Should genetic researchers be allowed to transplant specific genes to create the “perfect” human being?

  • Yes, they should be allowed to do this.

    I know that many people would take this as playing God, but there is a lot of research in genetics and they would surely know what they are doing. I believe that this should be done to see how it could benefit human kind. I don't think it would infringe upon the patient any more than our rights were infringed upon by being born naturally.

  • Being you is the best way to be

    I don't think it's such a good idea to create the 'perfect' human being because every good thing also comes with a bad thing .. No matter what it is .. It could be okay the next minute and the next you never know what's going to happen .. You're also going to waste money on something that could be dangerous ..

  • No one is perfect

    The world is not perfect, so why should it be now? If this was allowed to take place then perfect will become the normal and the norm will become some sort of illness. I think we should all stay natural, not unnatural. Nobody is the same, so lets keep it that way.

  • Let us not be unnatural

    We should keep the way things are. It is unnatural to create a perfect human being. Besides what exactly is a perfect human being to even start off with. People will have many different definitions of what this even is. Additionally, we could spend that money on other things besides this.

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