• Of course they should

    Who you are attracted to has zero bearing on the quality of parenting a person can provide. Yes, I do think that duel parent households are better off (as are single parent households with strong family/friend support systems) but the benefits of having 2 sets of arms to comfort a child (and share the chore and monetary burden) aren't influenced by whether the couple is heteronorm or not. (And I'm not saying single parent households are bad, either... It is just easier if you have a support system.)

  • Why shouldn't they be?

    If they are qualified to be good parents, why not? Plus, children who are in need of homes will get homes if gays are allowed to adopt. And why would a child need a mother and father figure? So that the mother can teach the child to cook and the father how to play football?

  • Yes they should.

    Homosexual people should be allowed to adopt children as long as they meet the standard requirements that are needed for adoption. They make fine parents and there is no reason, other than prejudice, that they shouldn't be allowed to adopt. There are so many children needing families that it would be a shame to not let someone adopt because of their sexual orientation.

  • Yes, two mommies is better than none.

    Yes, gays should be allowed to adopt children, because the children would rather be in a home that wants them, rather than in no home at all. A permanent home with a gay couple would be much better than being in foster care perpetually. Many people in foster care are only in it for the money. A permanent home would be much better, regardless of the sexuality of the parents.

  • Yes, gays should be allowed to adopt.

    There is no reason to say that gays should not be allowed to adopt children. As long as they meet the basic requirements that other heterosexuals meet then there should be no restrictions on adoption due to a persons sexual interest or identity. gays should be allowed to adopt like anyone else.

  • Yes, gays should be allowed to adopt.

    I feel that the answer sis very clear. Lesbians and gay men are humans and are fundamentally the same as everyone who isn't a gay person or lesbian. One difference is that they are attracted romantically and sexually to different types of people than the mainstream is. This difference does not make gays and lesbians inhuman monsters. Gays and lesbians should adopt if they are good people because good people in general should adopt.

  • Yes they should.

    Just because someone is gay does not mean that they should not be allowed to adopt children. If they are sound mind and body and pass all the tests and background needed in order to adopt a child, it should not matter whether or not they are gay or straight.

  • Adoption can be beneficial for many children

    All prospective adoptive parents must first be vetted and pass a rigorous inspection of their lifestyle and finances before being considered. In this respect a gay couple is no different than a heterosexual couple. Adopted children benefit greatly by growing up in a loving and usually affluent atmosphere. Since they are monitored closely by licensed agencies there would be no additional risk in allowing gay couples to adopt children.

  • They should be allowed to adpot

    They should be allowed to adopt children because they are just like everyone else. They have a loving home resources for children, emotional support, and financial support. They are in a committed relationship and can provide details and forms for the adoption agencies. They can provide a happy home for them too.

  • No gays shouldnt be allowed to adopt

    No, gays should not be allowed to adopt children since children need both a mother and a father now more than ever. The nuclear family is getting destroyed daily through divorces, and I think that children who grow up without a strong mother and father character will not go as far as their counterparts.

  • Definitely Should Not

    The following is from scientific American. Likely there is no gay gene, but... "Environment, like genetics, plays an important role in how our behavior develops. Alcoholism runs in families not only because there is a genetic component to alcoholism, but also because children learn how to cope with stress by watching how their parents and their older siblings behave in stressful situations. If you come from a culture where alcohol consumption is forbidden, it will be difficult for you to become an alcoholic, no matter how your body metabolizes alcohol. There are factors besides a “warrior gene” that contribute to aggression. Children learn to behave aggressively when they witness aggression being rewarded.If you grew up in a family or as part of a culture where aggression was not well accepted, you would be less likely to be aggressive. You would learn, from an early age, how to control your aggressive tendencies. Your environment affects your sexual and romantic relationships. Throughout history, marriages have been influenced by family relations and by economic needs. People adhere to cultural constraints of monogamy despite being attracted to people other than their spouses. Your culture affects your views on homosexuality. In some societies, homosexuality is accepted, in others, it is frowned upon but tolerated, in yet others, it is a serious criminal offense, possibly punishable by death. Male homosexual behavior was expected in ancient Athens. Today, ritual male homosexuality plays an important role in some cultures in New Guinea. Your upbringing can influence what you find desirable and what you find repulsive. Most Americans would be probably be nauseated if they learned that, when they thought they had been eating beef, they were, in fact, eating dog, even though there is nothing inherently unhealthy about dog meat. What you have learned about homosexuality as you were growing up will affect whether you consider engaging in homosexual acts to be desirable or disgusting. Some people might argue that if you are “genetically gay” but the thought of homosexuality nauseates you, then you just haven’t accepted the fact that you really are gay. That argument is based on the assumption that sexual preference is purely biological; therefore, it has no place in a discussion about the possible causes of homosexuality." With that being said, if gay people can adopt, then two gay guys with gyno should be able to breast feed their babies right? A cute little family that is. Two guys with a fetish raising a cute little baby suckling at that hairy man tit. That kid will grow up to be normal for sure. There is a such thing as normal. Nature says so. That's why two guys cant make a baby. Even if they are the most fertile guys in the world.

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