Should Gen Xers be expected to save more money than they currently are?

  • Yes, the entire country cannot be expected to support one generation.

    Generation X is massive and since simple arithmetic shows each generation will be larger than the one preceding it, it is common sense that there's no way the current American economy can continue the way it is currently functioning. As population grows, money will run out, and at some point, people must take responsibility for their own funds and save money instead of trying to leech off the government for Social Security, Medicare, etc.

  • Why should they pay for the greed of the upper class

    Gen Xers are not being offered many options in regard to attaining wealth. Also, although technology has advanced, the educational process has not. As such, they are arguably the least skilled and prepared generation ever. With the elimination of vocational training in high schools and the likelihood that a college degree will get them nowhere, I think it would be like getting blood from a stone.

  • Debt based hyperinflation caused by back generations

    Price of housing is insanely high, price of used crappy cars insanely bogusly high, gas is 3 bucks a gallon it should be 1 we have more oil now than ever in history. Wages are very low and they are bringing in tons of people to make them even lower. Total garbage. R

  • It's hard to find a job.

    We can't expect Generation Xers to save more money than they are when they don't have jobs. Baby Boomers have no idea how easy they had it when it came to finding jobs and making their way in the world. They graduated from college and automatically had a job for life. It must have been nice. But those of us who are our age do not have any luxuries or securities. We are just lucky to have jobs and our bills paid, let alone save.

  • No, Saving More Should Not Be An Expectation.

    No, saving more should not be an expectation for Gen-Xer's or for any other group of people. Although it would be wise for them to save more, there are many factors that could prevent it. Gen-Xers have been hit hard by the recession, just like every other group, and saving can sometimes be extremely difficult or even impossible. Saving more should be a goal for everyone, but not an expectation.

  • We live in different times

    Sadly, when it comes to Gen Xers doing their best to save as much money as possible, I do not really see their effort helping a whole lot. The sad fact is, the world is living in much different and harder times and saving money is not an easy task.

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