Should gays be allowed to participate in Scouts

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  • They get government support.

    If they want to continue to get government support then they must be open to all boys, gay, atheists, etc. If they do not open up to everyone then they should stop getting government support. BTW, homosexuals are now accepted as scouts (not scoutmasters), but atheists are not yet allowed.

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  • Yes gays should

    Be able to participate in Scouts. Why not, gays are no different than us why should they be treated differently. Gays are now allowed to be in the military. A boy is a boy There is no reason against it, a gay boy is just like any other boy. He can be interested in all that boy scouts do and so why should he not be given the right to join? The word 'boy' suggest that it's about gender, not sexuality. It's not 'Heterosexual Scouts'. Who the hell are you to tell someone they can't join your club because of their sexual preferences? Quit judging people and let them participate. The boy scouts are setting a very bad example for the children. No one has the right to discriminate against homosexuals. Homosexuals are people too, except it and grow up. There is a big difference between a gay scout being allowed in boy scouts and a gay leader in scouts. Gay leaders not to be jugging but a gay leader is more likely to be sexually active with other male participant.

  • Yes of course.

    Gays should have the same rights to join as all of the other boys. BSA have no right to judge or discriminate against any scout based on his sexual preference. Also, BSA need to stop using religion as an excuse to put down or shame someone who happens to be homosexual, and say that their lifestyle as a "sin". So I say stop the judging and accept them for who they are!

  • We're still boys.

    Before I came out I discovered that I'd have to quit scouting or face the possibility of being kicked out.
    This was the biggest thing that kept me lying about my sexuality. I was in scouts for six years, and had some of the best times of my life with my brothers of troop 31.
    I always wanted to be an eagle scout, and I was well on my way to becoming one when I quit at 14. I had already completed about two thirds of my eagle scout required badges, more than anyone else my age in my troop. It was one of my biggest hobbies and I had to say goodbye to it because of something I can't change. I wish I would have been allowed to stay and finish my last four years with this fine organization, because they instilled some of the core values in me that I still rely on today.
    I also cannot stress how torn this made me feel, from being true to myself or to just keep it inside and continue with my favorite hobby.
    For my own sanity I had to choose the former.

  • It gets too much

    When people tell each other what hobbies they are allowed to partake in, just because of their sexual orientation. That's like not letting left handers in. You can think what you like, but don't force that upon others why saying what they can and cannot do based on your beliefs.

  • They are already in scouts

    Yes, but they are already in scouts as of Jan 2014. They are being allowed in scouting and I believe that very soon I will have enough words for me to end this sentence. Blah blah blah. Gosh this is taking forever, oh yippie! I'm done! Thank you very much!

  • Who cares if its messed up

    Why would you even want to be part of it if it does not accept gays? Imagine you have a PRIVATE club you made, one were you can feel amoungst like minded people, then someone comes along and forced you to let people into your PRIVATE club. Its not like its members make money, its just for fun really.

  • Gay boys can't be real scouts

    In the Boy Scout oath it says, "...Keep myself morally straight." Being a homosexual is morally wrong, regardless of what our modern society says. In the Bible it specifically says that homosexuality is a sin. While we should still love and pray for them, we can't encourage them and let it become the "norm". The Boy Scout law says, "A scout is...Friendly,...Clean, and reverent." Let's start with "friendly" What if a gay scout "fell in love" with a straight boy. That would be an extremely uncomfortable situation for the straight scout and their parents. When we ban gay scouts, part of the reason for it is for the sake of the other scouts.
    Now God is a large part of scouting. We, as Boy Scouts, have a duty to God. Like I stated earlier, homosexuality is a sin. Being gay is a choice. Nobody sins that way because they "can't help it".
    It is for all these, and more, reasons why I believe that gay boys should not be allowed in Boy Scouts of America.

  • You can't force change upon those unwilling to accept it

    For those of you do not know, the Boy Scouts of America is a private group. This means that they can allow or deny anyone from participation, as it is their right to do so. It may not be the kindest thing for them to do, but the Boy Scouts of America places a lot of focus on Christianity, and forcing them to allow gays would violate not only their right to refuse service, but their right to practice their religion in a way that they choose to. One person's right do not end where someone else's feelings begin. I would recommend that the gay community start their own program similar to the Boy Scouts of America.

  • They are already allowed.

    The question should be can they conduct themselves morally - that's the condition of them being a Scout. Can they be gay and conduct themselves in a manner that does not violate the oath - I would think not, but I'm not gay. But why would they? Why would they want to? If you want to join an organization, you do so under the terms of that organization. If you want some kind of radical different organization - then found one. Stop trying to change things to suit you.. Join in, start your own, or get packing.

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