it is something that should not be denied based solely on sexual orientation.

    Therefore gay citizens, as CITIZENS, should have the same basic freedoms as other Americans. They pay the same taxes, abide by the same laws, and in all other ways are equal. So why should they be denied the civil freedom of marriage?

    And why should it be up to someone else who is not involved in the marriage to decide?

  • Privacy of information act comes to mind:

    If an individual chooses to disclose their personal private information that is their right and it's also their right not to disclose their personal private information simple as that. Everyone has a right to privacy whether your gay, bi or straight. If you feel this will influence the masses then your not giving the masses enough credit here. I think people are quit capable of making their own choices about homosexuality or heterosexuality, we love who we love. To say that its trendy to be gay is ridiculous, as a society we are constantly evolving and evolution enacts change and acceptance. I don't believe homosexuality is a choice any more so than being heterosexual, my opinion of a person is not based on their sexual preference rather their morals and values as a human being. You can't bring religion into this issue either as we all know how corrupt some of those institutions are. Live and let live people ... I don't think you'd love your child any less or more based on sexual preference.

    Posted by: SVS

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