• A dumb question deserves a dumb response

    Yes, of course they do.

    1) They can't get pregnant, Not fair

    2) The gay men can pull women better than straight men, but wont sleep with them. Not fair

    3) They are less than 3% of the population but the world cry's for their respect and attention as if they were 50% Not Fair

    4) The can pull off wearing just about anything Nor fair

    5) They get pride parades with dude wearing next to nothing. Why can we have a straight pride parade? Not fair

    6) The gay culture is much more promiscuous so sleeping around is more tolerable. NOT FAIR

    Thus we can bully them they get more benefits.

  • Even more so.

    Teens and young adults are in competition with each other. Each trying to outshine the next. In many cases, they can't do it by themselves so they tend to pick on others in an attempt to make themselves look better. In this way, bullying and being bullied are natural parts of life no matter how much people oppose it. You might as well try to outlaw being a rebellious teen.
    Many times, kids get picked on for things that they have little to no control over like height, weight, and skin color. No matter if you claim that sexual preference is something that you are born with or not, all things that would show you are gay are under there control. Fact is, many people have been successful at hiding their sexual orientation for decades. Basically, people won't pick on you because your gay if you don't demonstrate that you are. If a teen dresses and acts like they belong in a pride parade, they are pretty much asking to be picked on for being different. The same is true if you are a kid who dresses to stand out. If you get picked on for it, you only have yourself to blame. I was no exception. When I was in school, long hair was out of fashion. So was some of the clothing I like to wear. Sure, some kids tried to pick on me for it but it didn't bother me. One thing I did not do was cry about it.

  • Of course not.

    The notion that people should get bullied for possessing an inherent characteristic is absurd. No one should get bullied for choosing to adopt that characteristic and being proud of it. We should all embrace each other, and not dwell on differences; just because someone may be different than the apparent majority, it does not mean they deserve to be mistreated.

  • No more than anyone else,

    That is to say that bullying, to me, is both unavoidable and necessary for the development of an adult, but is a dangerous and thin line to toe. With that being said, homosexuals don't deserve to be subjected to more bullying than normal, but they will because they tend to be more feminine and there will always be ignorant and just nasty individuals who will make fun of them because they are ignorant and nasty. On top of that there are evangelical followers of Abrahamic faiths that will not except them on sexual grounds and the harassment from most of them can be considered bullying. So while it may be unavoidable for a very long time into the future, homosexuals shouldn't be bullied any more than an average person

  • Should people with problems be bullied.

    Just because they have problems with themselves does not mean heterosexual men and women should bully them. I believe it is wrong to be gay, however that is a ridiculous notion that they should be bullied, what would we accomplish by doing that, nothing but revolts and civil movements, it would be a terrible thing

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