Should gays be allowed to serve in the military?

Asked by: Juris
  • Why shouldn't they be allowed to serve?

    I truly believe that people are born homosexual; they do not choose to be. Therefore, I don't think that any American should be prohibited from serving their country in the most noble way possible because of the way they were born. They're not very different from heterosexuals. I think we should start treating them as Americans, not American homosexuals.

  • To do otherwise is flat discrimination.

    Sexuality has nothing to do with a soldier's fitness or ability to serve. Homosexual soldiers should not have to closet away their entire identity and family to serve in the military- to never mention their spouses or significant others the way heterosexual soldiers have always been allowed to do.

    That we even debate this shows how far our society still has to go to call itself the land of equality and freedom.

  • Of course the should.

    Any citizen willing to put their lives on the line in defense of their country should not only be allowed to serve, but be commended for it. It is rather embarrassing that this is still a topic for discussion in the year 2013. Patriotism and willingness to serve should be admired and accepted, no matter someone's sexual preference.

  • Yes, but bring back Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

    Homosexuals should be able to serve for our country in the military; but no one needs to open up about their love and sex life whether they're gay or straight. Bringing back Don't Ask, Don't Tell would prohibit anyone from asking about another's sexual orientation or discriminating against someone's sexual orientation.

    Many people think Don't Ask, Don't Tell is discriminating against homosexuals. It's not, because the same rules apply just as well to heterosexuals as well. And anyway, why do homosexuals feel the need to even mention their sexual orientation when they're serving in the military? You're supposed to support your country, not your sexual preference.

  • I Say No

    "Man shall not lay with man as with womankind, that is an abomination"

    Leviticus 18:22

    You are right, it is embarrassing that this is an issue. Same-sex marriage needs to be outlawed, and people need to quit praising it. People everywhere are praised just for the fact they are openly gay, they don't even have to do anything. As long as someone claims to be gay, they can be sure to receive applause for it. Instead of "Should gays be allowed to serve in the military?," it should be asked, "Should all Americans be allowed to serve in the military?" This way, you aren't giving homosexuals all this attention, but actually solving the problem with bringing homosexuality into the question.

    To clarify what I am saying, no- "gays" should not be allowed to serve. All Americans should be allowed to serve. By focusing on the gay aspect, you aren't looking at the real problem- that not all Americans are being given an equal opportunity.

    If homosexuals want to serve so badly, they need to just keep their mouth shut. You don't hear people running around yelling "I'm straight!"

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ararmer1919 says2013-09-29T01:33:34.753
... You guys realize your like a year or 2 late on this. That already got taken care of and they can serve openly.
Juris says2013-09-29T02:44:16.757
The proposition is hypothetical, it does not say in United States. Tnx
ararmer1919 says2013-09-29T05:06:03.423
With a picture with the US Capitol Building in the back ground.... Uh uh.
Juris says2013-09-30T05:08:35.837
The picture has nothing to do with the proposition, you do not debate with the picture but the proposition itself. The picture was just provided by debate.Org... I can put a picture of a "cat" without changing the meaning of the proposition.. Uh uh