Should gene therapy be free and available to all?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Our economy will benefit.

    If gene therapy were to be used to limit the effects of aging on our population, people would live longer and therefore have to pay for life and health insurance for a greater period of time. This would cause insurance companies to flourish, effecting the economy in a positive manner.

  • Yes we should

    If a condition is inherited, your children and future generations might have it. By changing the germ line, you .are curing the disease now, but also preventing it in future generations
    Doctors should do anything they can to help people who are sick.
    Germ line gene therapy is only used when all other possibilities have failed - it is the only hope.
    People claimed that blood transfusion was un-natural when it first came out, but now it happens all the time. Gene therapy will soon be like that - it's no different to other forms of treatment.
    We can already use gene therapy in animals, and it works, so why not use it in humans?
    Gene therapy can save thousands of pounds that would have been used to treat a disorder - this money can be used to save lives.
    Gene therapy saves lives directly, by curing people who would otherwise die
    As well as treating genetic disorders, gene therapy could cure other conditions, like cancer.

  • Yes, it should be

    Note to the right there is no argument against it actually being made, it's just stating gene therapy shouldn't be free. While they're correct in that, again, no argument against it being made. Gene therapy is something a lot of people will take a long time to embrace and a smaller, similar group will never accept, but like many "unnatural" hot button issues these days, they're dinosaurs that are deservingly losing influence constantly.

  • This will prevent class stratification

    Gattaca could become reality if we don't do this. Gene therapy is a great technology that can cure lots of disease and we should provide it for free to anyone having a child who could benefit from it as soon as the technology is there. Rather than leaving it as a luxury for the rich everyone should benefit.

  • It should be available but certainly not for "free"

    I find it odd that you use the word "free" because nothing in this world is free to everyone.

    The expert who provided the service would loose money if it was truly "free" to you, otherwise someone would be paying the expert to provide it to you for "free" in which case it would also not be free.

    Someone either gets taken advantage of (the doctor) or someone pays for it (the taxpayers).

    Nothing is free.

  • No, not at this time.

    I don't think that gene therapy has a lot to do with preventing disease, so I don't think it should be free and available to all, at least at this time. Should it progress along the lines of being able to prevent disease, then I would say yes it should, but money should be funneled more toward solving current medical crises.

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cybertron1998 says2013-04-01T22:49:34.703
Should we really mess with dna in the first place
MasturDbtor says2013-07-02T00:33:08.700
You can't stop the progression of knowledge. If there is no legal regulated gene therapy there will be lots and lots of black market gene therapy.