• Boys should be allowed in boy scouts.

    How can you say that sexuality matters when becoming a boy scout? What does that say about our acceptance of alternitive life styles? Boys are still boys weither they are gay or straight. It would have no negative impacts on any of the other kids attending boy scouts so why not

  • No one should not be banned based on sexual preference

    It is quite ridiculous to ban someone simply based on their sexual orientation. Only those ignorant about homosexuality will think it causes any kind of harm. How about providing some kind of proof for this so called harm that homosexuals bring? There is none. The case against homosexuality is all based on either disgust or a primitive fairy tale book.

    I am glad that the boy scout are now removing the ban. Soon people will realize that gays are nothing to fear. It's the same kind of fear that happened years ago except with race. Besides, how can you even determine if a kid is gay? It is not something you can always see. Gays and Bi-sexual kids are going to enter regardless of the ban.

  • Why shouldn't they be!

    They are no different than straight people. They only feel differently about others. If you think that that is wrong than I have nothing to say to you. If you were a young boy who wanted to be a boy scout but couldn't because of the way he is BORN, than you have issues. This is just a simple topic: Treat everyone equally.

  • Don't ask don't tell.

    As a fellow Boy Scout and Eagle Scout I know a currently gay boy scout reaching to make his eagle. I have known him since we were both very little and it does not bother me one bit that he is gay. I am not uncomfortable because of this and none of the other kids in our troop are either. The Boy Scouts should have a dont ask dont tell policy for Scouters. The Scout Masters are a different story though no adult if gay should be allowed to be around the boy scouts for the fact that they could be predatory and prey on the boys.

  • Absolutely- the discrimination needs to end.

    The Boy Scouts of America claims to be a private organization and thus within their rights to discriminate against homosexuals and atheists. However, this is not borne out by a little thing we call FACTS. The BSA accepts tens of millions of dollars a year in government funds, subsidies, and rentals. This means they are using taxpayer money and thus are subject to federal guidelines on discrimination.
    When the BSA stops taking all that government assistance, then they can claim the title "private organization"

  • Of course! Equal rights anybody?!

    Someone should never be excluded from an activity based on their sexual preferences. It's not like every gay person is out to jump anyone they see! And FYI homophobes are a total turn-off for gay people. Boy scouts is almost of right of passage in some places and for a kid to miss out on that because he was gay is awful. It's a serious violation of equality!

  • It's just another form of discrimination.

    Blacks have their rights. Women have their rights. I know homosexuality has been a so called problem for a while, but now there isn't someone to discriminate against, so society has chosen gays to fill that slot. Two bikers driving down the road respectfully wave to each other just because they both ride bikes. The other day, a Jeep driver waved to me because we both drove the same Jeep. Why can't we just look towards another human and do the same? Make our opinions AFTER we know them. Gay's and bisexuals are human too, so they should be able to join Boy Scouts, or marry who they want. Obviously it's a problem if harassment ensues after joining, but that is the personality not because they are gay. The ONLY reason a homosexual or bisexual shouldn't be aloud into Boy Scouts, is because of all the other boys who were taught gay is bad by their discriminatory parents and bully and discriminate the gays/bisexuals because of sexual preference. If anything is going to cause the end of the world (zombie apocalypse :D), it's going to be the judgmental people who base books by the cover.

  • How do you know?

    There's no reliable test for it (insert various fallacies of what tests would look like here), so how the heck can you begin to screen the kids? These are kids we're talking about, they probably don't have their complex sexual preferences figured out (and I'd be worried if they did, I mean people get into some weird stuff).
    Their troop leaders would be another issue.

  • Sexuality does not matter

    A boy's sexual preference should not be able to keep them out of the BSA. The entire organization is about helping young men learn life skills, and making friends amongst their peers. Sexuality is a different matter altogether, and should not alienate kids who wish to join youth groups like the BSA.

  • equality for all

    What is the difference between a boy who is straight in the boy scouts and a boy who is gay? Nothing. Discriminating someone based on their sexual orientation is unconstitutional and unjust. There are no legitimate reasons why gay boys should not be allowed the same rights as straight boys.

  • Keep them out

    It goes against Scouting heritage and tradition, if the scouting community can't stand up for what they believe in and just go with the latest fad they aren't stick up for their own guidelines to promote young men to become real men. Gay will cause trouble in scouting troops and communities.

  • I'm a boyscout

    I am a boyscout and I would feel very uncomfortable to have a gay member in my local troop. I think that instead of the entire organization it should be decided by the local troop if or if not they think that gay members should be able to join the troop.

  • Wasn't there already a topic about this?

    My answer is no. To explain my stance, here's a little analogy: Do you really think it would be a good idea to put a boy and a girl in the same tent? If not, why would two gays in a tent be a good idea? Or, perhaps even worse, you being chosen to tent with a gay? Anyway, since the BSA is a private organization, they can't be forced to.

  • It is considered a private group.

    I am bisexual. But i don't think that letting gays join the boyscouts is fair if the boyscouts aren't going to accept them even if they were in. They are a private group and are aloud to exclude people that are destructive (only to like minded simpletons like them) to their religion and ideas. The boyscouts are considered a christian group. I have a big problem with why anyone has to say they are gay. What does one being gay have anything to with boy scouts. Letting gays in should not be a problem because no one should care, but i still stand by my No.

  • It is Morally Wrong

    The Boy scouts of America is a Faith based program. The act of homosexuality is wrong in most religions around the world. Also, Boy Scout programs are supposed to help mold young men, not young sissy's. In my opinion, you are not a man if you are gay. Allowing this type of activity to be open in scouting gives a bad image to the scouts and the public.

  • it would be awkward

    People have said that gays are BORN gay, so they can't control it. That is an absolute lie. You have agency, or the freedom to choose for yourselves. A republican is not born a republican, they choose to side with that group. Gays can control themselves. Anyway, would you want to share a tent with a gay person? I'm a Scout, and the first point of the Scout Law is Trustworthy, and a lot of people wouldn't trust a gay with their kid with a tent.

  • It is up to the organization to decide, it's a private business.

    Since Boy Scouts isn't a public service as well as the fact that the Boy Scouts is a Christian organization, it is up to them to decide to accept the scout. Also, most "gay" boy scouts don't have to tell their sexual orientation so as long as you don't flaunt it they probably wouldn't mind.

  • The same reason girls can't tent with boys

    I'm all for gay rights. But, if two boys were tenting and one was gay that could be disastrous. Girls aren't allowed to tent with boys because...Well. Gay relationships in BSA could be awkward just as a girl-boy relationship in BSA too. In addition, I fear for the gay's safety. They could get beat up on a camping trip and left in the woods.

  • Im a scout

    Look I'm a boy scout, I've been one since I was 6. I get what youre saying, but you cannot force this upon us, if we want to keep our traditions then let us do that. We don't want them. They can make their own organization. Please stay out of ours.

  • Unhealthy influence on minors.

    Children are vulnerable, and easily susceptible to being conditioned to believe gay behavior is normal and are at the mercy of abusers. Who would want their child to be at risk form gay scout masters, just as with gay adoption. Many people would be turned away from the idea by the presence and acceptance of such a vile abuse of the body being promoted by such an influential group. Does not the majority get a say, no gay scouts.

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