Should gays and lesbians be allowed to have children?

  • Sir egglington townsend

    I go to the Chinese and there was no Chinese there so I went to an indian and there was a gay man and he was nice so I ate his food. I enjoyed his egg fried rice very much and then had some Fanta. Very nice. We are friends

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  • Equal rights for them.

    I think that the child will grow up to become what they want to be. The parents will be there for there child. When the child grows up they might be proud of his or her parents. The parents have to over come the fact that they are not under any one who thinks bad of them. Gays and lesbians are people just like you and I. People who think that being a gay or lesbian couple will have a negative effect on the child should just stop talking. They know nothing about how the child will turn out and frankly its none of there busy.

  • Yes They Should

    They should because that's the way the wanna live. We see straight Couples having Kids and enjoying their life together Why Cant Lesbians and Gays do the same.We should all respect each other of who we are and let them live. #Lovewins Is suppose to mean Gays and Lesbians Can Open
    Up And be happy Together.Alot of Gays and
    Lesbians have a hard time walking Across the streets holding hands and kissing because they are afraid they are gonna be judged.You see straights walking around Holding hands kissing why Cant Gays and Lesbians do the same.If they wanna live that way then they will live that way You can't judge Anyone by who they are.A lot of people hide who they are because their are rude people like the people who said no That just won't understand that's who they are I know a lot of gays and lesbians who go to school and trust me they wanna hold hands And Kiss Just the exact Same Way You straight People do at school So I ask ALL the people who said No Why Not Why can't they walk around hold hands and kissing wherever they go Why can't they.Have you guys seen shows musicals Movies that show how hard it is for a guy to say I'm Gay or for A girl to say I'm A Lesbian You know how hard it is People Also Get bullied in school because they are gay and lesbian They get made fun of in school and some of them Even kill them self Because others don't Accept Them Why is it that in school they don't teach us to accept one another of who we are If they were to teach that to students in 1st Grade I guarantee You Almost half the bullying will Stop So If you are gay or Lesbian Stand Up go on strike Use #WeWantToBeFree or #ThisisWhoweAre #LetUsBe Idk But call their attention If you wanna walk around Holding hands kissing and finally not get judge then stand Up AND BE THE CHANGE YOU WANNA SEE IN THIS WORLD WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER #LETUSBE#LETUSBE LETS MAKE A CHANGE

  • God says no

    The bible says that sexual immorality is wrong. They are not born special it is just the placebo effect from peers. If anything, it should be discouraged. Lev.1:13 states thet it is wrong , and in leviticus, moses gives a list of acceptable sexuallities. Gay is not one of them.

  • There is no legitimate reason not to allow gay to have kids

    Every argument against is purely rooted in fiction.

    Do your research and read up on the against arguments they are full of inaccuracies, untruths, opinion, inconsistencies, and fallacies.

    Example arguments:
    Gays can't procreate naturally.
    This is the poor type of argument that is prevalent among those against it.

    Well, let me tell everyone this is simply not true. When a gay male has sex with a female she gets pregnant and gay males do have sexual relations with females from time to time for a variety of reasons.

  • Yes, it is better than nothing.

    Yes, gays and lesbians should be allowed to have children, because they are not inherently unfit because of their sexual preferences. Children who are born to homosexual parents are very, very wanted, because any homosexual couple that has children had to go far out of their way to get them. A child would rather be adopted to a homosexual single or couple than not at all.

  • Absolutely.

    Your sexual preference in no way influences your ability to raise a child. Will children of gay couples be picked on and bullied more so than children of heterosexual couples? Sure, as long as we continue to stigmatize homosexuality. However, that is in an issue of HETEROSEXUAL couples raising kind and accepting children, not of homosexuals being allowed to have children.

  • Absolutely!

    Pro-creation is a part of life. If a couple decides that they are ready to have a child, then let them have a child. Sexual orientation should not be a reason a couple can't have children. It shouldn't even make a difference if the parents are straight. Love is love, and why should anyone say otherwise?

  • Yes, Equal Rights to All!

    There is a gay couple that I've been friends with for almost 2 years. They have an adopted daughter. She is one of the happiest, smartest little girls I have ever met. The thing about homosexual couples is that when they've been together long enough, and when they trust each other enough that they decide to adopt, it requires a ton more commitment than heterosexual couples, due to the social stigma of being in a homosexual relationship. At the same time, it also is a way to parent adopted children, to a couple that cannot conceive their own child. More love to share!

  • No, it would be unfair to put the child through that.

    If a couple chooses to be gay, that's fine. I don't have a problem with it, I get on with my life, they get on with theirs. But to bring an innocent child into this world with two fathers or two mothers? That's just cruel. I have the exact same opinion of those who choose to be single parents too - A child needs a mother and a father.

  • It's unfair to the children.

