• Spreading of personal opinion

    Many people are shocked to hear that the teacher is Gay, as it has happened (most notably in south park) that teachers could spread their opinions to the students. This has happened to me in grade school, and I remember that many of my teachers opinions became my own as they were some of the people that I looked up to.

  • Spreading gay all the way!

    Simply put, gay teachers will lead to their students being gay. Then they will become teachers and the cycle will continue. More people will be gay in society and that will encourage more gayness. Billions of dollars will be spent on gay pride marches and fabulous clothing and America doesn't need that. Gay people don't like guns as much, so it will threaten the Second Amendment. Jesus said nothing about being gay, but I bet he'd say its bad. America is the leader of the free world, so other countries will follow suit. Soon the whole world will be gay. Gay people don't breed. No children. Human race gets wiped out. The gay agenda, no doubt.

  • Not because of his or,her gayness

    Even the best teachers are imperfect, have flaws and have sin in their lives. We do not fire other teachers for their sins unless it effects their ability to teach or adversely influences students. These same criteria should be applied to homosexual males and females. If they try to influence minors in ways that push their sexual biases, then this would be adequate reason for their dismissal.

  • No, even though I'm not pro "gay rights'!

    I am not pro gay rights, AT ALL! I am a Christian and I love God too. But I feel we should treat everyone with love. Do you think that if a gay man/woman walked up to God that he would turn his attention to someone else or make a snide comment and walk away? No. I think that God intended us to love everyone but to know our boundaries. I don't think that people should try and support gay marriage or gay rights and I don't even think that people should try to be close to them (as friends or closer). But I do think that we should accept people for who they are and not what they believe. LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU STAND ON THE MATTER! But people wont learn to Believe in God by us showing them that we cant love everyone. That's why people call Christians "hypocrites", because we say we love everyone but then turn our heads when they seek help because they are different. What if you give them help and they finally realize that they want to follow the happy, loving, never ending life you lead?

  • No Chance of It

    Gay teachers should be fired if there's a rational reason. By that, I mean that if they do something that breaks the law or is "bad", they could and should be fired. However, they shouldn't be fired because they are gay. Plain and simple, that is discrimination. Based on the Constitution, gay people have the right to work a job as a teacher.

  • It does not matter if they are gay, it only matters if they are a good teacher.

    How in the world does being gay affect ones teaching ability? It doesn't! Discriminating because someone is gay is horrible and should not be allowed in our school system. If we allow this, then we will only be raising future generations to be homophobic. "I hate the word homophobia. You aren't afraid, you are being an a**hole."-Morgan Freeman. We should be teaching the next generations to be accepting, no hateful.

  • Not at all!

    I find doing so absolutely wrong and disgusting! My favorite teacher is gay, and they are an amazing person! A person's sexuality has nothing to do with their ability to teach. What I find disgusting are the people who teach their children to hate people based on their sexual orientation.

  • What does sexuality have to do with teaching?

    Teachers aren't supposed to proposition students, they aren't supposed to talk about their sex life, they aren't supposed to engage with students about their sexuality in general.

    Should this even be a question??? You may as well just ask what you are really asking, should homosexuals be allowed in public, and should people be allowed to know they are homosexual, because that could make people gay, and that would be horrible.

    This is a dumb question, and the implication is that a person being homosexual, in and of itself, is a bad influence on kids.

  • Why does it matter?

    I'm at school to learn things I won't remember later, so where in that equation does it say I'm going to "learn to be gay by my gay teacher"? I learned that I liked girls from kissing one, not from my fifth grade teacher. I'd probably give them props to being able to admit that even though most of that classroom of nasty children are going to pick on them for it. Why are people having sticks up their butts and caring about guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls? There are probably other things to be worried about other than that really.

  • That is discrimination.

    Should Hispanic teachers be fired? Should short teachers be fired? Should colorblind teachers be fired?

    Being gay is not a choice. It shouldn't matter the sexual orientation when being hired for a job. It's not important. What matters is whether the teacher does his/ her job.

    If the teacher is teaching students, and the students are learning the subject, then the teacher is a good teacher, yeah? And how are students going to know unless the teacher broadcasts his / her personal life? I don't know about your schools, but mine strongly discouraged that. Instead teachers focused more on the students and their education.

  • Not at all

    Look, teachers can't be fired because of how they are born. That is like saying a black man/woman can't teach because they are black. It is just horrible to say something like that because it is discrimination. We have rights and freedom, and we should get whatever job we want, even if we are gay.

  • Definitely not a valid reason.

    Teachers that are fired due to the fact that they are gay is definitely a ludicrous reason. Teachers are here to teach and their sexual orientation definitely has no effect on their students whatsoever, let's focus on the bone of contention, shall we? The role of the teachers is to impart knowledge, inspire and teach the students how to think rationally. Yes, that is right. The main role of the teacher is to lead their students onto the right path and I do not see how their sexual orientation would change or affect how students think. Gay teachers are humans too. There is definitely no fixed law stating that gay men are prohibited to be teachers. Such a reason is extremely laughable, actually. The only thing you need to gain from your teachers is just simply knowledge. I welcome criticism but, if you are going to rebut my point by saying that gay teachers could turn their students "gay", you are wrong. Unless there is an instance where a gay teacher makes advances to his students, he should be fired. What I am trying to say is, if a teacher is gay but does not do anything wrong, no action should be taken against him. I thank you for taking your time to read my argument.

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