Should gender violence be considered a hate crime?

  • How is it not?

    If someone is assaulted because they are Black, we call it a hate crime. If someone is assaulted because they are Jewish, we call it a hate crime. So why don't we recognized gender based crimes as hate crimes? I think the fact that many of us don't even see gender based violence as a hate crime shows just how accustomed we are as a society to seeing women being abused. Of course men are victims of violence as well, but it is not usually because of their gender. Women are raped and beaten often because of the simple fact that they are women. If someone is targeted for an attack simply because they belong to a certain group, then it is a hate crime and should be treated like one.

  • Men are just as important as women

    I don't be in special treatment. That being said though, I do believe that men are usually more likely to hit women then the other way around. It's just that with this feminist movement, no one pays attention to the times women do it. It's only the men who get locked up for it.

  • Yes, it should.

    If the crime is committed only because of the person's gender, something they have no control over, then yes, it's a hate crime. We can't chose our gender just like we can't chose to be black or gay. Therefore, crimes based only on gender should be classified the same way other hate crimes are classified.

  • If a line can be drawn

    If a victim is partially a victim due to being a male or a female then yes, there are hate crime elements there. It's a touchy subject and one that might be very complicated to use properly in the judicial system, so it may not be feasible. However, if it can be clearly proven that there is a correlation between the gender and the crime committed, it should be punished as such.

  • Yes, any violence based on gender, race or creed is a hate crime

    Yes, if someone commits a crime against another based on gender, race or creed, it should automatically be labelled a hate crime. These crimes should receive more severe punishment. Hate crimes are terrible and showcase the most disgusting aspects of human nature. These should be treated differently from other violent criminal acts.

  • Hate crime has to do with intent, not demographic

    To do this would basically be stating that any time someone attacks someone of the other gender, that it would be a hate crime.

    So, are we prepared to say that every case of domestic abuse is because the perpetrator hates the other sex, and is doing so to incite hatred towards them?

    This is kind of a ridiculous question.

  • Gender hate crime, a slippery slope

    I feel that considering gender a hate crime is a slippery slope and should not occur. There are too many lawyers that will twist any crime into a "gender hate crime" if it occurs between two people of the opposite sex. This could mean that even though a crime was not committed because of a persons gender it could be labeled as such by default. Definitely not something that should occur.

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