• Absolutely. Why not?

    Um.. They're humans and US citizens (shocking I know to you Alabama trump supporters). They should be allowed to do whatever they want! If you homophobes think that gay people are attracted to every member of the same sex they see, you are surely mistaken. Educate yourself and use your brain for another purpose besides unnecessary hate.

  • Let them in the military!!

    I honestly don't understand why being gay is such a big deal. Let people live their lives the way they want, if they want to be attracted to the same gender who gives you the right to say that's wrong? It's ridiculous. What does their sexual attraction have to do with serving in the military? If they love their country let them serve!

  • Gays are a part of Society

    If the military exists to protect the American people, and the military is composed of a cross section of gender and races, then there is no reason that gays should not serve in the military. Whether or not the rank and file members of the military know that their cohorts are gay (male or female) is moot. Gays are active, productive, members of civil society and should be entitled to serve in the military.

  • Absolutely. What does self-sacrifice and bravery have to do with who one is sexually attracted to?

    I respect anyone who makes the life-risking decision of joining the military. Any adult who is physically capable and willing to fight for our country deserves respect, not judgment. Sexual preference irrelevant. I would never join the military under any circumstances. I'm not willing to risk my life and leave my child behind. Therefore, I have much admiration for those who are willing to. I don't understand how anyone could justify their opinion of banning gays from joining when they themselves would not.

  • Sexual orientation should not matter

    A person's sexual orientation has no impact on their capability to serve the country. As long as a man or woman has the physical ability to serve in the military, he or she should be allowed to regardless of sexual orientation. A gay soldier is capable of doing the exact same things a straight soldier is.

  • yes,off course

    I think those who are gay should be able to serve their country. It's a right every human should have. Most of you who are against it are saying that gays will check you out and its uncomfortable having them sleep in the same room as you. That is not what they are there for, they are there to serve their country. Straight men are attracted to women and vice versa -- they're in the military together, right? So how and why is it different for those who are gay?

  • Common sense reason for banning gays, not homophopia

    I also realize that gays love their Country and have physical skills that can be used in the military.

    The reason however that gays should not be allowed to serve openly in the military, is that it is a unique institution, where there is no room for sexual issues, they only distract from the mission.

    In the military you have men serving alongside other men, and women with women, in very close quarters for long periods of time. This is true in boot camp, barracks, bunkers, ships and submarines, among other situations. They are together 24/7, sleeping along side each other and showering together, etc.

    The potential for problems is very real. At a minimum, it will make the straight troops feel uneasy. For those who suggest this is just homophobia, it is not. Imagine how a women might feel, having to shower alongside a man, or man having to shower in front of a women. This is the same discomfort a man would feel being forced to shower next to a gay man.

    I know gays would argue they do not check out their shower mates, but that just does not ring true. Humans are sexual creatures, what straight man would not sneak a peek at a women in the shower if he had he chance? Of course he would, and gays if they're being honest would admit that. So when a straight solider feels uncomfortable showering alongside a gay, it is a very real fear.

    Straight troops feeling uneasy, is just the tip of the iceberg. More serious problems are a certainty. What happens when two gay guys fall in love, and one is a Private, and the other is his Sergeant? When it comes time to select who goes on a dangerous mission, the Sergeant's objectivity would be suspect.

    Another issue, what happens when two gays are in love, and then break up, right at the time of an important mission? This type of drama is fine in civilian situations, but in in the Military, this is a distraction.

    These a just a few reasons why the military in the past has correctly avoided mixing military service with sexual attractions.

    The elimination of "Don't ask, Don't tell" is a mistake that sooner or later will be realized, and hopefully reversed. If gays want to serve, they can do so quietly, but any admission or discovery of homosexuality should result in immediate dismissal, no exceptions. The "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, and the total ban that preceded it (my preference), served this Country well, for over 200 years.

    To the gays who want to serve their Country, you can do so in a civilian capacity. This opinion shared by the majority of the rank and file in the military, especially the Marine Corp, is not a knock on gays, it is simply a common sense recognition of the incompatibility of homosexuality with military service.

  • It is a danger to those involved.

    Having heard many tales of the veterans involved in the Angolan Bush war (26 August 1966 – 21 March 1990), I must confess that I see no real place for homosexuals in a military setting. They can cause noticable distress among the regular heterosexual personnel, being that they share the same bathing facilities as the regular soldiers. Another concern is the extra lengths to which a savage enemy will go in order to torture and humiliate said homosexual soldiers upon their capture. Such acts are too vile for mention in such a public place as a forum, but the fact remains that to be a homosexual a combat zone is to be a special kind of target for ones enemies to vent their hatred.

  • No one should be in any military. Souls march two by two into the devils unseen jail like the animals went onto Noah's boat.

    It has to be abundantly clear that the military is not a godly institution. Why then be enslaved in an ungodly institution? The military needs to provide a non stressful environment for people to leave the military not having them feel like they are in jail. Make it worth their while too leave that satanic profession. Devils unseen jail is seen by NDE people as hell. They are wrong. That is the devils jail a holding pen for final judgment when the wicked are devoured in Gods light seen as if it was fire Revelation 20:9, KJV.

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