• We need equality

    Seriously, though. Boys can do good in Social Studies and Language Arts too, and girls can do good in Math and Science too. "All women have the nurturing instinct" Yeah right, try telling that to the women who abuse their children, or do not want kids. Also, some boys get injured and cant "be a man" about it. A man is not an invincible piece of steel that can never get hurt, and a woman is not a helpless being who cannot protect herself. Some men can get hurt and "be a man" and still fight on or hunt, but there are some men who go to the clinic when they're hurt. Some women immediately go to the clinic once they're hurt, but some women dont let an injury slow them down. We need gender equality, it will make our society better.

  • Gender equality is something we must all strive for

    Let me start with the very real fact that there are more than two biological genders. There is male, female and intersex. Should gender equality be fully achieved? Yes but the reality of TOTAL gender equality is throughout every humans mind is impossible. In society we can get to a point where nearly everybody to understand that regardless of their gender, they can see do what each other does in terms of work and that they should not be judged or persecuted or objectified due to their gender. The idea that women typically have smaller body frames and males typically have larger body frames therefore women are weaker than men as an example of naturally unequal ignores the reality that a person has the ability to to work on their bodies if one wishes to do so. I.E: a woman can work on developing a larger body frame that most males and she can kick your butt. Women are born more agile do due to their bodies but me or any male can practice and become faster than most females. Just because something is natural, doesn't mean it is good or even that it's okay. In society an intersex should be treated as a woman and a woman should be treated as a man and a man should be treated as an intersex. They are all equal. To get in depth, if you're a transgender (m2f) or (f2m) you regardless of how your biological body is, you should be treated as any other person with the ability to get a sex change. You cannot have a bunch of cishets being treated equally but then transgenders being treated as 2nd class citizens because of them being born in the wrong biological bodies. We are not the same in physical bodies, we are not the same in how our bodies are made and structure but we are all people and no people should objectified, paid unequal, or treated with favoritism or prejudice. As I stated, just because our bodies are different doesn't mean we're all that different considered how we can strengthen our weaknesses. Just a little more than gender equality, whether the person is disabled, a different color, a different sexuality, or religion or anything that is something about them that you see as inferior or being superior, remember they have feelings and emotions; they are more like you than you actually may think.

  • Everyone deserves equal opportunities

    If a guy wants a job that traditionally belongs to women, what is to stop him from having that job? And vice versa? Women and men should have the same opportunities at everything. A woman has never been elected president. Up until two elections ago, there had never been a African American president. This question could be asked for race equality and everyone would vote yes. Why are genders different?

  • 'Equal' and 'alike' are not the same thing.

    'Equality' does not have anything whatsoever to do with facts of biology, and ignoring those differences and acting as though the two sexes 'should' be biologically the same is in fact *unequal and unfair* treatment of at least one of those genders. Talk of gender equality *specifically* concerns political and social equality, and the simple fact is that people who feel certain people deserve preferential or lesser treatment specifically because of their gender are sexist, and that's really all there is to it.

  • The sexes are not equal.

    Physically, Though both sexes are capable of equal leg strength, men have the clear advantage in the upper body.
    Intellectually, Men tend to do better in subjects of math and science where women tend to do better in social studies and language arts.
    This is because of natural instinct. Men, being the hunter gatherers, need to have knowledge of the physical world, where women being the nurturers deal more with raising the children.
    This is not saying that there are not exceptions. I know there are some women who are more skilled in areas men tend to dominate and
    vice versa, but even with these exceptions, the genders would not be equal in the work place. In the fields that men tend to be more skilled, men will still be the majority.
    Another factor is maternity leave. Though both sexes participate in the conception, women are the ones to carry the baby. For medical purposes, a temporary unpaid leave of absence is granted for about 12 weeks around the time of birth. For a business, this means that if a female employee becomes pregnant, they will be short that person for months. This means that either the work load gets shifted to the others forcing them to work even harder or the company has to temporarily hire someone else to fill the position.
    A long time ago, women had no part in the work-force. The few women that did work had no interest in being a part of the families income, so they didn't want much money for their work. At the time, men were looked at as THE bread winners and there was no way a wife wanted to jeopardize that. Women wanted "pin money" a little bit of money to pay for minor expenses. This is why most fields dominated by women tended to be lower in pay. Teachers, nurses, secretaries, all got much lower income, this was because women wanted to get paid less, not because of the male employer.
    Because the sexes tend to have independent strengths, the workforce will always reflect that. If one gender is more capable to perform a task, then they should get more pay to do the task. Equal pay for equal work is fine, as long as there is equal work for equal pay.

  • Should Gender equality be fully achieved?

    In a society that is fundamentally concentrating on gender equality, is this not bringing more attention to the differences of both sexes. Should we not be happy with what us expected of us from society? Understandably female presents in politics and differences in pay need to be achieved but biology can not be completely ignored, women are better at some things and vise verse.

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