Should gays have their own homeland just like the Jews? Would they prosper and would persecution stop?

Asked by: Nemat
  • Yes they should

    A gay homeland should be set up and all Gay men and women should have a choice of going there. This way they will be with people they like and be safe. If the Jews can make a democratic state and become successful so can the LGBT community. It should be set up in a liberal country like canada, norway, denmark, sweden, france. A small portion of one of these countries should be made into a new country call Gayistan or Gayatopia or Gayniana or what ever the Gay people want to call. All Gays should go there if they face death threats. We will save lots of lives. If Jews can take land and transform it so can the Gay community. It should be in canada cause if it was in europe it would be close to Anti gay countries.

  • Why wouldn't they?

    Why should majorities bow down to minority groups?

    Should we change our way of life to benefit a small proportion of society?

    If so...Then we should be making a move to support Muslims who migrate to our countries. Forget assimilation! Apparently we are a place that accommodates sharia law.

    The benefits of a Gay society, secluded from the rest of the world far outweigh the inconveniences.

    - Gays are in a safe environment
    - Gays are accepted by 100% of the population
    - Homophobes can continue living a ''pure'' high morality life style.
    - there would be many ways to make money from it
    - democracy could continue, rather then a media driven social fashion trend controlling the people
    - religion wins
    - less irritating people around


    - the inconvenience of having to move there
    - eternal damnation
    - the feeling of being discriminated
    - the heterosexual kids who grow up in a 100% gay adult society...Might run into some mental issues
    - the heterosexual kids born...Wouldn't qualify to be a citizen considering they aren't gay...Therefore they would have to be removed.

  • Yes, it's time to establish the American Independent Democratic State as a homeland for the gays.

    Like Jews, homosexuals are widely despised and persecuted and, also like Jews, many gays ended up in Nazi gas chambers during the Second World War. So why isn't there a homeland for homosexuals? Don't queers deserve their own sovereign state where they can live free from prejudice and oppression just as much as the Jews deserve their homeland in Palestine?

    Of course they do, the only question is what to call it and where it should be located.

    Israel was created in a location that was already home to many Jews and it would make sense to locate a homeland for homosexuals somewhere that is already home to a large number of gay men and lesbians, but where would that be?

    In the USA, the state with the highest number of same-sex couples is California with 92,138 (North Dakota has just 703 such couples) and the major metropolitan city with the highest concentration of gays is San Francisco, California with 15.4%. (1)

    Moreover, California is huge: covering 155,959 square miles it is the 3rd largest state in America. Meanwhile, neighbouring Nevada covers 109,826 square miles and, as such, is the 7th largest state in the USA. (2)

    Despite its huge land area, with 236 people per square mile, California is still the 11th most densely populated state in the USA, but neighbouring Nevada has a population density of just 24 people per square mile, making it the 42nd most densely populated state. Moreover, the population of California is concentrated in the coastal areas.(3)

    So the ideal location for the new homeland for homosexuals would be partly in present-day eastern California and partly in what is currently western Nevada, though the exact boundaries would be a matter for further discussion.

    Of course, this new state should be completely independent of the United States of America but it should still be founded upon democratic principles and, to this end, I duly propose the creation of a new homeland for homosexuals in the southwest of North America to be known as the American Independent Democratic State.

  • A haven for homosexual refugees from around the world

    Homosexuals have been oppressed and will continue to be for the next 100 years at least. A lot can be learned for example from the creation of states like Israel, before, Jews were time and time vulnerable worldwide and victims of oppression had nowhere to go. With a growing call for bans of people from the middle eat, the Queers living there are left with no place to go. The creation of a Queer state is imperative in the protection of people of alternative sexual and gender orientations worldwide. It would also have huge potential for tourism and the development of an international gay culture. Why should we always have to live where we are the minority when the alternative is possible!?

  • Gays don't really even know who they are.

    Gays can create a new culture. One in which breeding like cave people ad libitum no longer occurs. Gays in heterosexual-dominated societies are not whole entities. Gays are persecuted in all hetero-dominant countries (whether officially or otherwise). We are not a self-realized people. We are a complex of reactions to a hostile world. We are not personalities we are reactive constructs. We have no idea about who we really are in another, more free, context. The self-preserving, moral deficits that one gay visits on another in the context of the straight-dominated society should not be presumed to be something that would undermine a gay-ruled society.

  • Gays have no idea even who they are in the straight context.

    Gays can create a new culture. One in which breeding like cave people ad libitum no longer occurs. Gays in heterosexual-dominated societies are not whole entities. Gays are persecuted in all hetero-dominant countries (whether officially or otherwise). We are not a self-realized people. We are a complex of reactions to a hostile world. We are not personalities we are reactive constructs. We have no idea about who we really are in another, more free, context. The self-preserving, moral deficits that gays visit on each other in the context of the straight-dominated society should not be presumed to be something that would undermine a gay-ruled society. Gays must define their own ethic and hierarchy of relations.

  • A Grand Idea

    The gays should have a national homeland to preserve, protect and promote their unique cultural identity. However unlike Israel it shouldn't be founded at the expense of another people. Success would depend on numerous historical circumstances, but it would be possible given the right circumstances and enough support! Initially the establishment of a gay state would probably provoke homophobic backlash, but in the long term a loud and international gay voice would advocate the welfare of homosexuals globally without relying on the patronage of heterosexual representatives.

