• Absolutely, however they are free to come in.

    Gay people know very well how God feel about that choice. If any gay person try to force religious gathering to put them over there God. That should not be allow. If it is the government than they can fight the government all they want.

    I will not put a gay person before God. Simply because that is what everyone is doing. They gay action is well suited with the government, they can get all the rights they want from the government, I have no problem with that, they are humans too. But forcing us to put them first and God second will never happen.

  • They broke the rules of many religions

    Gays have broken one of the main rules in many religions today such as Christian, Jewish, Mormon and other religions. They also feel free to harass people of the church because the public views it as they are just kicking them out because there gay, well its there choice and its a choice that should render there rights in holy places such as churches or temples

  • There is no meaning to their action.

    I am not a religious person, but I don't understand why gay people want to go to church to get service. If there was god and bible was his words, they will definitely be punished. The good thing he doesn't exist and no crime is done according to the bible. Gay people should respect the culture of other people and live in it without destroying it. If they want a church service, let them create one for themselves with gay priest.

  • Only people who claim perfection for themselves could even think of denying services

    If only non sinners and perfect people were allowed service how many people would be attending church? NONE. The gay issue is just controversial right now and a reason for people with their own shortcomings to point the finger at someone else. If yoou think being gay is wrong, don't be gay. Apply your beliefs to yourself. Don't play God in the lives of others. Genecroix has already expressed it well. Might be even better to do away with churches and simply practice compassionate, loving humanitarianism. Whatever happened to "Judge not" Today I even see some churches becoming hate groups. Similar to the KKK. Use God to justify the most horrible things. These judgemental people are not living God's word and teachings but playing God. Their sin is as bad as being gay which I don't think is worth the time I've spent writing this. Most of these debates just polarize people more.

  • I'm sorry but I don't see the problem.

    Just a fact; two straight people are able to make a gay/lesbian child.

    I don't see in anyway how they could have done anything wrong being born gay is not really their fault and the fact that gays seem to be the only ones kicked out of church, not any other "sinners" as they say. In my opinion more and more kids at the moment watching television and thinking and actually "believing" they are gay is kind of sad since they really aren't. But true gays have not done anything wrong. I feel strongly that gays deserve to be accepted in holy places, if rapists, murderers and etc. are allowed.

  • It is up to the church, but it would go against the teachings of most religions to do so.

    For most churches, especially Christianity, church is specifically for sinners. Adulterers, liars, thieves, pork eaters, those with lustful thoughts, those with illegitimate children, masturbaters, divorcees, and so on, are not refused service at most churches. In fact, sinners are usually their target audience. It would seem nonsensical to deny them, unless they were intending to spread a different word than what's held at the church (in which case, I don't see why they would want to attend in the first place, like any other sinners mentioned above who don't believe their actions were a sin).

  • It's their choice.

    Why should we deny them the right to come to a holy place? Sure they may be going against what God wants, but it's their choice. It is up to God to punish them should he decide they are doing too much wrong. It's not us who's the judge. If for whatever reason God specifically says to us to do this, then it would make more sense, however in the mean time, it's their choice. As long as they aren't interrupting, they should be able to choose whether or not to attend mass.

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