    Imagine being a straight child raised by gay parents. It is known that children tend to reflect their parents in terms of many things such as religion and political affiliation. For the most part, children view the ways of the people who raised them as being normal. Also, most kids want their parents to be proud of them. This could cause a serious identity crisis. The conflicting desires of fitting in with family and fitting in with friends could cause them stress and confusion over what their preference really is.
    The bigger problem is the negative effects of not having a father or mother. Boys raised in households without a father are far more likely to fail in school, commit violent crimes, be part of a gang, and do drugs. Girls without mothers tend to have difficulties as well. Every statistic shows that households with a mother and father produce the best children, regardless of class, race, or religion. Every child deserves a mother and a father.

  • No they Should not be able to Adopt children.

    Imagine this situation. You have a male and a female, but they are having infertility problems so they can't have children, if they did not have infertility problems they would in fact be able to have children biologically speaking. But since they have infertility problems then its fair to allow the couple to adopt children because biologically speaking they would be able to have children if it weren't for this infertility problem. Now let's say you have a male and another male or female and female, gay couples to be precise. If they have infertility problems they won't be able to have children. But let's say they are completely healthy, no issues. Even if they wanted to they couldn'5 biologically have kids. Why allow the. To adopt if they can't have kids biologically it's unfair for others and for the children. Them being gay is their lifestyle so they should be aware that with that lifestyle comes consequences, one of them being not being able to have biological children. That is my reasoning. Now I don't hate gays or anything but if you can make me understand why they should be able to have children then please comment

  • No they should not.

    I do not believe it is a right thing as a believer of God. He created a man and a woman in the beginning for a reason. The world became corrupt and developed their own reasons to do things in life and morphed it into what they think is okay. It is not natural nor is it moral and goes against what is suppose to be done in life. It also denies that child of both a mother and a father. Why would you want to do that to an innocent child?

    I do agree that it is okay for a gay married couple to adopt a child though. Because there are plenty of kids already brought into the world that do not have a father or a mother. And if the only option left for that orphan is to have gay mothers or fathers to raise them, as long as they are giving them love, it is okay.

    But you should not bring a child into this world by artificially insemination if you are gay. But rather use that want for a child between you and your partner to give love to a child who desperately needs it.

  • Children from infancy to adolescence experience a unique relationship that can only be derived from heterosexual parents.

    I believe children would benefit more from being raised by parents of different sexes. There's special bonding that occurs between young children and their parents of the opposite sex, and later on when they become teenagers. I believe Freud theorized this child-parent relationship.

    However, I might be able to agree that same sex couples may adopt a child providing there is not a better option for the child with heterosexual parents. But I am definitely against same sex couples using a surrogate woman for conceiving a baby. They should not be afforded that situation, because it is not a medical issue, as is the case with a heterosexual couple who is unable to have a baby. They are making a conscious choice where they know two people of the same sex cannot have a child, so they should live with that natural decision, and since adoption is still a possibility they should be happy and considered lucky with that option if they qualify for it.

  • It's just Wrong

    I think it screws up the head of a child. Its one thing to be gay and be accepted ect but it is another to bring children up around it 24/7. If everyone turned gay in this world we would go extinct. I am not anti gay by any means but when it involves children i have to say the supporting headline.

  • No they can not procreate as couples.

    They can't procreate as couples. Two women can't make a baby through sexual intercourse and neither can two men so therefore they should not be allowed to have, adopt, work with or around children. Children don't need to be ridiculed or bullied in school because they have two moms or two dads. Poor kids deserve to grow up in a normal family with a mother and a father the way nature intended it.

  • I grew up without my father, I would not wish it on anyone.

    I have gay friends and I can say first hand from the ones that I have met that they are in a sense just the same as any other person, you get bad ones and you get good ones, the only real difference is their sexual preference.

    Now before you think I have clicked on no by mistake, although I have nothing against gay people in general, I cannot agree that they should be able to raise children. I have come to this conclusion for several reasons.

    Firstly my most basic point, gay people are not able to naturally procreate, this is obvious to anyone who has any logic that this is not right from the beginning, two people of the same sex cannot even with current medical technology both be the parents of the same child.

    My second point, there has been no true study into the long term effects of what kind of long term psychological effects such an upbringing can have on a child. I personally believe that the very idea of a child not having a choice in this matter makes this amoral.

    Lastly, I was brought up myself without my real father as my parents divorced when I was very young. Despite my age, this has had a profound effect on my life and I had a very difficult child hood because of this. Although I have come out the other end, I would have given anything to have a father when growing up, and I would not wish this situation on anyone. I had a step dad after my mother left my dad, but he was never my father and we never really bonded, in my heart I always knew he was not my dad and I didn't want him there or to pretend things were right. I had to face this growing up and you could argue that its made me the person I am today, but if I ever have kids myself I want them to have both a father and mother, I will do anything to make that happen.

    As I hope you can see, my main feelings for objecting to gay people having children is for the welfare of the children themselves. I think gay people should be able to adopt, but with this there is no illusion as to who the child's parents are. I think as we grow up and discover our selves, most of us come to accept who we are whether it be gay or straight etc, but I think most importantly the line has to be drawn in good conscience with something like this. Gay people for all the talk in the media that they need to accept themselves as who they are being gay, fine but you also have to accept if you are gay you cant have children. Gay people don't choose to be gay, but at the same time if you are born gay you must accept your limitations along with yourself.

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