Should gender roles require that mothers stay home with young children?

  • Mothers are better at taking care of children

    Fathers are very bad at taking care of children but mothers are very good at taking care of children that is why mothers should stay home and take care of children. People think this idea is sexist but the way we were born is mothers are to take care of children better.

  • Gender roles should not require that mothers stay home with young children.

    Gender roles should not require mothers to stay home with young children. Children do not need their parents to be around 24 hours a day. Just because a woman is a mother does not mean she should have to be a stay at home mother. There are many families where both parents work outside the home. The children in those families are just as happy and healthy as the children whose mothers stay home with them.

  • Gender should not dictate who takes care of the children.

    For so long it was the belief that the mother stayed at home and took care of the children. That idea has become somewhat archaic. If a mom wants to stay at home that is fine and her choice. But gender should not be the reason and the final decision. Men are starting to be stay at home dad and that is good. Fathers do need to help just as much as moms.

  • No, gender role place negative limits on women.

    No, gender roles should not require that mothers stay home with young children. Gender roles place unnecessary and negative limitations on people of all genders. A woman who is talented should not be limited to staying at home, especially if she can succeed in other ways. In addition, men should be able stay home with young children if inclined.

  • Its their choice

    Gender roles should not limit either gender to do anything because it comes to them 'naturally', even in the case of mothers with their children. Mothers may want children and to continue their careers, and women shouldn't be forced to stay home because that's how its done historically in the world.

  • Mothers Make More Money

    A recent purports women who make more money than men are happier. More fathers are staying at home while women go to work. Nearly one-third of American households with women as the breadwinners are that way by choice. Gender roles don't require anything--the only difference is that men can't give birth to babies biologically.

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