Should gays be allowed to serve in combat situations?

  • A single physical standard, regardless of race, sexual preference...Or gender, specially gender.

    We are worried about this when we have divided our military in two by having females and males have different standards?

    Your private affairs are your business you are to be professional while in uniform, and still outside of it. So as long as you pass the physical and mental standards you should be free to serve in any job...Well for me the line is drawn with sex change operations that is weird to an extreme.

    Posted by: N711
  • Absolutely - why not?

    Being gay does not prevent a person from being capable and willing to serve in the military. There are no reasonable arguments to prevent homosexuals from working in any other job, so why should they be prevented from working in the armed forces? They should have the same freedom to choose as everyone else does.

  • Why the h not?

    If qualified what is the difference? In history there have been many great soldiers and generals either confirmed or rumored to bey gay/bisexual. There is nothing about being gay that makes you less capable of anything a straight person can do, aside from sexual desire. I'm sure we have always had gay service people but only in modern times can we aknowledge them.

  • Of course they should.

    Along with the fact that they're just people, it can also be an advantage. Around 380 BC, there was a part of the Theban army known as the Sacred Band of Thebes, who were some of the greatest warriors in the entire world. Their bravery, strength, and strategy were so impressive and respected, when Philip II of Macedon finally defeated them, he began weeping. And guess what? Out of the 300 warriors in the Sacred Band of Thebes, each and every one of them was homosexual. They were made up of 150 pairs of male lovers.The idea behind it was that they would fight harder to protect the one they loved. And guess what? They were right.

    For more information, read this:

  • I really don't see why not.

    Your sexuality has nothing to do with the fact that you want to support and protect your country. Being gay doesn't effect your patriotism. Neither does it decrease how much of a citizen you are to that country. As long as you want to serve in combat situations you should be able too, no matter your sexuality.

  • Yes it's simple.

    If the difference between you living or dying in combat for whatever reason rested on the hands of a gay soldier would you complain? If you were badly shot and injured and the only comrade around you who could help you before the enemy got to you was gay would you really turn him away? In combat we are all equal.

  • Gays slow us down

    Gay people are almost always slower, weaker, and lazier. The militaries of various countries shouldn't have to lower their standards just so people can get in and be useless. And how can people fight Nazis, communists, or terrorists if they are busy looking at the other guys butt? Serving is a privilege, not a right.

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