• Love is Love

    You dont have a say in who you love, but you do have a say in what to do with that love. Everyone should have the right to get married and be with the one they love.

    Are people really protesting JUST because the bible says so? ONE sentence says it's wrong? Well, the bible also says not to wear more than one type of cloth. You dont see anyone protesting Macy's now do you?

    Gay is okay. Its just one person loving another person.

    Nothing wrong with that.

  • Politics+religion DOES NOT WORK

    I think go marriage should not be legal. When you mix politics and religion it does not work. They are like 2 magnets forced together by their wrong end. Allowing gay people to date is fine and to be looked at as a "couple" is fine but marriage means going to a church or synagogue or any religious place where the official pairing takes place. This is where politics and religion joining comes in. According to most religions gay marriage is forbidden and by allowing it by law we are allowing people to rebel against their religion. This is why religion and politics can not mix, that is why gay is ok but gay marriage is wrong

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