Should gay's be able to get married like straight people?

Asked by: Installgentoo
  • Obviously they should.

    Marriage, under the law, is a legal contract/partnership between two consenting adults. Culturally, it's a way of committing to a person and making them part of one's family. Gay people are entitled to enter into such a union with a person that they love, as much as straight people. If any particular religious institution has their own definition of marriage then they should not be compelled to marry anyone who does not meet their criteria but the government is not a religious institution. We are all equal under the law and entitled to the same rights.

    Posted by: Agi
  • I was taught

    When I was younger. I was raised that if gays/lesbians or what ever want to get married then they should. IlI was told "If they want to get married and be miserable like the rest of us then let them." So what if the happen to have the same parts. They can have sex. Which means their like any other couple. If ur problem is because they cant have kids. Well tjeir are straight couples who cant conceeve. As well their is adoption. With plenty kids wanting a loving home

  • 100% they should.

    We pay taxes, we own property we enter into legal binding agreements. We hold jobs and can provide for a very stable, loving home for children. Marriage is more about division of property and personal rights than it is about religious choices. If you want a church to marry you go ahead and do that. For it to be LEGAL ( separation of church and state); you have to get a marriage license. That is a document issued by the government. Adult males and females of legal voting age and marriage age in their state should be able to marry legal adults of the same sex if they so choose. The city state should not make a personal judgement on their lives. Also, it's like 22.00 to the city. It's money in their till.

  • Are you kidding

    This is even a debate topic? People said no to this? You're so brain dead that I'm surprised you can even work your computer. Just wait. Because when the rest of society allows gay marriage you'll look just like an anti inter-racial marriage protester back in the civil rights era.

  • I can't believe this is still an issue

    It's 2014 and people still argue that gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry. Equality is coming whether bigots are ready for it or not.
    A common argument I often see is that gay marriage or homosexuality is unnatural. Being straight is not natural, it's just common.
    Parenting is also an issue often brought up. Let's get something straight. The sexes of a parent don't determine how a child will grow or develop. The character and values of the parents will. Having straight parents have nothing to do with proper child development. That's dependent on the love and nurture they receive growing up - newflash: your ability to parent has nothing to do with whether you're with someone of the opposite sex or the same sex.
    Stop using religion, tradition, or whatever random statistic you found on the internet to try and make your ignorance seem legitimate.

  • Yes. Gay people should not be discriminated against.

    Gay people are people and they deserve the same rights as everyone else. They should be able to marry the person they love and enjoy raising a family. Gay is not a choice and no one should have to suffer for something they can't control. Don't take away their rights because if your religion.

  • Completely and absolutely.

    Being gay is natural and not a choice. If black people were not allowed to marry, would you argue for it to change? Probably. But since they're gay, it's bad? Even if raising kids in a gay household is worse than in a straight household, it doesn't mean you you should outlaw it.

  • I do not believe they should

    Because getting married means they have similar rights to heterosexuals and that means they have the right to children. I know it is in human nature for people to think we are all equal when it comes to all things and that gay people shouldn't be barred from having legal custody over children, but the research says an environment where a man and a woman look after a child is better for that child than a same-sex couple looking after it.

  • The government shouldn't be involved in marriage!!

    The government doesn't need to be involved in marriage at all. Leave it up to the couples and church, or whoever they decide marry them. The government shouldn't be telling us who we can and cannot marry and they definitely shouldn't be deciding what contracts people can and cannot privately enter.

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