• Why not ?

    There are so many children in the world who don't have homes and then there are so many people in the world who would love to be parent and I think its a perfect match. I believe that there is no difference between a man and a women, a women and a women, or a man and a man being together to raise a child. If they can support the child financially and lovingly then there should be no discrimination, questioning, and difference about it, and this gives kids a chance at a better life and a chance to go to school and to live under a house and to have someone to look up to because they care about that person and that person cares about them.

  • Children need homes

    Many children languish in the foster care system. They need a real homes and someone to become lasting family. Apply the same standards that are used for heterosexuals and if gay and lesbian people meet the criteria, let them adopt. To do otherwise is to impoverish another generation of children who grow up feeling unloved and unwanted.

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