Should gays on campus receive protection against assault?

  • Everyone Deserves Protection from Assault

    Gays should be a protected class of people, just like minorities. However, everyone deserves to be protected from assault on school campuses. Sexual orientation should be a part of every public school's anti-discrimination statements. As such, assaults against homosexuals can then be considered a hate crime if investigators determine the heinousness of the assault.

  • No One Should Be Assaulted

    All people should be protected from assault. Assault is generally defined as a physical attack and no one should be subjected to such attacks. A persons sexual preference shouldn't make a difference when it comes to protecting against such crimes. Humans should physical attack other humans, I don't see how we can justify such actions.

  • Yes, they face problems every day.

    Yes, the gays on college campuses around the country (around the world, really) deserve protection from assault. I mean whether on campus or just from local law enforcement. Right now, the issue is really a civil rights issue. We can't allow people who assault anyone get away with it. Hopefully, we'll catch up with many parts of the world soon.

  • They need it

    It is not that I feel they deserve it. As I believe they are equals and shouldn't get any more than any other citizen. Though so many people hate them and possibly want to attack and/or kill them therefore they need protection to secure their rights as a human being.

  • Protection from assault is a necessity

    Whether that's for people of certain races, sexual orientations, etc., it still holds. No one deserves to feel unsafe while trying to peacefully go about their lives. Suggesting otherwise is ridiculous. That's roughly akin to asking if African Americans should be provided with a representative in court; it should not be a question of who deserves this right, and who gets this one. It should be de facto for everyone.

  • Campuses should be safe for everybody.

    Of course, campuses should be a place where everyone feels safe, but if it is sometimes necessary to take extra precautions to protect a group that may be more likely to be a target of violence, then these measures should be taken. On a practical and legal level, this is simply good law enforcement and security. It also helps to promote ideas of enlightenment and civility that schools and universities should strive to present to the world.

  • Everyone should be protected!!!

    Why should only one group get protection? Its obvious that gays get bullied a lot but that doesn't mean they should get special treatment. If that rule were to get passed, then guess what? Then another group would get targeted. Its idiotic to believe that one group should be protected more than anyone else.

  • Apply it to everyone!

    Now regardless of my opinions on homosexuality, I feel as though extra protection for gays only is extremely biased. If they want gays to be protected against assault, then let everyone be protected. Gays shouldn't have special treatment - before they came out they didn't. What changed? Just my thoughts...

  • All campuses should be safe for everyone.

    There is no need to take special precautions to protect a certain group. Making sure the law on campus applies to all people on campus ensures that all people are protected. If you begin making special considerations for people, especially in the case of extra protection, then it seems like the assumption of violence is present. The fact of the matter is attends to prevent something do not work as well as it should; in fact, it is possible that more people will be angry that special consideration was given in the first place. If you make it a point the violence is not tolerated, and any cases involving it will be heavily investigated, and prosecuted as necessary, you will have a safer campus. Danger, in general, applies to everyone. It is experienced differently, but it is a possibility for anyone, not just "minorities".

    Beyond that, though, what happens if there are more "gays" in a particular place, at a particular time, than "straights"? If you assume "gays" are in danger as a minority, then "straights" are in danger, when they are the minority. Thing of LGBT related rallies. If you assume "straights" are dangerous in groups, and that "gays" need extra protection as a minority, not doing the same for "straights" is overt discrimination.

    Ensuring violence is not tolerated PERIOD will ensure that everyone is protected. Plain and simple.

  • Yes, but nothing special

    Everyone should be protected from assault, irrespective of whether they happen to practice a form of sexual deviance or not. Extending special privileges to gays, however, should be absolutely out of the question. Everyone should receive an equal amount of protection, and putting special focus on protecting gay students could potentially result in a non-gay student being injured due to negligence on the part of the security.

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