  • A Gay State for a Gay Nation

    We gays are not only a separate people from the surrounding, hetero 'breeders'. We are actually a superior phenotype of the species: the most brilliant, most beautiful, most intelligent, and yes... The most sensual creature on this planet! For too long have we been subjected to hetero-supremacist rule and ideologies. The time has come for us to liberate ourselves from the hetero-supremacist 'breeder' states of this world by creating our own sovereign and independent gay state. Technology makes such a state possible and viable today. With reproductive cloning and the artificial womb around the corner, we will be able to have a stable gay nation. We can then slowly reverse hetero-breeder domination, to ultimately eradicate it from the face of this planet. Let's organize around the idea of a gay state, gather in our brothers & sisters and realize our mission as the true inheritors of this world.

  • Really a Solution?

    I'm not sure that creating a "homeland" (which is the wrong word in my opinion) is the best solution, let alone a viable one. It seems to me that this would lead to the open exclusion of gays from lands other than their homeland (i.E. "why should we care about the welfare of gays in our country?? They should just move to ___"). It creates the image that gays are separate from the rest of humanity, rather than that they are humans, like the rest of us. So no, I don't think that giving the homosexuals their own country would stop persecution and is the wrong step to take since alienation of a culture isn't a good thing.

    Simply grouping people together based on similarities because some people don't want to live with them seems a slippery slope. It also bears the question: should homophobes be given their own country?

  • Wow, just wow, whoever asked this is either joking or a total dolt

    So we will continue to deport every generation of gay kids to this far off land? You do realize that straight parents give birth to gay children. Its not as though gay people are only born of a gay man and a lesbian woman. The egg and sperm from two homosexuals can produce straight children and vice versa. THis ranks up there with the stupidest, most ignorant, bigoted questions I've seen on here. People need to stop making such a big deal of homosexuality. Live and let live. You can't stop your child from being gay anymore than you can stop them from being straight. They are what they are End The Hate

  • Homosexuality brings disgrace to the human race

    Homosexuality is a direct contradiction to mankind's laws:man-made and natural.The fact that males and females were created in a complementary way should ring a bell in the mind of every person's head:that in our making we are meant to be sexually oriented to members of the opposite sex,unfortunately some people are wrongly wired.Furthermore the fact that most religions do not approve of homosexuality also shows that as people who have our full amount of normal sanity,we should follow the order of nature.

  • What did I just read

    The Jews were given a country because Britain owned the land and wished to give it to the Israelis who have been trying to get it for so long anyways. Oh and there was a holocaust, and possibilities of more torture and death had they stayed in Europe.

    Gays are not threatened with genocide and the notion that they might be is completely irrational. If they were threatened, the words "Gay rights" wouldn't exist and a Macklemore song about Gay rights would have been shot down, rather than hitting the radio.

    This idea is and was inspired by complete rubbish. You sir, if you are serious, are a complete moron to even come up with your own opinions to base them as fact with the unbelievable amount of evidence that the world is changing its view on sexual orientation. This opinion post was created out of complete ignorance and in fact diminishes the aspect of homosexuals being victims since you decided to take it too far.

  • This question is bigoted.

    This is like asking should we send all African-Americans back to Africa. Of course not, the path to growth is learning to be more open and accepting of people that only want to be accepted and allowed to love who they want without judgement. Creating a place of segregation would only fuel future bigotry.

  • That is ridiculous, no

    LGBT people should not have a "homeland of their own", That is like saying should straight people have a homeland? Should "insert religion here" have a homeland? Should bald people have a homeland? No, LGBT are from ALL homelands and all types of people, each has their own "homeland". Pointless question

  • How would this help?

    If there was a gay " homeland." then every country would start making excuses to say " we don't need to give equal rights to homosexuals, they have their own homeland!" This would only cause a bigger gap between equal rights for them. Who's to say it worked for the Jews anyways? There's been decades of wars in Israel.

  • Is this a joke?

    This kind of nonsense, besides being completely untenable, would ENCOURAGE persecution. Got a bunch of homophobes that don't want gays in their country? Oh no problem, Gaytopia is just the next country over, so we'll forcibly deport them all. Why bother to advance society or give all citizens equal rights when you can just pawn off everyone you don't like on another nation?

  • Gays are not a unified group.

    One of the biggest issues with this suggestion is the simple fact that gays are being compared to Jews, one being a group bounded by a common religion and one being a sexual orientation, those are not comparable things, gays exist within every race, religion and country.

    Making a single nation to house all gays would be ludicrous and borderline impossible as gays are not a somewhat unified group in the way Jews are, gays are just humans with a different sexual orientation than heterosexuals, they do not share a common ancestry, culture, religion or anything else like that.

    If we imagine a hypothetical scenario where you could actually somehow make a gay homeland and somehow force all gays into it, then a civil war would almost certainly break out on the spot due to how vastly different the cultures and beliefs of the various inhabitants of the homeland would be, so no, a gay homeland is certainly not a good, or in any way feasible idea.

  • So basically we should just ship all the gays off?

    This is absurd. Our society is finally started to accept the gay community and sending them off to their own country is not going to help. It would just cause reason for more prejudice, for some people would feel like they no longer needed to even attempt to support homosexuality because they would have their own land (Why don't they just leave?). Gays should feel safe and loved wherever they go.

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You mean like San Francisco?